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  1. NSONathan- I'm just trying to wrap my head around the process. I submitted my claim 6-mos prior to retiring- Eff ret date is 1 OCT 15. I had my physicals conducted in November. My status currently states "Pending Decision Approval" (think my regional office is Winston Salem, NC-- I live in northern VA). If I interpret the Aspire/excel document correctly, which is subject to debate, I guess I can assume my claim has a pretty good chance of being completed within the next month. All of that said, I am curious about the checks and balances based upon your experience. I'll use the claim on my knee as an example (not the only condition I applied for) My left knee has been operated on by the Army 9 times. The chief of adult reconstructive surgery at Walter Reed said there is no doubt it needs to be replaced but that I should wait until I am 50. My leg doesn't have full extension or flexion. My left quad is significantly smaller than my right quad. Basically, it's pretty screwed up. That said, it was one of the least examined parts of my body during my physical. The NP didn't measure flexion or extension but she did measure the loss of muscle mass. When she asked how many days of work I have missed in the last year I told her none. Now had she asked me how many days of work I have missed because of my knee, it would a a ton. I had some pretty complex surgeries with significant convalescent leave periods. Anyway, was the exam of my knee not extensive because of the volumes of documentation in my records? I don't have a magic rating I am expecting but I will blow a head gasket if my left knee is egregiously low. So getting back to my initial question, is there a checks and balance process in place that catches something like that? Thanks-- John
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