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  1. Hi, I'm service connected for 10% for Bi-lateral Flatfeet, I'm working on my claim for the Chronic Lower and Cervical Spine pain, I have not had a lot of Dr appointments in the service in the 80's because I was in the Ranger Bn and it was really discouraged to go to sick call for injuries. With that being said I have other disability ratings that have 1 or 2 Dr entries about my problems, and now some 25 plus year being out I was not able to go to the Dr because of money or time off work I would get written up and bad Evaluations. I continue to have these issues, I'm seeing Dr's now as much as I can, my VA rep knows I'm in a bad spot, how do you overcome the lack of contentious Dr appointments to prove service connection. I've submitted DBQ, Nexus, and MRI reports and I have used the words "is due to " "As caused by or a result of Military Service (Direct service cause/result) never any problems prior to service". Also what is the difference between the Nexus and the Opinion letter? and can some supply me a example of the opinion letter.
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