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  1. So here is the update. I called the VA to see what this was nothing to worry yourself over. It's simply a review to see how I'm doing. My whole concern was why was there a new claim. The VA said that whenever there is a review a new claim is put in just in case there are new symptoms that may occur from another claim. Thank you all for your responses.
  2. Thanks. I will take your advice and secure message my doctor. I do go to group meetings and such. I just feel I get more out of those than anything the VA has ever done. I have small group of vets who get together and we just talk. I agree I should at least tell the VA what I've been up to. Thanks for the advice everyone. Everyone here has helped control my anxiety about this whole situation.
  3. I will take your advice and make an appointment for the VA Psych as soon as possible. I was taking meds but I did not like the way the meds made me feel. The feeling was worse than the anxiety I have, plus they had me on 3 different meds. I'm 'au natural' now and I just deal with the anxiety by avoiding the things (as much as possible) that trigger my anxiety i.e driving, crowds. It's tough going 'au natural'. Just talking to someone makes me feel better than the meds. Anyway, thanks for helping me out.
  4. Can't thank you enough for the info. I feel a bit better about going. I hate any deviance in my normal routine and any deviance, such as this, sends my anxiety into a frenzy. I know I need to see doctors for help but sometimes I honestly think just staying home and avoiding any confrontations is my best avenue of defense. Thanks again.
  5. Sorry, but was is a DBQ? Thanks for the info.
  6. So here is my predicament. I'm 70% service connected with PTSD and have been for almost four years now. I recently received a phone call from the QTC Corporations asking me if I was available for an appointment. I asked them what it was about. They said the VA is now "outsourcing" their patients and I was on the list. My question is this. If I already have my rating why do I need to go to the QTC? I've got my rating and I go to the VA as much as possible, not as much as they would like me to BUT I do go(think the last time was over a year ago). I'm all anxious about this shit and its causing me stress I do not need. Can the VA be trying to reduce my rating? Is that possible?
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