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  1. I got my packet in the mail. It made no mention at all of the reconsideration for PTSD. So I am still left with what my "disabilities" section of Ebenefits says. PTSD is listed, but with no rating, not Service COnnected, but in remarks its says "PTSD"combat related. Thats the part that Idont understand, its combat related but not service connected? And on my decision acket it says that my TBI israted at30%, and "the higher rating of 50% is not justified due to lack evidence of cognitive disorder, short and long term memory loss, interruption of daily fucntions, etc, etc". But my memory loss is documented, aswell as the fact that I haveto frequently leave work because of the headaches. One more note, I got a call for an appointment for my headaches, and when I asked my veterans commision rep about the claim, she said that the VA is looking at my headache rating. I havent heard anything else about it.
  2. Well, I think I got screwed again. My decision came back 3/20/16. I got rated at 30%for TBI. I thought that TBi was rated on the 0,1,2,3,4, scale at 0,10,40,70,100%. So how did I get a 30% rating? Also, PTSD is listed as a disability now, but with no rating, NOT service connected, but with the comment "Combat Related". How can that be? I guess Ill do a reconsideration to up the rating of TBI, and reconsider the non SC for the PTSD. Heres to more waiting.
  3. Well, this past Friday (3/18/16) my claim for reconsideration went to "Preparing for Notification" with an estimated completion date of 3/20/16 to 3/21/16! Heres hoping I get some good news to share tomorrow morning or soon!
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone, Berta, I don't have access to a scanner right now or I would. Basically to clarify though, I was awarded 50% for Tension headaches. It did not state anything in the packet about being a residual of TBI. I was denied service connection for TBI because, from what I understand, the DR who did the C&P exam stated that it was less likely that I received the injuries causing the TBI while I was in service. She did not look at my records, only went off of my word of mouth and the diagnosis. Also, when I went through my active duty records after I got my decision, there were original documents from one of the incidents. Somehow when the Army switched to electronic records, these records DID NOT make it into my electronic records, so that would mean that the VA had no medical record of these incidents. These were the evidence that I used to submit my Reconsideration, because since the VA had not seen it, it was new and material. I appreciate the reconsideration reply when you said it took 90days. I guess that since I just went over 30 days since I filed the reconsideration, Im not in too bad of shape, yet
  5. Hello Berta.  I just joined hadit and posted a topic that I would like input on.  Care to take a look for me?

  6. Hello all, first post here. I have a question about the reconsideration process, and possible outcomes. Ill also post my timeline for reference. I was initially denied TBI due to not being service connected, even though I suffered 5 concussions while in service. I have cognitive effects, memory loss. I found some of the older medical records from before everything went digital, and at the advisement of my VSO, I filed for a reconsideration. Right now Im in the gathering of evidence phase, and my VSO old me that it "needs rating board attention".So my questions are 1,is it a possible positive that it needs rating board attention, and 2, with my current ratings, is it possible for them to grant me 100% scheduler, or will they reduce one of my other ratings if I get granted SC for TBI? 11/22/14-original claim filed 11/16/15- decision received 90% combined rating 50% sleep apnea 50% severe tension headaches 20% chronic lower lumbar sprains 10% tinnitus 10% right knee loss of strength after surgery 10% right hip condition TBI DENIED not Service Connected 12/22/15- reconsideration for TBI filed 1/13/16- moved to "pending decision approval" 1/14/16- moved back to under review and then to gathering of evidence
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