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  1. L

    College Degree Myth

    I had 2 A.S. Degrees and was in Voc Rehab the month I was in VR - Graduating with a B.S. degree the month I was awarded IU. BUT - I agree with Buck52 - it is individually awarded and sometime more based on abilities....... than disabilities. My panic attacks - rendered me as non-productive for employment but after 43 yrs of continuous work.
  2. Where I live there are over 120 nonprofits for Veterans, offering such services - some are specific to females... also "meet-up.com" has specific groups Veteran and non-Veteran. check out the non-profits in your state. "inpatient" referrals always need a doctor's order. best of luck, my issues with MST has been helped tremendously by the VA CPT program - as T Bird suggested the Vet Center is a great resource.
  3. Good Luck - I have been a minimalist for 20 yrs - only 21 boxes in my entire house. It is Cathartic!
  4. I worked at the VA - Been a patient for over 20 years since 1997 retirement. I would never accept or apply for travel pay - I appreciate the advice. Tricare or Medicare does not compensate me to go to the doctor -... just my opinion, respectfully submitted.
  5. Recently had an appointment - checked in to be told - I had no appointment too.... They were apologetic in my case. It was a change in providers that triggered the appt. I never apply for travel pay - although I am authorized, more of an aggravation- for a non- appointment - this has never happened in civilian sector... to me. I transferred all meds over to PCP - Tricare. Starting in Nov 2018 only go to PCP once a year at VA since I have no Physical Health related ratings, but still participate in MH peer groups... 3 times a week. CYA agreed!
  6. L

    Voc Rehab Denial opinion from Counselor

    also - when ever the PCP is not available - a substitute is always assigned- to cover any patient issues.... FYI - so technically on your side you are never without a PCP - just not your PCP
  7. I did this recently too- I got frames from Costco and took them in because my face is smaller than the frames they offer - basically they don't have my size of '49" - They did an excellent job. Then I made the frames they gave me - which were too big into sunglasses for $12 dollars. 🙂 They have come a long way. They are subcontracted and not VA.
  8. Hello, I know in the past I have related the MST- "story" about my trauma. I press on for the public's education, for others to know that you are not alone. Featured on youtube.com is "Don & Diane Shipley" . I contacted them in reference to a false Seal claim in connection with this inmate. Don asked me to be a guest on the website podcast last night.... I hope for healing one day, or help the memory of the woman murdered not be forgotten. How the process in the VA continues to traumatize..... Blessed & Grateful to be honored on this website last night. http://www.extremesealexperience.com/ Mr. (Senior Chief) Navy Seal Don Shipley, and his wife, “Diane” who is also a Navy Veteran, did an in-depth phone interview to bring awareness to PTSD/MST and the ongoing plight of blocking the parole, of the inmate who assaulted me, then went on to Murder his next victim. Inmate is now up for parole in May 2019. This also highlights, the plight bringing awareness to how the military either covers up or does not disclose the severity of this issue for females & males alike. “Hashtag Me too” – is not going to cut it, for awareness…. Or wearing a color on a certain day. Real change, will be in the criminal prosecution of these individuals not in a military court,but in a civilian court for full disclosure! This is a paid subscription website. If you are able please subscribe. The proceeds from the site assist in tracking down “stolen valor- and of course fake seal claims,” which is how I found Don Shipley. The inmate claimed to be a Seal at one point, I contacted him for Verification. Here is a “redacted” copy of a story that is about me – and NOT my story. https://www.protectourdefenders.com/survivor-s…/loris-story/
  9. @chriscond- Good Luck but .....based on the above DBQ / and the criteria for 100% ... I differ from @Grumpbox opinion.... Here is the criteria for 100% : PTSD Total occupational and social impairment, due to such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought processes or communication; persistent delusions or hallucinations; grossly inappropriate behavior; persistent danger of hurting self or others; intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living (including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene); disorientation to time or place; memory loss for names of close relatives, own occupation, or own name. 100
  10. Good luck ! - Speedy recovery - 3 months is a bit long for the walker, try 4 weeks. Progress to a cane if needed. I have 21 yrs of experience in therapy. 3 day hospital stay - discharged to home with home health or outpatient therapy - 6 -8 weeks max recovery time,if you are not smoking and doing all exercises religiously.
  11. I am retired Navy and fly Space A - I go alone and have had better success b/c I can get on if one slot is open and others have to wait for two slots.... Grateful! I have and app for the flights - I am in a prime location in central Texas for Space A...
  12. I fax mine and keep the confirmation sheet as evidence of receipt. Faxing is free at my local UPS store.
  13. Tricare - equals 20 year retirement - "benefit"... I retired age 39. I too, am on Medicare/ Tricare and receiving excellent care. VA is now my once a year go to appointment. I still do weekly peer support groups and activities for Moral Injury at VA. @Buck52 I use Delta Dental $32, I have had very few payouts - this second tier plan I have covers most things. I use VA dental for regular cleanings but Delta dental allows cleanings every 6 months so I go to all.... 🙂 Grateful
  14. Technically - jmo - when you are on Short term or long term disability you are not "unemployable" or Unemployed..... which may not allow to claim IU. 1. ssa.gov - see criteria for your disability. 2. since I was an Occupational Therapy Assistant for 21 years I administered ... FCE's - One of the categories that will be listed in the end will be "what you can do". I completed my B.S. degree at 59.... never too late to retrain
  15. Hi L, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans

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