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  1. Hello to those reading this, I am currently an Active service member (E-5) in the USAF with 10 years of service. I am in need of advice and guidance on my situation. Here is a background history of events that have led me to the beginning stages of an MEB. On 29 Oct 15, I was kicked in the back of the head during a sporting event. I had been seen by my medical provider for what was documented as post concussive syndrome (concussion). I was put on quarters for the week. During this week I had symptoms of dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity and memory issues. Two months go by and I go through a downward spiral of mental state, suicidal ideations, severe anxiety, severe migraines, major depressions, memory issues and muscle spasms. On 10 Jan 16, I was hospitalized for all the things mentioned. A CT, MRI, Spinal test, EEG and neurological test are conducted. Neg on all tests but EEG noted TBI with decreased brain activity on the left lobe. Once the test results were verified, I was then started on an anti-psychotic called Risperdal and a anxiety med called Cymbalta . I had an immediate reaction to the medication. I was then informed that my diagnosis was Schizophrenia Paranoid Type with major mood disorder. Further testing would occur where my family history is screened and earliest occurrence of symptoms were established after BMT. I was than told about the possibility of a medical retirement and the whole ordeal of an MEB. I just recently received my NARSUM which stated everything I stated and other things like " Service member continues to have brief periods of paranoia and has continued auditory hallucinations which are improved with treatment but persist nonetheless" "Severe social and industrial impairment" "Recommend subsequent medical retirement". I have searched and read many posts about Schizophrenia and things related to SC and VA disability/process. My questions are the following: 1) Does anybody of experience with EDES process 2) Is there anything else I should prepare myself for with the start of this MEB/process? I believe I have service connection correct? 3) When I have a C/P exam can they diagnose something differently? Can the military diagnoses and C/P exam diagnoses differ from each other? 4) What should I know about social security programs and When can I possibly file for things like SSD? I will most likely have more questions down the road, so any tips/guidance would be appreciated.
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