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  1. Has there been any update on your case jfrei? I'm kind of in the same boat and wondering where your at with this.
  2. I'm having these same issues as well and I've used MHV to contact my PCP thru whoever it is that plays the intermediary. They were also forwarded to the Pat. Ad. at the same time and I've never had such a quick response from my PCP ever before. I'm so sick of it you can't imagine. From now on I review those records when they become available and if there is anything and I mean anything in there that we didn't talk about and doesn't smell of an opinion, they're hearing from me and the word "complaint" is in the vocabulary when I contact them. I don't give a rats behind if they call me a complainer or whiner, I'll just call them a liar!
  3. Don't know how "crack addiction" got into this but what ever! Continuity of symptoms can be proven with lay statements, witnesses, over the counter meds. Just have to be careful on how it is worded in the statements as to not come off as you're some sort of a Dr unless you have that experience and degree. You just have to report things related the SC without giving any diagnosis. Lay statements work cuz I've used them and was granted. Good luck
  4. The costs of hiring an atty. for a claim will cost to much. Get some free help with a Vet rep. you do most of the research and present it to him and he'll give you good advice and tell you what is needed to win. I'll tell ya that hearing loss is 0% compensable and they'll give you the audiology tests and give you hearing aids. That's what they did with me anyway. With the foot injury could be as low as a denial of the claim to 10% up to who knows and dependent on the severity. Good luck and thanks for your service!!
  5. I think there was a misinterpretation of someone calling someone a cowboy and certainly don't want to speak for anyone. I read this as Asknod has someone on his show named cowboy. But anyhow, RUReady this is by FAR the best vet site to getting help! I've been to the other so called site and that was a joke! Don't get offended just b/c you assumed they called you a cowboy. Hell you can call me cowboy all day long and wouldn't give 2 shits. I would get pissed if you called me late for dinner and my hot meal turned cold. Just read and if you need to take notes, do like I do and put it on word or whatever program you have. This has helped me tremendously! Research the question you have in your head at that time and try to find the answer to it in all these posts. Sincerely!! Thank you for your service and good luck to you!! Asknod I'm seriously gonna have to call in once I get a schedule of when you go live to see if you talk like a cowboy to, LOL! Love reading your articles, BTW, you called me sir on your contact page and don't ever call me that again!
  6. Looks like the same advice someone would give out on another vet help website I just deleted myself from b/c of Debbie downer advice or rudeness! I'll try to stay positive on this one though!
  7. Bwahaha, thanks Asknod for that link! You've got a sense of humor like no other! BOOKMARKED IT!!
  8. Here let me help you bump it up again cause I'm reading all your information! You are one knowledgeable and strong woman for sure!
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