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    Fitness for duty board and VA claims

    Great info here. I dont want to hijack the thread, but have some questions here. I am a guardsman that had an LOD done while on deployment in 2014. I got sick, came home, saw a doc, had a bunch of tests, and diagnosed with a couple issues. My unit has been less than helpful and has been nasty about it all, to include my chain of command, even with medical evidence, almost acted like I had made up my issues. It isnt just me, there are several guys in my unit dealing with issues, some much worse than mine with no support. I had a Informal PEB (IPEB) and was found fit for duty. The process was very drawn out and early in it, I also started the VA process on my own. A few months ago I was found fit for duty with a deployment limitation and assignment limitation code. However, just heard from the VA and have been rated at 60% for the same issues they found me fit for duty. Now what? Do I inform them what the VA's decision is? Do they do anything with it since these things are integrated now? Do they initiate an MEB or stick with their decision to have me stay in but cant deploy and in a round about way, because of my restriction, serve little use to my unit. I have 16 good years as a reservist, 10.5 years of active duty points. Because I am so close to the 20 year point, I am more interested in retirement. I have read on several other boards that 15 years is the magic number for reservist for med retirement.

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