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  1. Update: I had a couple exams, one on 4/23 and one on 4/29. Received notice on a pending BAD on 5/21. Received BBE today, 5/23. A couple things are still deferred with pending C&P exams. But, I'm so excited and thankful that they made a decision on most of it to get the ball rolling. I'll post the next update after my C&P exam and conclusion of my entire claim. Guessing around July 1st. There is hope, just be patient! A huge thank you to everyone for all their help over this process!!
  2. I received a letter today dated 2/9/16 from the VA Ed. Dept. stating, in a nutshell, "you win and you are receiving $X,XXX." Thank you for all the help in this process! It is a great day!!
  3. Little more movement today. Received an autogen email stating: "Your claim was downloaded by the Muskogee VA Regional Office on February 1, 2016 at 3:08 AM ET time. You will be contacted soon by that office. This is an automated response. Please do not reply to this email. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs"
  4. Confusion from the VA? What, since when? LMAO! Appreciate the help and good wishes! I'll post with my progress as S rolls down hill! :)
  5. 1. I did more than 6 years before I xferred to IRR 2. My MOS was transferred to 0311 for deployment but back to my original MOS after deployment. I didn't start school until after the deployment. 3. I went under the Post 9/11 solely throughout school. I have filed the NOD. Do I fall under any of those exceptions?
  6. You as well! I'll post all the action on my claim so I have a record of start to finish. This way people can get an idea of the time each process takes. In an effort to help them better understand the process.
  7. I found this: "[NOTE: With three exceptions, the chapter 1606 kicker can also be included in chapter 30 and chapter 1607 benefit payments to those members who maintain eligibility to chapter 1606 and/or chapter 30. Members receiving chapter 1607 payments must continue serving in the component that qualified them for chapter 1607 benefits. See RPO Letter 22-04-25 for details.]" However, I can't find that letter to see what the "three exceptions" are. This is good news though, as I should win my NOD. I guess I just wait forever for them to come to the same conclusion, calculate the retro and send it. Thank you for all your help ArmyRob!
  8. Yes, mine is further along than your claim. Once it goes from "Under Review" to "Gathering of Evidence", it should show requests and give due dates.
  9. Which I'm pretty sure I was so the kicker should have been added to the Post 9/11 bennies, correct?
  10. My contract is titled: Written Agreement for the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Kicker. What chapter does that apply to?
  11. 4mydad: eBennies> click "work in progress"> expand "open claims"> click the "submitted date" of the claim you want to look at> scroll to bottom "Requests" Mines shows up as 'Request 1" and shows a 'Due Date' of '2/24/16. You trackin?
  12. The whole reason I'm appealing this is because the rep on the phone said that the kicker wouldn't apply to 1607. Are you positive about this?
  13. Armyrob: 1.) I was a reservist called up to AD. I don't remember exactly, but Title 10 sounds right. 2.) I, knowingly, never made any decision on my GI bennies. I went to my school's VA rep and they did all the paperwork and also said I didn't have a kicker. According to the VA ED rep I was put under Post 9/11 - no kicker. 3.) No, only Post 9/11. 4.) I was never explained the difference between CH1606 or CH1607. The school's VA rep just said, "sign here." Mistakenly thinking, they know what there doing. As the VA rep explained it I was "under chapter 1607 and relinquished CH 1606". If you really need specifics, leave me a list of questions to ask the VA ED rep and I'll give them a call and then post the info. Thanks for helping!
  14. With the C-File dates, I won't have it until long after my claim is decided so I guess that aspect of things will work itself out. 4mydad: I am working with the DAV and they submitted my claim FDC. No, I did not hit/use the "Request a Decision" button. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things go. They have until 2/24/16 to gather evidence. Then, I'm guessing I'll be getting C&P exam dates. The wait is very frustrating.
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