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  1. Thanks again.....filed for the vow/rehab a few minutes ago. Looking forward to what they will recommend when they see DOB 1942
  2. Thank you...Voc/Rehab good idea for several reasons . My desk job required focus and attention to detail. Having to apply ointments and wash hands many times during the day and the itching at night interrupting sleep diminished my ability to handle my job. VA prescribed mild anxiety drugs to help but all they did was make me tired. SemperFi
  3. Thank you..I am 60/30/10 and applied for TDIU..the 60 is for dermatitis and am claiming anxiety, constant washing of hands and having to apply ointments during the day distracts to the point where cannot concentrate or focus on administrative duties. Also, am 73 Years old but up until recently worked and had no intention of quitting.. I know age cannot be a factor.
  4. When completing the Form 9 is it appropriate to site previous BVA decisions on issues that are similar to the decisions you are appealing? The written decisions by the court are available to search.

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