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  1. It's just confusing because the 70% and 50% both show up as service connected disabilities with separate ratings, symptoms and different impairments that affect my social life, relationships, occupation and daily routine.. I also looked at my online health records in reference to my compensation exam for an increased rating, the question-air filled out by the c&p examiner states that there is a definite difference between symptoms of the two ratings which warrant a new and separate service connected rating. Do they normally leave the previous rating there on the list of disabilities? I'm very aware that ebenefits is slow as mud but I also know that the VA had about a 30% error rate with compensation claims.
  2. What if the two mental disabilities have separate diagnostic codes? I guess I'll just have to wait for a response from my IRIS inquiry. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated
  3. I need some help and a second person to look at my service connected disabilities, I calculated I am 100% (combined ratings table) i accounted for the bilateral factor in regards to my tinnitus also. My issue is that the VA hasn't increased my rating to 100% even in my notification letter, everything says I'm at 90%. I used IRIS to ask if they could have miscalculated but have yet to receive a response. My service connected disabilities are as follows; Major depression, single episode with social anxiety 70% Unspecified anxiety and depression 50% Right knee strain 10% Bilateral tinnitus 10% Right elbow arthritis 10% Right shoulder torn labrum 10% Left elbow painful motion 10% Left elbow arthritis 10% Left cubital tunnel syndrome 10% Right elbow painful motion 10% Left shoulder strain 10% Right cubital tunnel syndrome 10%

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