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  1. So this is happening to me. However, I am 90% with unemployability which means I get the 100% benefits. I have the ID card and everything just like 100%. On milconnect, it show I am P and T just like your friend. Also, my VA letter used to say future appointment when I print out benefit summery letter. It used to have a date for future exam. Now it don't! Do you have any knowledge about this Seaman? Also, I was medically discharged in 03. I had a break in service after the gulf war. Anyways, I called today because they didn't have my first tour of duty on my education benefits. So I called to correct that. They couldn't read the bottom of my dd214 so the codes they needed were unreadable. Then the lady was talking about how my benefits would change for education. I asked how would they change. She said, the only way it would change if you were medically discharged. I told her I was. She argued with me that it doesn't say anything on my dd214 that I was. She had me call the archives place to request a new dd214. So I went to the local Va representative to ask for help. While I was there, I noticed in block 18 it did clearly say I was receiving disability severance pay. Well, I called them back and argued some more lol. But I finally got the guy to read block 18. He then seen it and submitted the change request to his supervisor. So my question is,being medically discharged, I read somewhere that if you were medically discharge and it was serviced connected, I would receive what is called an enhanced benefits. My question is, does anybody know what enhanced benefit are as far as what extra benefits I would receive? I do know as far as education goes it changes from 60% to 100%. But that is all I know. So if anybody can answer my questions about the P&T and enhanced benefits, I would greatly appreciate it. http://www.houston.va.gov/pressreleases/News_20080207.asp
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