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  1. I have my Exam/evaluation in a week or so. I've done a some research trying to prepare as much as i can. However, i really havent come up with a lot. My questions: 1) Was it really worth getting nervous about? 2) Is the QTC DR usually a dick? i dont know if i can keep my cool if they try to belittle my problems, or treat me like an idiot. 3) how much of the exam actually effects your rating/ service connection? 4) can i show statements from my family/old bosses/coworkers/ect.. and will they actually take the time to read them? i dont want to take the time to have this done for them to tell me to pound sand. ill probably flip out I'm sure that every exam/eval is probably different, but my main question would be what to expect? Should i bring my wife? im nervous and its eating away at me. i'm already getting angry at the DR and i havent even met them yet.
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