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  1. This is my first time on here or posting, so I am not even sure if I am in the correct thread. I am attempting to file a new claim for autoimmune diseases related to being treated with Bactrim while on active duty many years ago. I had a reaction called Steven Johnson Syndrome, very nasty. Many, many autoimmune diseases have been linked to SJS, and needless to say, over the years I have developed many of them. My problem is getting civilian medical records, over 20 years worth, and several providers, hospitals, imaging, etc. I understand paying for the mailing of said records, but they want to charge me to copy...last I heard, at minimum 25 cents per page. This adds up to quite a bit. Am I required to pay this in order to get these copies sent to me personally? I learned my lesson from filing for SSI, which I won, but realized while at the hearing that my attorney did NOT have complete records as requested, nor was he familiar with the records he did have. For one, I do not trust the providers to always respond in a timely manner or to send complete records. For two, I don't trust the VA to get the correct pertinent information from said records. And three, I need my own set of copies for referencing in my claim. I am currently living at or below poverty level, a shame for a veteran to begin with, and can barely afford to feed myself let alone pay for the costs of getting numerous sets of thick medical records from numerous providers. Can anybody give me any suggestions or steer me in the right direction? And if I am not in the right thread, kindly tell me where I should be, lol. Thank you very much, AFMedic
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