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  1. thanks for your advice...I appreciate it. My MH psychiatrist is out on leave and won't return until late next week. I did speak with another psych and she said she can't help. Do you think family members have the right to contact the VA about our particular situation and then act on it? It does not set well with me. By the way my wife is not an angle either!!! Maybe if someone can call in and stop the meds, maybe we really don't need them to begin with. The more I think about this more pissed and disturbed I get. I will survive.
  2. Well, generally I don't drink but immediately after getting prescribed klonprin she stated she was divorcing me over my unwillingness to get a puppy. We already have a 110lb lab and 4 kids who are in school every day and my wife and I both work. She is not on my side by any stretch of the imagination and believes my bladder cancer, PTSD and sleep apena are all a joke. I agree that while being on Klonoprin you should not be using alcohol...I made a bad mistake in a moment of weakness and now I must pay the price. I'm not an alcoholic or drug addict. Just suffer from some issues many of us do. I hate that I struggle the way I do and feel very weak both mentally physically because I need meds to keep my life together. To be totally honest I do drink some but not to excessive amount in my opinion, and I don't drink and drive and I don't get drunk around the kids. I guess I'm just wore out old man. Been retired now for 5 years. Time to dispose of me I guess!!! ha ah Just a bit confused. Hoss
  3. I'm just curious if anyone else has had there "wife" call the VA and have your meds cancelled based on her opinion that you are drinking too much? I was finally put on a drug that provided some relief from my almost overwhelming anxiety and my constant irritability; it was actually working. I could carry on a conversation with most anyone and then the next thing I know my wife has called my psychologist who then called the psychiatrist who then discontinued my meds. Just doesn't seem right...but I guess I'm crazy to begin with. Funny...they are really going to see crazy now that I'm going to abruptly stop all meds!!! Semper Fi
  4. I have been fighting service connected bladder cancer for 5 years (Jan 11) and was recently told by the VA I need to attend a QTC C&P Examination. I completed the exam on 27 Jan 2016 and there is no record of the exam that I have been able to find. My case did get settled with a continuation of 100% Temporary due to the 15 surgeries, chemo and that it is metastatic. What I don't get is how they can settle my case without the results of the C&P and oddly enough I was called from an individual at the Muskogee Regional VA and was told the case was going to be delayed because additional DBQs were going to need to be filled out, ie ED. This same guy also told me I qualified for DEA and SMC S?...and I got neither. My question is at what point does a condition move from temporary to permanent? Any ideas on how I should proceed? I know I should be grateful for temp 100 but I feel like I should qualify for ChampVA and DEA and at a minimum be able to view my C&P results and lab work that was done. I'm currently Temp 100% for bladder cancer, 50% for PTSD, 50% for sleep apnea, 20% lumbar spine, 10% bursitis, and 10% tinnitus (all service connected). I'm working full time, barely holding on and have school age children. Oh yea...just recently was allowed to move back home. I sure would appreciate some comments on how to proceed or not! Semper Fi,

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