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  1. My wife has a 70% disability rating from the VA. She has a disability rating of 30% for Dysthymia disorder, 30% for headaches,post-traumatic, with migraine character and some other stuff. She has not worked for over 5 years. She recited a letter from her doctor a few years ago that he put in the letter for her not to work with all of this stuff going on with her. So she stopped working, we did not know we could request unemployabity from the VA. We are in the process of requesting but we think what could be a show stopper for us is that she attends college, mostly online , does it from home. My question is this a show stopper for her? And what verbal can we use to explain why she is unemployable and why she goes to school. Any advice you can give me I would appreciate it. Thanks, 1SG (RET) Stone-Cold

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