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  1. Thank you so much for all of the above information. My son goes to UNCC here in Charlotte NC. He will be doing his senior level of his bachelors in social work. He will be doing an internship next year and is in the Phi Alpha honor society at school. He intends to apply for the Master level program. He has done all of this while driving to my medical appointments , doing all the sriving for our household needs and helping out in many ways. I am proud of the man he has grown to be. It would be very wonderful if he were to be eligible for education benefits! I know it will take time for everything remanded to RO to sort out. I just wnated to share the news, because it is nice to let others know that it can happen. Perserverance, and getting help from the right people made so much difference for me. VA claims are so complex. Just so very glad to have made it to this very sweet victory.
  2. Last Saturday I received a 54 page document from the BVA. I will gloss over a great deal of it as I don't have the papers with me and I am out of town. I was awarded a 10% increase in the clavicular deformity which put me at 70% rating. I was also awarded TDIU. Other aspects of claim severe degenerative disk disease, hearing loss, autonomic dysreflexia, neurogenic bladder, bowel issues, PTSD being remanded to RO for assessment rate, also for increased overall rating of TBi which is diagnosed by doctor and MRI as significant to severe and was being paid for mild TBI. Also rating for SMC to be determined. I cried when i read this letter. It took two days for joy to start creeping in. I wont get pay change for a while. My legal counsel said to expect 90 days more or less. So now I need to learn about benefit changes. Dental, increased insurance policy I know, and will go to University with son to see how the change impacts him. I am over the moon with this. My PTSD is non combat in service, so Praying that will be in my favor. I have so many of the symptoms, been treated in PRRC for the specific ptsd trying to be rated on. Hoping very much it owrks out. I guess I will have an answer sooner rather than later. Will keep you updated.
  3. Thank you broncovet. All my issues arise from one common etiology. I appreciate your knowledgable opinions and the percntage of probable increase looks good. I am just remaining calm as I can. These things desicions, can be nerve wrecking. So i choose not to think about it as much as I can. The work is done, presented and now wait.
  4. Oh yes I do not call or text my representation in less they want something from me, or a serious question. They decline teleconference. I was sure they had good reason, but did inquire what it was. That was our last communication. I am just waiting. Im sure they will let me know when there is news.
  5. That is why I got legal representation. I dont really know what you mean by reasons and bases. I do feel like in excellent hands with the attornies representing me. I did some research, and another attorney here in Charlotte highly recommended them. I have been quite impressed with their excellence, especially after the first ine Goodson, who I am certain was much less competent. I am a mom of one working on his bachelors in social work now. Deans list again last semester. He makes me proud, and he is so great helping me get to va appts and many things when my health is worse. I garden. I am involved in helping feral felines. Trying to get into doing trap and relase to stabilize the population of our local ferals. I do phone banking for CVA. I try to have a life. Of course friends, baking, and reading. I want to learn how to do some basic crochet so I can make my son an afghan. The HCV I am not claiming, because everyone tells me its too hard to win. The damage from a treatment the VA provided for HCV would be much easier, and will pursue after this resolves. keeping my fingers crossed . Its just very nice that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that life may become less hard. Thanks for your. Opinion and suggestions. I have read stuff here a number of times. Years back I looked in but just read. So i will let you know how it ends up. Pretty sure I will get tdiu. It is better to get there i tjink the word is schedular. I know one thing is I wont quit trying to get it all sorted properly.
  6. My previous atyorney did not file form necessary for TDIU claim when it went before the regional office about three years ago. I was awarded a Social security disability not based on earnings , for hcv prior to original desicion from va giving me 50%. My income from VA disability exceeded what I was getting from Social security not based on earnings. As a result social security came off of the table. I had hcv when released from service in 1981, and didnt have it going in in 1979. No attorney wants to pursue that. I may eventually. Also theVA treated me second time for HCV and wound up with hashimotos post tx as side effect of treatment. Saving that fight until this one resolves. i was self employed about 8 yrs ago. My earnings were 6 to 7,000 for reiki business. I was married almost 5 yrs prior to that, low part time earnings. A year. Of school post divorce. I have never earned over 10,000 a year in my entire employment history. THE hCV tx really scrambled my brains to hallucinating visually and auditorry on tx. I lost the ability to do a simple math computation. Basic grammar also flew out the window. After the treatment my thyroid was low, and then I suffered severely from autonomic dysreflexia and felt like blacking out anout 18 times a day. My son would leave me at hospital lobby so I could get to er if needed while he went to school, so I wouldnt keep disrupting his classwork. C4 through c-6 were impacted in MVA that did this damage to neck and brain in service.In last three years VA finally did MRI showing frontal, temporal lobe and diffuse shearing axonal injury. It affects many things, bladder, bowel, balance, peripheral neuropathy. My GAF score 45 and about that several other times scored. i was represented by Paul Goodson inCharlote NC who didnt even file TDIU properly. My appeal after DRO he claimed to have filed didnt show up for almost a year with VA. Not on e benefits or the 800 number you call. I asked for specific information to give VA to find my appeal, they refused and fired me as a client as others needed the time I was wasting with the questions. After that I found A qualified attorey in Providence Rhode Island. They have been doing a very excellent job. I think they will get the TDIU and hopefully increases in important issue. I am only rated mild TBI. The neurologist who gave evidence in a letter for my claim stated that he sees mild to moderate brain injuries every week with no changes whatsoever in an MRI. To be so evident in his opinion is significant to severe traumatic brain injury. State that I am a patient in the neurology clinic. That I have a history of a head injury in a motor vehicle accident while in the military. This is an extremely severe head injury. Severe cocusdion with prolonged period amnesia. Lacerations to head and left arm. Needed physical therapy to regain use left arm, and then all the other info I gave you. I did not have this evidence at beginning of claim or at RO level. ENT doc gave evidence as likey as not for hearing loss and tinnitus to TBI or mechanical exposure on flight line. This neurologist now includes the vertigo to TBI, which The ear doctor without more information like MRI was unwilling to opine upon. At that time I didnt have MRI. my GAF score is 45 and close to that number several other assements. My memory getting worse. Missed 4 medical appts last few months. I never miss appointments. I no longer drive and struggle to even be passenger in a car from PTSD with car after that accident. Self medicated for years to be able to manage my car issues. Got sober almost 13 yrs ago, and cant manage driving sober. I get lost on buses and forget rout or how to get home even after doing same route several times. VA consistently denied me PTSD. It os on my Axis treatment plan VA. I went to PRRC and focused specifically on PTSD from MVA in service. At RO only gave me phobias. Does this answer your question? I hope so.
  7. My name is Eileen. My appeal is going before the BVA seeking an increase for specific phobias increase evaluation for hearing loss earlier effective date for both increase in the valuation for residuals of right clavicular fracture which is currently 10%. Earlier effective date for residuals all right clavicular fracture. Evaluation in excess of 40% for traumatic brain injury. Service connection for PTSD. Entitlement for TDIU. I am currently at 80% disability. I am paid for 60% disability. 40% is for the brain injury 10% is for phobias 10% is for tonight is at 80% disability. I am paid for 60% disability. 40% is for the brain injury 10% is for phobias 10% is for tinnitus tonight us tinnitus. 0% for a hearing loss. 10% for right clavicle fracture. I can't remember the other 10% of the moment. 0% for a hearing loss. 10% for right clavicle fracture. I can't remember the other 10% of the moment. I have a letter from the neurologist at VA in North Carolina. His statement is pretty long but the summary is after this type of injury when I would expect to see memory loss and poor organizational skills from the temporal lobe damage, mood swings and panic attacks and powerful emotional outbursts from the frontal lobe damage as well as depression from the temporal and frontal lobe damage. She has poor balance and dizziness which is also consistent with head injury. These ongoing and permanent effects of her head injury Will not improve. They affect her daily. She is unable to function in any employment situation due to these problems Will not improve. They affect her daily. She is unable to function in any employment situation due to these problems. My legal representation also had a vocational expert review my entire file and interview me about the effects I experience from my brain damage. When we got to the part of dizziness and disequilibrium he said that he didn't need any more information from me. Do any of you have an opinion as to how you think this may play out? I would appreciate your input. It's been a long eight years getting to this point
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