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  1. IU granted!

    Congratulations "Shipmate"!
  2. I set my account on-line - alerts for anything over $1.00 - it gets texted to me so that I can immediately see purchases - deposits. Very easy to set up It also prevented my Target hack/Fraud back in 2014.
  3. @broncovet Excellent summation & explaination between symptomatology/ condition, This paragraph can save everyone a lot of time in processing a claim. ( or not submitting a claim that will be denied)
  4. Permanent and Total!!!

    rpowell101 - I received TDIU 12/2016 - I decided it was time to live my life, in answer to your question. I am done also..... I too, thank the RO at Houston who finally read my file.... actually called and spoke with me like a "person". Congratulations, prayers for pain & healing.
  5. @Anna & Matthew- with one quick search- it appears you may need to seek the advice of an Immigration attorney, the Embassy is a powerful entity & if they are clueless you will need some assistance. There is a term "pseudo" social security number - in relation to benefits/ applications. via google searches Here is a link for Veteran's living abroad -http://www.benefits.va.gov/persona/veteran-abroad.asp I have no expertise in this area, so hope this can be a starting point. I imagine getting the pseudo ssn is a lengthy process due to homeland security. jmo
  6. My VA award was for PTSD-MST as well, my prayers. I served 22 years and receive Concurrent pay. ( as per Berta's article includes) - it is automatic once your retirement pay starts, it is a part of the questionnaire for survivors benefits et al. F Y I ( this is if you don't fall under the combat...)
  7. @seminole I have Delta Dental - but keep my VA Dental Appointment... I was told it was just implemented. Agreed - not routine care....
  8. ptsd P & T Unemployability

    @rikkor your question is in the middle of another ( Thread) question ...it may never get answered. Look up at the blue tab at the top - click on "create" ... Respectfully
  9. ptsd P & T Unemployability

    @Ralph1950 This is a link from - https://www.vawatchdog.org/ Which I consider a good source for information: I have a job, does that mean I cannot get TDIU? No. In fact, TDIU (or just “IU) benefits are available under certain situations even if you are working. However, income earned from employment must be at or below the poverty level, or from a job that is considered to be “sheltered”. These types of employment are not considered as substantially gainful employment (SGE), but rather “marginal employment”. Marginal employment is considered as “earned annual income that does not exceed the poverty threshold for one person as established by the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.” For 2016, the poverty level for which a veteran must be working under was $11,880. A “sheltered” job could be something like a family business, sheltered workshop, or a position created or modified to your own needs and is considered to be marginal employment, even if that job earns an income over the current poverty amount. Sheltered employment means that you are given special treatment due to your service connected disabilities that would not normally be given to other employees. For example: a veteran with PTSD works for a family friend’s business. The family friend provides the veteran with an office and duties that only require limited interaction with other people. The veteran’s salary pays his bills, and is over the current poverty threshold. But, because the job has been created to his individual needs (limited interaction with other people), his job is considered to be sheltered, and therefore falls under “marginal employment.” The VA cannot consider this job as being SGE, and must not use it against him in determining IU status.
  10. While at the VA Dental office in Texas - I was informed of a recent change. No more annual appointments for routine care. It is now every TWO years, since the system is "inundated with Veterans" - The clerks words, not mine. Just a Heads up.
  11. Stressor questions

    @Rootbeer112 jmo - anytime the VARO calls and asked question it means they are working your claim =Good Asking you about additional stressors is better - they may be attempting to verify your stressor. With the internet these days and archived military records that is very easy to do.
  12. Houston is rocking this.... mine was 370 days start to finish. Not bragging - Just a thought to give you HOPE. I think the answer to the turnover for the DRO ... is 1. How complicated is the claim 2. How many issues are involved & pending return from the other areas. jmo
  13. Hi @Shan3s33 you just answered your own question & congratulations of the win! You have broken down the (1) timeline - so....(2) take the difference in the percentages.... for each....(3) and add each time period together. ( using the VA rating pay chart 2017) This in my estimation, will give you a ballpark figure. You will get and answer.... when you get it , Not trying to be funny but it is true.
  14. P&T notice.

    @Rocket1949 - @Broncovet Well put - My letter stated the same verbiage. For a good laugh - I went to get an ID card on base, The personnelman laughed, pushing my papers back at me - he said your Retired ID trumps the I00% IU. if not, he stated these were the necessary papers to get an ID. Uploaded to appraisal district with a notarized letter - Booyah - no property taxes.( in my state- make sure to check in yours) Good Luck.