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  1. First off I apologize for any redundancy, I have been searching for answers for weeks on the blogs but just decided to post my own question instead. I retired on 1 Oct 2015 (21 and done) and my disability claim started that day. I had filed everything 180 days out from retirement with the VFW and finished all my C&P's by May 2015. With that being said I really didn't worry about it, I figured it would move through at the speed of maple syrup flowing uphill in Maine in winter and there wasn't much I could do about it. I casually checked Ebenefits and then in December noticed an estimated completion date of 29 Nov 2015-21 Jan 2016. Needless to say that day came and went and it still says Preparation for Decision. Early February I called the VFW who assisted me with my claim and they said it was still in Winston-Salem where all retiree claims go and to call back the end of February. So I called today and she said it was in Huntington, WV and was pending signatures, she said she couldn't give a completion time because she didn't know how long it would take to get signatures but to call back next week. Mind you, Ebenefits still says Prep for Decision. I know they don't keep Ebenefits up, but I was just looking to see what the consensus is on where I am in the process. Its been 5 months and all I hear is crickets I don't even really know what questions to ask the VFW or the VA hotline to see what is going on. Thanks for all your help Guardian 7
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