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  1. I also need to tell you . from start of first claim, they sent replys to wrong name, they had wrong s.s. #s on some med records, wrong names with my husbands s.s. #. said they loaned records out and couldn't help me. thru out these years all have had suicide attempts(children) financial hardship severly. homessness because of va mistakes and took my income. just so much! i been alone with this for 30years in june. my family needs closure and my husband deserves to be honored, va needs to make right what they didn't do when i put my claim in.
  2. waiting sincefeb.18th 2015 for any answers from b.v.a. decision. I too Berta have the very same situations. wrongful death negligence ptsd, severe, all 3 children also disabled and have sever p.t.s.d. certified hardship was sent to washington by, d.a.v. also Jim Mcgoverens office. and i was diagnosed with ms, and dr. signed for aid and attendence. i'm lost this has been 30 years my husband was diagnosed unsound mind, while still serving our country and this is what established entitlement was based on after i a denied back in 1987, my husband shot himself in home, was a war zone in my home for years, and children went thru all. recieved a condolence letter in march 25th(my wedding annaversary) 2010. i called (at time in Boston still) Senator Kerry. He had claim reopened, to the letter of all my husbands medical records,that i gave them back in 1987 claim, is what they based service connected on. there is alot to what happened. need someone to talk to. certified letters have been sent to the bva, by our congressmen and a dva rep. to this day , i have heard nothing. i live in ma. i need a lawer for so many claims against va. please email me , if you will. joanbigwood886@gmail.com thank you joan

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