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  1. Hi Buck, my dad's Alzheimer's is definitely not from the war. He had no injuries. He was a file clerk. 8 out of 11 of his siblings died from Alzheimer's related illnesses. He is in final stages of it and on hospice. Thank you for your time and thoughts.
  2. Thanks Buck and Broncovet. The assisted living facility has a contact that will assist me with proper forms and info to send and location to mail! Just found out! I have used a free service similar to this in the past. He is a retired vet.
  3. This benefit is only pension of aid and attendance, $2120. Mom isn't a vet, just married to one. Dad has Alzheimer's. He was active in WWII during war time. What will happen to mom? I don't know what forms to use, or if I go to VA facility for help?
  4. My father, Veteran, and mother have had A & A of $2120/ month for their joint assisted living. Dad has Alzheimer's and will be moving over to skilled nursing on Saturday. He is on hospice with Alzheimer's. We have to apply in April for Medicaid. Mom has essential tremor and stints in legs. She can't live on her own and will remain in assisted living. They reside in Indiana. I've been told by VA over a phone that mom will not receive ANY money. Then on another forum an assisting veteran tells me to send in a form 21-4138 and mom will receive the entire benefit of $2120. No directions on this form. Or will dad only get $90 and no income for mom? She only has $600 Soc. Security. Oh, please help. I am their fiduciary and daughter.
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