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  1. Good Evening, I had just recently been rated 100%, received the packet containing my ratings and reasoning, as well as my benefits breakdown on top of a proposal for incompetency. The day after I received my rating package along with the proposal I went to the VA with a Dr's Statement in a letter and my own to turn into the VA for evidence to go against the proposal for incompetencey. And I just wanted to know about how long does it take for the process to over turn the proposal take? I know they hold my backpay, but they told me I would be receiving March 1st payment and I just added my direct deposit on March 7th in benefits, about how long can I expect to receive that in my account? Any help towards my question would help, thank you in advance. Pleas No Unnecessary responses or replies. Thank You.
  2. Pete992: I don't have any mental health appointments, nor have I had any. I got rated for Major depression and Anxiety with my Service Records. But how would I respond with out having any appointments? On the Form 21-4138 what do I need to include? or do I need to go Obtain something? sorry Im asking so much, Im just trying to complete this form and everything needed to have them overturn this proposal in a timely manner, and have it mailed Monday morning. But thanks again in advance
  3. Pete992: My current treatment records? as in my QTC exam? The evaluation I was referring to, was my QTC exam from the doctor, the VA used the evidence from the same quote referenced above to propose the incompetent. But are you saying I can use that as in my response with my form 21-4138?
  4. Good After noon, I'm looking for help and/or assistance in responding, and/or sending evidence to the VA to help not be rated incompetent. Just a quick run down, My claim has just been rated 100% and I have received my Envelope in the mail today stating the ratings along with a proposal to rate me incompetent due to my QTC mental exam evidence. The Dr. that evaluated me stated : "Mr. Ancora reported he feels unable to manage his finances because he is forgetful and unmotivated to pay bills on time due to his depression. he believes that he would be better off if someone else were responsible for making sure his financial obligations are met. With this said, it should be noted that Mr. Ancora does not have any cognitive limitations that prevent him from managing his own finances." The letter the Va has sent states i have 60 days to provide evidence or information regarding the propose to rate me incompetent . they have attached a 21-4138 form, I'm sure I use this to write my reply and send it back, But I'm not sure how to write or what to write to go against the VA's props to rate me incompetent. I am completely able to manage my finances and the Dr has stated that in my evaluation. Is there anything I need to say or do in particular to make sure I'm not rated incompetent and assigned a fiduciary. Please any help as to what to write or format to respond would be greatly appreciated, as well as any evidence I can obtain that may help as well. Thank you in advanced.

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