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  1. Well, I guess you can't help me here. Thanks for trying.
  2. Thank you for the links. It appears that I would be covered since any condition would affect my service disability condition. But, I just wanted to come here and see if anyone could tell me for sure. Anyone who has been in my situation, or anyone who has done the research and possibly found something I haven't yet, an FMP counselor, or an attorney familiar with rights under the law vis-a-vis veteran medical care, an authority on overseas medical care. Something like that.
  3. I don't know for sure that I will get sick. But it's possible. It's theoretical.
  4. Correction: The Lajes Air Force Base is a NATO base and there is one Air Force unit there. Military.com says they have a medical group, though I'm not sure if they would treat veterans. Also, it's 1,500 miles west of the mainland in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. Foreign Military Program, the international branch of the VA. Would it matter what doctors and hospitals are there? Wouldn't the FMP, under their own rules, pay for any care that addresses my theoretical sickness? I'm pretty sure there are no U.S. military bases in Portugal. SC? South Carolina? Not sure what SC stands for.
  6. I am 100% service disability rated. I am traveling to Europe for 17 days at the end of April. FMP guidelines say I can get emergency care for conditions that 'aggravate' my primary service disability condition, which is Depression. Question then. Untreated sickness of any kind would reasonably aggravate my depression, therefore I can get treatment for any sickness I develop overseas. Is this correct?
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