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  1. "IMO" - for PTSD-MST I utilized Dr Vallette on Watchdog website. He was fast ( 3 months) and thorough. Worth every penny! preventing or decreasing the "development to deny" phase of my claim.
  2. Hi- Here is a very recent link from had it postings., to answer your question. VA.gov has excellent info, your award letter should also give information.( at least mine did- although I am not married)
  3. Need Info On TDIU

    @PrettypanthaI received IU with PTSD 70% - Only .....I did supply my evaluations stating although I was a great employee, I did have focus issues. HR departments are notorious for not calling you back or sending the paperwork in. If you are able, I would go in person. It made my process easier. Search through the TDIU section of the forums here - good information -
  4. @GastoneYes - I was accepted into the Master's Program, but decided against it due to cost. Used up all of my Vietnam Era GI Bill and had 90 hours left on my TX Hazelwood. My Occupational Therapy degree - 2 years had me at $65,000 when I retired with 21 years of service ... LOL probably a better income producer. As an Entry Level Probation officer or Reentry Counselor- my pay was started back at $50,000 ....MY Navy Retirement was a good money maker too...... Since I am 60 - I will just give back.... I saved every penny I ever made...... now is the time to have fun! ( inspiration by @Berta :)
  5. @Buck52 agreed - @Gastone YES_ Keep it simple - Voc Rehab wants to see if you are a critical thinker and thought the job related quest in detail...... I would counter the degree statement ...with the knowledge I gained in my B.S. (Criminology) degree enables me to counsel Veterans in Jail reentry - which is what I was attempting to do before the IU award. So the one use I have is.......giving back .... This was my third degree - ( 1.) Criminal Justice - A.A. 1.) Occupational Therapy A.A.S. paid for by the military... Thanks Uncle Sam!
  6. @john3mary I submitted a "essay" of sorts on the job I was seeking, the pay and how my curriculum, would fit into this career plan. I don't think you need a sample, start with the basics outline. Use headings. I would keep it one page. I graduated with a B.S. the same month I was awarded IU. 1. Seeking .... certifications in blah.... to enhance... blah 2. The Job market supports the above findings due to...... 3. The way it will enhance my career will be.... 4 The way I will seek to further my career once i receive the certifications will be..... Once you get the answers to the above questions - use this information to write the short essay to support your claim. - insert websites and citations as appropriate.
  7. delete

    This is the best link I could find and it does not answer your question. It does give you a place to start for researching: https://www.va.gov/health/patientadvocate/ I did have someone myself - as a patient... removed and suspended for causing a disruption. His vulgar language was so foul - no others in the waiting area stood up for me or to stop his display- He was removed and this was his third incident in a week, I was told / barred from the property. In case you are curious- as he sat next to me waiting he - started saying what he would do to me in a sexual manner. I did not know this man or had not seen him. But this Navy Woman don't play!
  8. This is the latest off of 1-19-2018 www.VA.gov - I fax mine - I get a confirmation to verify the transmission. Mailing Address for Disability Compensation Claims The Department of Veterans Affairs has implemented centralized mail processing (CM) for compensation claims to reduce incoming paper handling and shipping requirements. Veterans should mail or fax correspondence pertaining to compensation claims to the below location. Important: The mailing addresses below only pertain to disability compensation claims. For education claims, refer to the appropriate Regional Processing Office. For home loan matters, contact a Regional Loan Center and for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment matters, contact your local regional office at their physical address. For pension claims, use the Pension Management Center (PMC) that serves your state. For dual pension and compensation claims, use the mailing address below for compensation claims. Mail to: DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS CLAIMS INTAKE CENTER PO BOX 4444 JANESVILLE, WI 53547-4444 or Fax to: TOLL FREE: 844-531-7818 & 248-524-4260 (Utilized for Foreign Claimants)
  9. This chronic pain study is also at Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital in Texas - They were signing OEF/OIF Veterans only yesterday. https://federalreporter.nih.gov/Projects/Details/?projectId=765905&ItemNum=165&totalItems=409&s
  10. Individual Unemployability

    I just went through a VA / DFAS Audit for my concurrent pay and it took 4-6 weeks. FYI Started Dec 2017 -
  11. Women can also apply for this too - This link is older - but I called the Senator's office and they emailed me the most updated info and forms for Women to apply for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. Info is in the article. https://pingree.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/va-should-give-equal-treatment-female-veterans
  12. TDIU - buying duplex

    Helpful link: there are others.... https://www.veteranslawblog.org/tdiu-benefits/
  13. I have not logged onto ebenefits in about 6 months. I needed a verification letter for my property taxes. The date of my last award for IU was changed from December 2016 to December 2017 - Has anyone else had this happen? Unable to send a request - IRIS apparently is not responding - with the ability to put in a trouble ticket. It allow the form to be out but will not submit. _ this was on the weekend will try again. I go to the VA 3 times a week for counseling so I will see if VBA office has a perspective and give an update - Check your date for a Navy "CYA" ( Cover your A$$) If I did not have my last letter with the proper date "printed" out ( old address) I would have nothing.....
  14. MST Claim

    Broken Cat - T-Bird is correct in all aspects of her post,"Validation"..... I have my police & NIS- crime scene and injury photos/ report too. The one thing I took away from it is these words - "She initiated a violent struggle with the offender". - Find your sentence in your report and use it as a mantra. It is easy to find any offender in the prison system, if you know what state. I utilized the inmate locator in CA to find my offender - and I have successfully blocked his parole and will again in 2019! Good Luck