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  1. Ratthemac


    What's a RO? I will check to see if I have one close. And what's the MFIC? Thanks
  2. Ratthemac


    I cannot get a hold of a VSO rep. They will not call me back. Same thing with Amvets, they all say they'll call me back but I cannot get anyone to talk to me let alone sit down with me. I had to take a step back from this and just not think about it for a while. But I have my first appt. on April 27. What do I need to get from this appointment for my reconsideration/NOD? I dont understand half of the terms listed above. My wife has written a letter that she was going to submit for my reconsideration/NOD. Do i need to take this with me to my appt or just submit straight to the va? The date on my award letter was sep 12, 2015. I can see why people just give up on this. I'm debating whether or not its worth it. I just dont know what to do, so much information i just dont understand.
  3. Ratthemac


    I think I understand this. I need to file a NOD even while doing the reconsideration or should I just skip the reconsideration and do the NOD? Or just do both? Thank you so much for all the help. I'm trying to figure out all the terms here still.
  4. Ratthemac


    I have never been treated. I've been out for 10 years with about 12 jobs. If there was an issue I'd often just quit. It's been hard to hold down a steady job so I haven't had insurance. I made an appointment once I was approved but it won't be until the end of april. I can upload award letter but like I said above some of the things they said I didn't have were things that we dogs talk about at my exam. Where can I find a c file?
  5. Ratthemac


    I recieved the 30% rating on 2/6/2016. How do I find out what level it's on?
  6. I'm trying to get advice on my claim. I recieved 30% ptsd when I recieved my letter a lot of the things we did talk about were stated as things I didn't have to get to 50%. The lady that did my exam almost made me feel worse that I was, even asking if I had a service dog! So I have been trying to get ahold of anyone who could give me guidence, amvets and DAV ive called everyday for two weeks and no one will call me back. I called the va and they advised me to do a reconsideration vs. Appeal. VA advised my wife to send in a letter as well as myself, and also a stressor letter. These were never things I was told before otherwise I would have done them. Is this the right way to go?

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