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  1. Dearest Berta;

      I have a friend who is a police officer and a military vet. He currently resides in NY. He is going though a case with his employer which might involve discrimination for ptsd. I would really like to give him some advice but I'm lost. I know you have much more wisdom than I in this case. Without putting too much of his personal information on this page I was hoping that you could contact us at your earliest convenience.  

    My email address is gigrl973@yahoo.com. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and receive guidance. Thank you.

    Very Respectfully, 


    1. pete992


      The crazy one here, and here I go sticking my nose in other people business.  First and foremost if your friend feels that he is being discriminated against tell him to seek legal counsel. Most attorneys that deals with this will take a case by case basis and if you don't win you don't pay but just to inform you that it is very hard to win these type of cases.   Now with all that said, being in law enforcement and having PTSD is very common but it is also very scary for both the employer and the employee.  No one wants to be sued. Law enforcement work can be very stressful and add a lot of stress to a PTSD patient.  I do not know what the problem is but to a certain point your friend should seek a different type of employment or just retire.  People not just veterans who have severe depression and or PTSD are not allowed to have or carry fire arms of any kind. So it all goes back to, he really needs to seek legal counsel


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