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  1. Andyman- Proud of you for seeking help. I often think this disclosure & treatment is one of the hardest things I have ever done. The compassion my MST/LCP counselor had, He was amazing! I benefited from his approach of not allowing me an easy way out,......... but to face my fears - complete the CPT/Exposure therapy. One day at a time, Brother
  2. Here is a link with the latest proposal w/IU controversy : https://militaryadvantage.military.com/2017/06/va-chief-withdraws-staab-appeal-vows-to-replace-iu-pay-cut-too/ More concise link for specific IU : http://www.military.com/military-report/va-reverses-call-for-iu-benefit-cuts.html?ESRC=mr0619.nl
  3. Angryemu: As far as a VSO I would not wait for a call. Go to your local VA- Hospital or Outpatient clinic and look for their office - no appointment needed - get there early- 0730 if possible because there are usually lines.
  4. Good perspectives from all: I attended a VA Town Hall meeting yesterday. I spoke with a liaison to a Congressman who I know well and trust. He specifically told me he has read the entire proposal & made bullet points of the different components for a rebuttal. He also stated the person/ persons that initiated this proposal did not understand the specific repercussions of just cutting out the IU....( the added property tax waivers et al) He is working on this daily, in his estimation in one form or another- a proposal could pass in say 10 years ( generalized) - this was as other stated ....not a Trump proposal ....but has been on the radar a long time. My award was in December 2016 - I am 60 this year ,so I would be under the gun too with only one Dx. of 70% - I also will not ignore that I need to watch my pennies.
  5. Angry: My DRO which was PTSD-MST took 370 days ( Awarded Dec 2016) at the Houston RO. Remember claims are on "tracks" now - Backs are one track - PTSD- MST another , Knees would be another track ( categories) - they break them down to expedite claims, since the repetition with the particular category makes the reviewer faster - ( VA's s thought process) Here is the link to the Monday Morning Reports, issued weekly by the VA. Look for the "Region" that you identify with, " visually scan the line to the right" , it will give you the total claims and the days - this is fairly accurate within a degree. http://www.benefits.va.gov/reports/detailed_claims_data.asp
  6. You Go Girl! I agree - 20 years now - happy! Blessed to have your camaraderie- Understanding why I "need" to be alone,"want" to be alone, seems foreign to most people. (w/o the understanding of PTSD dynamics)
  7. Amen Breta! LOL - I actually get asked "If you marry, your spouse would get an ID card - Right?" - I usually answer - "you should ask a retired military person that is interested in getting married that question". I did not serve 22 years in the navy to be a "meal ticket" - My life is just beginning, as my awareness of how PTSD has robbed me of my past life. Life Balance. :)
  8. OldFoxone - I have been in the PTSD program for almost 4 years now. First Individual treatment for 2 years then transitioned to groups. NO, If you think about your questions- Why would they reduce you if you are seeking help? I am in the Moral Injury group now- I do find wisdom & comfort in the ongoing messages of Hope/Resilience. I compare the groups to an "AA" type structure- I need the continued support of others since I have no family support. L
  9. Prettypantha - Go out and live your life! Don't worry about things you cannot control. :)
  10. I utilized Dr Vallette in Colorado who for a MH IMO - It was excellent. ( He was recommended by Dr Bash) Hi Mr. Matthew Hill - you spoke with me on the phone back in November 2016 .
  11. Just a sidebar- a "copy" of anyone's orders is alway on the page 4 of his service record anytime anyone is PCS'd. That is undeniable proof.
  12. rpowell01 I recently had a IMO by Dr Vallett and was scheduled for a C & P exam -( the same week they called me) The quick processing of these c&p exams is making it faster to get one, so you may have not been notified yet. Most people I have spoken with recently got a call, ask if they would accept an appointment in that week or the next. You have nothing to worry about sounds like you are the master of your claim.:)
  13. sauerkraut1977 - Good Luck - your posting above is exactly why I got an IMO- It helps to validate the symptoms with an outside verifiable source. ( not just VA sources)
  14. WomanMarine - I don't know if this will assist but here is a link for archived military medical records Cannot hurt to try .... https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/medical-records.html
  15. Buck52 - as always great info! I appreciate you! Michigander- You are welcome - I could not get anyone at the VA to fill out the DBQ - I paid for the IMO, when I read about the VA " development to deny" - simply - once I had the C&P exam ( that was crap- 15 mins) I was denied an increase ( this was due to the low rated MST claims in 2010) I got the IMO to document my situation by an outside source - now the VA has a harder time coming back and denying again... this may or may not be the best way to explain this or I may have misunderstood, he process but it worked for me. I felt like paying for the IMO ( since my case was initially rated at 50%) was a sure bet to keep my 70% once I got it. - I will never qualify for 100% PTSD criteria, this is my only issue. I have Blood Pressure and Thyroid problems that could be related but I had to focus on this one thing.... I never filed for the others. I guess the answer to your question is, I wanted to do it only once so thought it was worth the $ - I asked for specific things to be put into my report, which added up - yours could be less. I used Dr Vallett in Colorado. :) Department of Justice- I had to pay in an attempt to find the family,( unable to locate - looks like they changed their names) to file the paperwork for the DOJ. I selected Dale Yeager - retired FBI profiler - ( see youtube) a company called Seraph.net Worth every penny! I should know in August the status of blocking or .... not blocking. THEN if they do not block it - I will have to spend about $2,000 to fly out for 4 days to San Luis Obispo where he is housed. Parole Hearing set for May 2018 - Not weary, as much as very Pissed at this point - Justice for me,the woman he murdered/family. CA had an "elder prisoner" release program Lifers are getting out - Google it.... God Bless all. L