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  1. So I guess there is no rule book on how they do this, if that is the case then it would be up to me to decide what I can or cannot do.
  2. Hi, I have read through the posts but most are old and do not answer my question. The question is, "Is there a rule book on doing Disability Benefits Questionnaires"? The clinician that did mine actually stated I was supposed to go past the point of severe pain. I stated it hurt and he actually forced the knee to bend through the pain. He did quite a bit of this to other parts of the body. The sad thing I paid for this. I do believe that we shouldn't go past the point of uncomfortable pain but would like to see if they have like VA Title 38 or something else with rules on how clinicians perform range of motion tests. Thank you for any help.
  3. @broncovet No I did not know that, you are correct. I do not use a VA rep, the reason is, I went in to see the DAV rep in Dallas a couple of years ago, he acted as though I was an imposition. I also did not like the way they treated those poor disabled people. You have to get there at 6 a.m. to sign in, then its a first come first serve. You have people in severe pain waiting five hours to see them with no appointment. God forbid you go to the restroom as I saw one person go to the desk and asked about not be called, they said we called you, you were not out there so someone else went in your place come back tomorrow, he was about 70 and looked like he was about to die. Plus the VA rep is the one that told me about about the 60 percent rule. I did not know about the latter part of 416 b which I just read. I fall well into that catagorey with my despression, PTSD, and I have not worked since 2012 because I am a nurse and the lyrica makes me confused and the norco makes me drunk and I do not want to end up in prison for killing someone on my nursing license. This actually really makes me mad with that VA rep. I mean I hear him speak when i was a homeless vet saying he was better than any attorney. Then to tell me the 60 percent rule when he knew of all my problems. Plus it was like he said something to the effect I wish you vets would have your stuff together before you come in here. I quickly told him shove it yanked my paperwork out of his hand and stopped my payments to the DAV, I'm sort of steaming right now. Thank you for that information. Since they denied me UI, because I did apply for it at the time even tough he told me that. I can get back pay for it right. I think I still have time to NOD it. Thank you so much.
  4. @broncovet I do not think I qualify for TDIU, as i understand it a veteran must be, service-connected disability rated at 60 percent or more or Two or more service-connected disabilities, at least one being 40 percent or more with a combined rating of 70 percent or more. I am only 30 percent rated.
  5. I still can't like a post but Thank you to the three of you for the input. So I downloaded the paperwork and I can go ahead and apply for SMC, I do understand it is inferred but they don't always give it. Although I didn't know about loss of use and the definitions when I got my 30 percent. All I knew is I needed a walker because the pain was too bad to walk on the foot. Then when i found out the Doctor was ordering referring me for a Motorized WC, I then found out about loss of use because I needed something to carry the WC with. The knees went out is why it got so bad and I am a nurse but not for the VA but a doctor told me it was probably because I am using body parts to compensate for others. I actually fought the Dr. to not get the Motorized WC at first, but then I fell in the door of Fort Worth VA, some rat told him, then I fell the next week in his office, so he said I should have it before I break something from my osteopenia. I weight 375 pounds so it is like an earthquake when I fall. Okay after all that jibberish I will file for it. I still need to know what i need to do to get the vehicle before that goes through though, if there is a way. Thank you for your post.
  6. Berta can you look at my question for me, I understand you may not be able to answer, but I very well bet you know who will be able to answer it.

    Thank you so much Ma'am. 

    1. 30percentermovingup


      I apologize I forgot link 


  7. Thank you two, so let me ask then if I do get Smc k, that would give me loss of use. It would probably take a year or so to be decided also right? I know that would be a wait. If I was able to find a physician to give me an IMO with an exam stating loss of use for the right foot due to pain, could I just use that for the application for a vehicle grant. I am not concerned as much with the 100 some odd dollars for the smc k (although it would certainly help), as I am with the vehicle. The Motorized Wheel Chair will not help me without being able to carry it. I can propel a manual WC in the small apartment I live in with no problem. I need the motorized because of my congestive heart failure and longer distances. I just do not want to fill something out and then find out I did it wrong, because I know how long the V.A. is in granting anything. Thank you both again. P.S. I see no like button, I guess I have not been a member long enough or is it hidden? Thanks.
  8. Ruready needs to be, well something needs to be done. He is very rude and I received nothing from this thread because of his attitude. Yah quit being too nice and just throw him out. He has been rude to almost everyone in this thread.
  9. Hello and I hope everyone is well. I am a little confused, on loss of use, I understand the term and the definitions etc. Where I am confused is do I apply for it. I asked the V.A. podiatrist to put it in my record for my right foot, she never did. In fact she spent 10 minutes with me, referred me for a brace and emg and hasn't seen me since. The emg showed some bad radiculopathy also by the way. I haven't been able to get a follow up though. We are talking eight months. I will be getting a mobility scooter this month from the V.A. or actually an Enhanced Motorized Wheelchair. I need to apply for the auto grant but I am unsure how to prove loss of use, do I apply for the SMC award which would probably be SMC (K) or is there another form I use? Do I need a doctor to fill anything out for loss of use or do I apply for just that directly? I appreciate all your help, and the forum has helped me greatly in the last couple of years. No matter how hard I searched here or Google I could not find out how to prove loss of use for the mobility grant. Also to answer a question that will be asked, yes I have loss of use, my right foot which is service connected would be better served amputated and a prosthetic put on due to the pain. Thanks again Nick Savage
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