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  1. I am service connected for my thyroid. Just had a biopsy and it was benign. However the doctor wants to have it removed because it's pushed my throat to the left as evidenced by X-ray. It's service connected at 0 percent. My question is I know if you had a malignant tumor you would be eligible for a 100 rating for 6 months. Being that it's benign do I still qualify for a convalescent rating temporarily. Thanks for any help
  2. for some reason I can't access my mail or login screen. Every time I click on my mail the screen kind of freezes
  3. ok as all know I was granted service connection by bva. Hypertensive heart disease secondary to hypertension. Now my question is in my file there is a nuclear stress test that list my ejection fraction @ 50%. WWhich would warrant a 60% rating. There is also a c&p exam documenting left ventricle hypertrophy. So could the regional office use these to complete my grant. I'm tired of exams. My attorney sent the VSR at my regional office a email of bva decisions and told me the reason was he wanted to get them started on my ratings, as according to him it takes awhile to download through the sy
  4. Thanks e everyone. Mrs Berta you are right. I had one negative c&p exam and one positive. The dro denied it. My private Dr did a IMO for free. Bva gave it great weight in the decision
  5. Filed appeal in 2012. Denied by dro in 2014. Certified in 2014. Bva hearing in Jan 2016.
  6. got the official letter today. Hypertensive heart disease secondary to hypertension is granted. Thanks to all here for help and support. Especially Alex
  7. There is a 800 number on their site. Goggle osbudsman their customer service
  8. checked e-benefits. Say's my appeal @ Bva is complete. No open Appeals. Actually had to go under historical Appeals to find it. Called bva and was told decision is being mailed today
  9. You filed your Nod in November 2014. It been about 17 months. I doubt the dro has even gotten to your appeal with the backlog. Mine took about 3 years. Some are taking 4 years. What varo is processing your appeal. I think that is what is going on here. Try to be patient. Dro reviews take a while. Hope this helps
  10. I think it's the other way around. Sleep apnea causes hypertension. If you file as hypertension caused by sleep apnea it will be denied. I think you would first have to connect the sleep apnea then file for hypertension as a secondary. But you will need a nexus letter with out a doubt
  11. I had my hearing in jan2016. My docket number is early 2014. My attorney said 6 to 8 months for a decision. This makes sense if you search their decisions. You will see some docket dates from 2014 that where not Advanced. Plus I personally called bva and was told they are in fact up to 2014 docket dates. I don't get it when folks say once bva has received your appeal you're looking at 3 years. Heck it takes the varo 3 years to send it to bva. So from what bva told me. And from looking at their decisions my guess would be if your date is from 2015 I would say you're looking at mid to late 2017.
  12. thanks everyone. Especially Asknod. You are always right on the money. Thanks for helping me keep my sanity
  13. yes i had my hearing on 01/11/2016. Appeal from 2011 denial. 2014 docket number
  14. well after checking e benefits i see my appeal status went from administrative processing to being assigned a docket number and waiting to be assigned to vlg. This is confusing as i have known my docket number for 2 years. And why does it say waiting to be assigned to vlg. I thought the vlg who conducted your hearing is the judge assigned to your appeal
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