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  1. Need some IMO's................................I'm gaining some ground tho.........................Here's the Low Down 1. Changed VSO's........from VFW TO DAV for POA request..................NO offense, but my local VFW VSO's suck! Guess they don't like giving "courtesy" call-backs. Been going on for almost month now. So amazed that the DAV actually called me back same day! WOW 2. Last two VSO's fubbard my PTSD claim by not faxing all of my stressers for PTSD. Was back-peddling, took matters into my own hands. And Letting the PTSD claim sit "till now" (ends 6/25/2016). Looking at filing NOD. I do have 1 of 3 documents of proof. Can't get the other two because, when I was changed too a different duty station, my Article 15/ personal assault doc's (proof) probably got destroyed. Searched all over high heaven. Allot of dead ends. I was diagnosed with PTSD several months later after the PTSD claim was put in. It's waiting on an NOD. 3.Between my IBS/RSS/DEPRESSION/Anxiety/Bruxism (teeth issues) is getting worse. They're killing me. GI/DERM consult finally coming up after 3 month wait. I figure if I put in FTC for my " other" issues, I'll be able to afford and "ACTUAL" outside help. Seems like the VA loves dragging a**. And I'm on edge, because I might loose my ("sitting-down") job because of the company's buy out even though I've been there 1yr and anger issues are still very active etc. This one of the very few jobs I've had the longest during the last 25 yrs. The DAV rep said I should hurry up and file the FTC (which requires a VSO RO signature) with all the documentation I just recently acquired on my "other" issues. In doing so, wouldn't filing both at the same time ruin everything???????????????? I'm a bit cagey with everything because of bad experiences with lackluster VSO's and them not telling me that I should "have aquired" all my records prior to filing "anything"! THANKS!
  2. Can't file FDC on IBS/RED Skin Syndrome/MDD??? even if....Ptsd claim was denied & the " up to 1 yr " NOD is in effect? Any suggestions would highly appreciated! BTW. I faxed the FOIA req. letter for C-file couple months ago and my end date is at the end of JUNE this yr. And I still havent heard back yet from the RO. hmmmmmmmm. THIS SUCKS!!! And I finally got my records from St. Louis and some stuff wasn't there (in regards to PTSD).
  3. Thanks brother! And thanks to everybody else. I'll go this route. I'll update my progress as I go. Thanks again. :)
  4. The RX's statement : "PTSD was secondary to blanket party" (resulted from me engaging them over an assault on a homeless couple in NY - the man was a Vietnam Veteran (Dan yang) - & this the way the two idiots were preventing me from ratting them out) PTSD diagnosis was assessed after the claim was done. My psych doctor did some evaluation " ?? " something or other. What the heck was that? The stressor statement(s), that was suppose to be sent in the Second fax, some how only one was received and the second must have been misplaced or lost. TYPICAL. The second page which had details as to dates, names, etc on it. Which " Berta mentioned. The Article 15 and the rest of my decline in performance and other factors documentation should be in my personal records. Right? Which I will be having in my possession shortly. " Hopefully " NPRC won't fuabar my records order. I'll know by Monday or Tuesday of next week if "it's in there". Just like the spaghetti commercial back in the day. " IT'S IN THERE!" Lol. I still cant wrap my head around the idea that " why didn't any of the VSO's mention to me that I should get all personal records and c-file before filing?" Would've saved allot of headache. In regards to the "nexus" statement that links your diagnosis to the in service event, I've heard that the VA RX's don't/wont make one out for the veterans. What should I do then? In regards to " Reconsideration Letter " ....I've read that to stay away from it. Instead make out a letter with list of - who, what, where, when, and how. Is this correct? In regards to " Reconsideration Letter", isn't that the same thing as to what I'm asking in the above line? (statement of " new and material evidence") BTW. My counselor stated This Veteran was seen for 55 minutes of individual counseling. Service connected for Service Connected: 10%: IMPAIRED HEARING (0% SC); TINNITUS (10% SC). Veteran is diagnosed with and seen for treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and OCD. Steps: " To Make Things Happen " (in regards to my Ptsd claim) 1. ) Obtain " The Article 15 and decline in performance" documentations because of the assault ....and constant fighting (protecting myself from two individuals which in turn took away my military career and one of the reasons I couldn't a job anywhere for yrs). 2. ) Sworn Declaration Form/ AKA Lay Evidence (if I can't obtain the Article 15 and decline in performance" documentations)The sworn declaration – according to 28 USC § 1746 – carries the same weight as a notarized affidavit is what I've read 3.) "nexus" statement (psych doctor) 4. ) fax "second page" (of course) & highlight certain "portent" facts on certain documents (draw the attention too)5. ) NOD (VA claim papers mentioned it is necessary?) 5.) putting any and all "NME" together (is this for a DRO Appeal?) vs need "NME" for the BVA Appeal? 6.) Submit VBA-21-526EZ-ARE file separate for MDD ? 7.) VA Form 21-0781a Can some, if not all, be uploaded to ebennie site? All I want to do is to get my issues squared away ASAP. Some are getting worse than others. After so many yrs, they're almost equally the same. Just wanna get this over with so I can afford an outpatient Derm and some serious dental (bruxism)help. Tired of the SC RSS (awefull skin condition) & the dental game.
  5. I apologize I got back to u so late. Anyways, I think he's saying my MDD (depression) is my worst prob next to anger and anxiety. Ptsd is secondary. Not quit sure. Overall, I just want help, " real help" w/my issues. and especially dermatology/bruxism (my teeth etc. is f'd & getting worse by the yr). :( And nothing on the psych exam. Because the VSO witch messed my PTSD claim by not faxing my " stresser" statement with rest of the stuff. Now, I'm in limbo land. My claim is dead in the water. Thing bout using the 21-526EZ form and listing all my damn issues on there except for PTSD. Or just include the VA Form 21-0781a with it. And once i get my personnel files w/ names etc and the article 15 document from Nprc or my old unit, throw it all in together and be done? 100.pdf 99.pdf 98.pdf
  6. Sorry. Which one is it? Also, if u don't mind look at the one page i just uploaded. My psyc doc gave me some sort of eval test or something. And put the PTSD on VA my healthnet. Any idea what he means by secondary to blanket party in service? appreciate ur help.
  7. Sorry. Which one is it? Also, if u don't mind look at the one page i just uploaded. My psyc doc gave me some sort of eval test or something. And put the PTSD on VA my healthnet. Any idea what he means by secondary to blanket party in service? appreciate ur help.
  8. Getting them via my (NPRC) Personnel files. The only thing that I remember/indicated that the assault happened was an incident report of some kind that I was made to fill-out. I clearly remember filling out that document. I wish somebody somebody would" have a clue as too what is the exact name of the document would be. You would think something that important would be there
  9. Funny you mentioned the NPRC. Your talking about my records from St, Louis? Right? Last time I talked to them, they said I should get my records by April 11th. I take it the stressor is what happened, and what gave me my issues. And the incident report that the 1st sgt made me fill out would solidfy that right? All in all, this " incident " is what gave me bruxism, MMD, anxiety, etc. I cant afford any kind of specialist. For my teeth (which you gotta be 100% @ the VA). In regards to the derm for RSS (which my BDU's gave me the onset of that). The VA's derms suck/dragging their a** in regard to that particular issue). I know, allot of people have way more serious than I have. I cant help but wonder If the VA doctors figure that I fought all these issues for yrs, why cant I put up with them for another 25 yrs. I just cant help but wonder about that. That's another reason why, besides $ for specialists, that I never pursued the Help from the VA ( yea another extension of the bureaucracy). And i really never knew about the VA till i was homeless for the 3rd time out in west coast. Sorry bout my lil rant there, but tired of seeing/hearing Vets being kicked to the curb!
  10. I hope you also requested from NPRC your 201 inservice (Personnel) files as they could contain something regarding the stressor. Cool thanks. I know that buddy stat's would really help. But, I tried that ave and I'm having a hard time finding anybody. Found one web site. But they wanted money to join. FIGURES! But I did find a soldier that was in barracks across from me. But doesn't know my ordeal. Just knows that someting happened. That was it. How I found him when I was trying to find pics from AIT class. Stumbled across a pic on the net, Ainsworth posted on the net somewhere. I poopin kittens when I saw it. I remembered taking the pic of the guys.
  11. Hi Berta! Wondered if u gonna see my post :) Anyways, Yes I asked for my records. I cant see why the incident report, that they made me fill out, should be in my records. And I figured this would be a big key in all this. You seem " pretty knowlegable " and I appreciate your IMO's very much.
  12. Just to let u know I'm new at this. So bare with me. :) If u don't mind? leave me a message on here stating what time frame to catch you on here? sometime tomorrow afternoon. THANKS Brother!
  13. I should be getting my records from st. Louis sometime next week. According to their records intake people etc. But now I'm a quandary about sending a reconsideration or a NOD. After three VSO's going awol on me, decided to go DIY route. I just gotta keep plugging away till I "edjumacate" myself in order to make things happen. Just need a few nudges here and there. THANKS. Appreciate everybody's help. It's worth gold to me.
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