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  1. usocazy


    Hey there @ArNG11 - I've been moved from Tramadol to Norco because of chronic neck and back pain, I've getting steroidal injections for both and considering the spinal cord stimulator implant for longer term relief of the pain. I see that CBD oil is considered OTC and sold in (or available to be mailed) to all 50 states. Any idea how the VA treats CBD oil alone? I'm not interested in mixing THC as it's currently illegal in Texas.
  2. Hi - I've been retired for over 4 years and diagnosed with sleep apnea prior to leaving the service. I've been on a CPAP ever since and just went through another sleep study (5 years after the original) that confirmed previous findings and increased the pressure setting on my CPAP machine. Currently at 50% service-connected disability for sleep apnea. My question is around insomnia. I have it and it's in my medical records prior to leaving the service. I've been on Ambien for insomnia for over 10 years. Can insomnia be claimed in conjunction with sleep apnea?
  3. Gastone- so are you saying that the only way to increase SA ratings is to also have O2 problems annotated?
  4. Gastone - I haven't gotten the full report from the sleep study I just had, will be getting those late next week - I imagine - as I go in this weekend for the titration tweaking. From my sleep study in 2011, the AHI was 25/hour, Respiratory Event-Relate Arousal (RERA) index was 37.7/hour yielding Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI) of 62.6/hour. Supine RDI was 98.5/hour & right side RDI was 1.2/hour. The lowest oxygen saturation during this portion of the study was 87% & I spent 0.3 minutes with an oxygen saturation below 89%. Not sure if any other those numbers answer your question. Thanks for your help on this!
  5. Hi - I'm currently sitting at 90% SC disability with 50% for sleep apnea. My Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) score was 25 events/hour when I was awarded the 50% SC for sleep apnea (about 4 years ago) - I've been on a CPAP machine ever since. I haven't been able to sleep consistently for the past 6-7 months so I went in for a 5 year follow up sleep study that showed my Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) score had increased to 62.3 events/hour - even while using the prescribed CPAP machine. I'm going back in this weekend to get the air level modified/increased by the sleep center that conducted the sleep study. Question: Is the AHI increase sufficient enough to put in for an increase SC disability rating for sleep apnea?
  6. Called the VA last Friday and they acknowledged receiving the audit error worksheet from DFAS on 03/03. Guess the waiting game begins again as the VA ad visor had not time estimates to give me other than "could take days, weeks or months" for VA to cut the check.
  7. Up to a year?! That's not what the VA told me. They said the entire process (to include the back & forth) between DFAS & VA could take 6-8 months. I guess it really depends on who you talk to at the VA and the answer you might get back.
  8. Just gave DFAS a call and they told me that my audit error worksheet should be completed and to the VA by 5 March.
  9. *bump Still looking to see if anyone know how to contact DFAS to check on the status of an audit error worksheet.
  10. Ok - so I just got a form letter from the VA on the inquiry that I submitted on 02/09 requesting that an audit error worksheet be completed and provided on my temporary 100% rating for my total knee replacement back on 19 Nov 14. The response stated: "Once your claim was finished, VA notified DFAS of your increase for the temporary 100%. DFAS then does a review of your retired pay to tell VA how much of the money withheld to pay. This is called an Audit Error Worksheet. DFAS must process the Audit Error Worksheet first and once it is completed they will send it back to VA for us to pay. Sometime (sic) this process can take up to 6-8 months." When I originally called and talked with a VA rep on 01/19, he told me the following steps but indicated that DFAS has around 60 days to complete the audit error worksheet. His steps were: DFAS completes audit error worksheet (approximately 60 days) & sends to VA VA Regional Office does an internal audit then cuts a check for the back pay Never once did he state this process taking 6-8 months to complete. Any idea how to check on the audit error worksheet with DFAS?
  11. Great site, Buck52! I'm gonna submit my FOIA request today.
  12. Hey Buck52 how do we request our C-File? Is that in person at the VA or can an electronic request or email be used?
  13. Thanks flores97 for the acronym break down. I've been to the regional office on so many occasions that I was actually a little excited that I could fax in a request for an audit error worksheet. Hard to believe the VA still receives faxes as a primary means of submitting documentation. Any way, I was able to "fax" from my laptop all the documents I needed the VA to review for my temp 100% back pay to include the letter I recently received stating that I qualified for CRDP and they paid me almost $2500 for back pay differences on the $200/month they were withholding. The student thing is another beast. I had both of my children enrolled in college and correctly annotated in eBenefits so I never really did an audit myself on what my entitlements were. Upon closer look it appears my son "dropped off" at some point so now I have to show that he was enrolled full time without a break. That's the easy part, the harder part is getting time off from work to go to the Texas Vet Commission office or the VA benefits office and submit the paperwork. Bureaucracy is a beautiful thing!
  14. Thanks broncovet - a little help with the acronyms, please. RO, CAVC and JMR - not familiar with those.
  15. The last thing I submitted was a request for an audit error worksheet as of 02/09/16. I got my "final" VA determination of temp 100% and permanent 30% for my total knee replacement in early January. Every time I call the VA they stated that an audit error worksheet would automatically be done to account for CRDP but every time I asked for a status there was nothing in the system that indicated a worksheet was being processed. So on 02/19/16 the VA rep I spoke to submitted an inquiry on my behalf and recommended that I also request an audit error worksheet be completed. I was told they have 10 business days to respond so I guess the waiting game begins at this point. Quick question - if you qualify once for CRDP do you have to always go back and request CRDP when a claim is finalized or will VA automatically account for CRDP after the first award?

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