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  1. I have been on IU for 8 years as well as SSDI. I have never in 8 years ever got an Employment Questionaire? Is this right? My rating letter says IU, not future exams, and not P&T....
  2. I was approved for ssdi immediately as soon as my IU was awarded and I let social security know. I have been on both for 8 years
  3. I was rated IU in 2008 , 80% paid at 100%. I am not total and permanent. So I have been on IU for 8 years and rating letter stated no further exams to be scheduled. 70 percent of my rating is Mental Health with recurrent alcohol abuse and 10% for right leg injury. I am 45 years old I have a heart attack less than 2 years ago and this has added more to major depression. I understand heart attack more than likely not service connected. My question is would it be worth it for me to move forward and apply for total and permanent , since I am already rated at 80% paid at 100%. I could take chance of losing IU altogether, and start being paid at 80% which is a lot less. I am not sure how true this is but I was told the Vet Center could actually make the decision on there own. Like said I doubt that the vet center could. I was thinking in long run CHAMPVA would be of great help to my spouse and my conditions have not improved to me, but VA has there own way of seeing things. Can anyone give me some opinions and is it worth it applying for permanent and total ? thanks
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