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  1. Do you have the official diagnosis from a VA shrink giving PTSD? You definitely do not want to disclose your childhood. You were fine until the military and when you came back you were different. I had filed a while back without the diagnosis and this lady jacked it all up. I never realized until a 4 years ago that I had PTSD. I refiled with my diagnosis and had my local Vet Center submit my entire jacket to them so they HAD to Read it. I got my 70% and last year after trying to get a IU claim done I had to revisit my evaluation. This time had an Air Force veteran as my examiner. Completely agreed with the first C&P diagnosis. Still working on other issues related to that day but all is slowly improving with my health. Never for the best, remember we are always broken. Never say you are OK, or good. Say well I'm still here dealing with my issues or I wouldn't be seeing you if I was good. . They can always reduce your disability based on a comment. You can't talk to them like you would your neighbor. Off topic: but I'm dealing with 4 blood clots post op surgery that were not diagnosed by 2 VA doctors. First my primary care and second an Orthopedic doctor for a post op appointment. On warfarin for at least 6 months with 2 DVT's and 2 PE's. So I'm slowly improving since my hospital visit of 6 days.
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