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  1. I received a letter from DAV stated the most recent VA decision concerning your claim for benefits. The VA has taken the following actions . 1. Entitlement to individual unemployability is granite effective July 2. Basic eligibility to the Pindingt educational assistant is establish 3. Evaluation of PTSD will remain 70% When will I receive money in my account because has been stressful for me and my family? Bills are still knocking on the door .
  2. I picked up my C&P result from the Regional Office. I got good expectations from the criteria from Criteria A to Criteria F concerning a rating of 70% or more. But the remarks was basically telling me there is no change in diagnosis. "At this time the claimant's condition is active". My own private PHd weight more on my DBQ than the VA rater. Who makes the decision in this case? This was all about a PTSD increase. Remarks gladly appreciated...Thanks fellow troopers
  3. Manchu12

    C&P Report

    Should I wait until I receive my C&P exam report to write my statement even though I have a favorable DBQ that I have already uploaded to EBenefits?
  4. Manchu12

    C&P Exam

    How long after the C&P Exam will I receive my results? Can I call the VA for the results?...Thanks to all my fellow Veterans..
  5. After a C&P Exam is it necessary to turn in a DBQ for PTSD?
  6. My son was drop as a dependent on my disability at age 18 and then he started going to college a year later. Can I still claim him as a dependent while he is in school? He is a junior now. Do I get retro from the time he has been going to college?
  7. Manchu12

    Dependent in College

    My son has been in college for 2 years and now I realize I could file him as a dependent. Is this true and will I be compensated from the time that he started college?

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