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  1. Out Of Pain Meds

    To be honest i have had no problems with my pain meds they come UPS in 2 to 3 days my best advice is that you switch doctors like i did and then go to patient advocate. No doctor wants to be reported to them you can always request to switch doctors because it benefits you to get the right one for your best interest in need
  2. Block 18, VA form 21-8940 (JUL 2015)

    I recently received my IU when the question was asked if due to my disabilities is that the reason i left my job or was fired i answered yes. I stated i could not perform my duties to satisfaction because of my disabilities and i also wrote a single page on the reasons why. I was approved 2 weeks later but it's best to specify on the reasons why you were terminated and why you can not work anymore
  3. TDIU

    What you think is crazy it's not open up at C@p exam and just tell it all. Your not crazy you just fought a war for this country which i am proud of
  4. TDIU

    To all you just have to tell the truth about you went through and sometimes you are scared because u feel you are crazy but the classes you go to you can open up and my classes i felt so comfortable because other people thought i was crazy but with my vets they understand. My advice to any other vet just be honest with your doctor
  5. TDIU

    I finally got my IU to all my brothers in arm that deserve it i I'm here for any information you need
  6. Congratulations on your new rating Don't give up you worked hard for it
  7. TDIU

    My TDIU case is current in the Prep For Decision phase and i will keep everyone posted on the decision and the length of time it has taken. Filed it on 10/28/2015
  8. TDIU

    This is Derrick911 i'm not a E-2 recruit i don't know how to change that. I've been in the VA system for 20 years this is my first time on here
  9. TDIU

    70% MDD 50% Migraines 20% left knee 10% right knee 10% left eye Was wondering what are my chances of getting IU i've filed for it. Any reply for anyone who has been through it would be helpful