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  1. I'm sorry if that came out wrong but I did officially appeal the denied claim of sleep apnea. But the only additional evidence between the original claim and the appeal is a lay statement from my wife, which in my opinion isn't going to fly. The VSO said instead of me trying to get a strong nexus letter right now and submitting it to further back up this appeal that he would see what the VA decides first in the appeal. But I'll be working on a strong nexus.
  2. I meant little compared to all the vets getting wronged...but you're right it seems like the VSO's are getting paid by the VA to stop our claims...I'll stay on this website forever now and learn as much as I can and keep going and will keep all updated...and maybe one day I'll be able to help with the knowledge I gained here. Thanks to all!
  3. This def does help and I didn't take it the wrong way at all. Thanks for spending so much time on my one little problem!
  4. I have a question about the VA admin section...I use a VSO that's assigned to an organization. Those people do not work with the VA correct? What I'm getting at since I am being steered so wrongly by every VSO I come in contact with can't I just deal with the true VA personnel? Am I making sense and with your experience and you obv have a lot what do you think?
  5. I see. You sure are a wealth of info. I apologize for really not knowing much and at first it didn't seem like there was a lot to know but understanding every aspect of the VA Claims process should be bachelors degree material. Using your statement above in my situation they will still probably deny the appeal because the bottom line is there is not one thing in my records stating that I had trouble sleeping right? Well there was one time my SMR said I had sleeping problems but it was related to my back problems at the time. I think you're also saying to keep pressing with a nexus letter and trying to connect if I can as well right?
  6. Thanks to the both of you. With or without the 4.1% bilaterals the overall is the same but I'd guess there be cases where it would notch up another 10% overall
  7. I have 13 ratings at 10% apiece and one at 60%, so how does that equate? I sure appreciate your time and help
  8. VA shows 4.1% bilateral factor for 5 diff codes at 10% each, still a bit confused. Is there a calculator that figures this?
  9. does having a bilateral factor rating increase the overall rating?
  10. is there an way to reopen and submit new using ebenefits? I don't have good experience with the VSOs here
  11. another question...same subject. My VSO said today that he would let the appeal ride until they make a decision and we all know that could be between now and 2-3 years from now. Problem is a different VSO (same office) said to appeal it without tying it to anything that is SC or that is in my active records. He had me originally claim it as primary. Right now I'm in the process/mode of obtaining a strong nexus letter to connect it to a SC condition, but he stated problem is since the claim/appeal wasn't originally claimed as "secondary", they won't even entertain it. This is a diff VSO that steered me wrong earlier. The way I see it is if I let it ride and get turned down I'll have to start a brand new claim all over again for sleep apnea actually connected to another SC condition. this is confusing the hell out of me. I also probably didn't make a damn bit of sense for any one reading this either, sorry, but here it is
  12. Thanks to all for your help, I truly appreciate your time
  13. anyway this is the new evidence I have: "Urinary and fecal incontinence: Pt is presented as a consult for urinary incontinence. He had a L5-S1 discectomy in 2002 and subsequently developed fecal incontinence followed shortly thereafter by urinary incontinence. He saw Dr. XXX at XXX hospital who tried biophysical feedback which was unsuccessful. For his voiding, he feels the urge to urinate and can urinate with strong stream. In between voids, leaks urine. He is generally unaware of his leakage. He uses 6 pads per day (for fecal issues as well). Very little incontinence at night but some present. No UTIs. He is taking tamsulosin which he says helps his incontinence. Pt is a 57 y.o male with fecal and urinary incontinence related to spinal surgery - Discussed with the patient that the interstim may be helpful for both fecal and urinary incontinence. He would like to pursue this option. Will discuss with Dr. XXX to determine if patient would be good interstim candidate. Do you think this is strong enough?
  14. is it ok to post what my urologist said so you can review for yourself to see if it's strong enough?
  15. since I had this type of negative experience with VSOs, is this possible to do on ebenefits??

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