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  1. Ok I need some Guidance with my Hypertension. I was rated 60% for my hypertension back in 10/31/2011 after a long battle and going to see a BVA Judge. In July of last year my Cardiologist Release me back to my family doctor and to remain on the drug group that had maintained my hypertension at a reasonable level. Thinking that I should get my meds from the VA hospital in Oklahoma City .I got a appointment with the Doc to get the prescriptions. The doc first off didn't care about what my cardiologist wanted, just keep telling I Needed to loose Weight. Witch I already know this, but because of other issues I have been unable to. My wife was ready to rip in to this Doc. But I keep her at bay. After finally getting the doc to input the meds and all the changes in the way she wanted me to take them, I went home and put in the mail order. That was in Oct of 2015. As of Jan of 2016 I still hadn't gotten all of my prescriptions. I had to go back to my Cardiologist to get them refilled. In Jan 2016 I get a notice from VA that they are going to rerate my hypertension. Sent me to QTC . Then this week I get a notice that they are decreasing my rating from 60 to 20. Using information supplied from the Va hospital and QTC. Of both places I saw a doc maybe a total of 5 min. Hospital took 1 BP reading and QTC took 3. I made note of the 3 readings at QTC 218/102,220/100, 217/100. That's on my meds. Nothing has changed from when I went through the BVA court. As long as I take my meds my BP. readings are acceptable. I am looking for ways to fight this. I found the case David Jones V. Eric K Shinseki. that references that they cant use the results after meds only before meds. Since I have to take these the rest of my life. Anything that You all can add would be greatly Appreciated. By the way what I learned in all of this I will never go to the VA. Hospital for anything!!
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