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  1. Good day! My husband has been RFD for 2+ months now. Why is this taking so darn long. Is this a no news is good news kinda thing. This is for his for his retirement claim, they came back with a letter many months ago saying they could not place him in any other accommodating position at the VA. Sorry obviously he works at the VA.  Aside from the obvious lazy people that work at the VA. Who can we contact to speed this process up please. 

  2. The problem I am facing here is that both local major medical systems, their doctors and hospitals, do accept Tricare and Medicare but do NOT accept ChampVA - they have in the recent past but due to administrative and accounting issues with ChampVA they will no longer take it. ChampVA won't do us much good if nobody takes it. Since nobody takes assignment for ChampVA then we'd have to pay the full "rack rate" (which is more than the allowable rate) upfront and ChampVA would only reimburse us for what ChapmVA considers reasonable and customary after we met the deductible. This gets into big bucks quickly. Thanks, TS
  3. Wow - it's been a long time since I checked in. I worked my claim from 2005 - 2007 and couldn't have done it without hadit. I am thrilled to see TBird is still up and running and happy to see so many names I recognize. I was sad to see that Carlie has passed on. What brings me back is I'm interested in getting some feedback from other 100% P&T vets on their experience with ChampVA. I didn't get it for my spouse when I finally got 100% P&T in 2007, I was too wore out from the claims process and we had other insurance at the time. Our situation is changing so I wanted to revisit ChampVA but I called my doc and he doesn't take it nor does the other big player in our area. They take Medicare and Tricare but do not take ChampVA. Both hospital/doctor systems said it had too many administrative and accounting problems. Has anyone who had ChampVA for their spouse and/or children found that less providers are accepting ChampVA? Thanks, TS Snave
  4. Is a DIC claim under the veteran or spouse's SSN? The reason I ask is that I have filed both spouse substitution paperwork for an open claim for the veteran and also DIC paperwork for my mother-in-law and have gotten a standard "we have received your application for benefits" form letter and I'm trying to figure out if they are saying they have the substitution request or the DIC paperwork. Thanks, TS Snave
  5. Bump - Do we have anyone currently posting on the board who is either working for the VA or a VSO located in a VARO that could give me some insight as to how to get internal VA forms other than going to the VARO? Makes no sense to me the VA would post the Fiduciary Forms Guide that tells you how to fill out the forms but not have the forms themselves online. Thanks, TS
  6. VAF, Thanks for the prompt reply. For those who, like me, find the M21-1MR hard to locate stuff it, here's the whole citation to the Reduction in Awards section you posted: M21-1MR, Part III, Subpart iv, Chapter 8, Section D Have you ever wondered just how big and how many notebooks the entire M21-1MR actually is when it's printed out in its entirety? It's got to be massive. Thanks, TS
  7. J, Thanks so much for the prompt reply. This was really driving me up a wall. You got it. This is the reg I was looking for, it includes: "Ratings on account of diseases subject to temporary or episodic improvement, e.g., manic depressive or other psychotic reaction, epilepsy, psychoneurotic reaction, arteriosclerotic heart disease, bronchial asthma, gastric or duodenal ulcer, many skin diseases, etc., will not be reduced on any one examination, except in those instances where all the evidence of record clearly warrants the conclusion that sustained improvement has been demonstrated." However, I didn't realize that was contingent upon the disability being rated for 5 or more years. Luckily, I'm passed the 5 year mark if for no other reason than it took the VA several years and two NODs before they rated my claim properly. Thanks again for the prompt reply. I can file this now and try to get it out of my head. Thanks, TS
  8. Can someone please give me the citation in the M21-1MR that states that a rating cannot be reduced based on a single exam if the disability is episodic and sometimes resolves. I know I've printed it off before but I can't find it. Thanks, TS Snave
  9. Carlie, Thanks for the prompt reply. I didn't realize that the VA had any internal forms. If they are in the M21-1MR or the Fudicuary Guide that you can read online you'd think the forms themselves would be in the public domain. Going to the VARO is not an option. Thanks again for your prompt reply. TS
  10. I need some research help finding specific VA forms (see list below) - I'm coming up blank using the usual online resources. I assumed that all VA forms are supposed to be available to the public but either the ones I am looking for are not available or I simply can't figure out how to find them. Given I am not the best computer user, it could well be the later. I have been following the series on fiduciaries at VAWatchdog.org and wanted to understand the program better. Got to the M21-1MR, Part XI Fiduciary and need to read through that. I also found online the Fiduciary Forms Program Guide (ffpg) at: www.warms.vba.va.gov/admin21/guide/ffpguide.doc However, the actual forms are not in the ffpg, just instructions on how to fill them out. When I went to look up the 21 forms that the ffpg references, I could only find 4 of them. I looked online at the VA website, GSA forms library, and the government forms website www.forms.gov. Of course, I got the GSA and forms.gov sites from the VA site so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised I couldn't find anything more at those sites than I did at the VA site but I still hoped that I could locate the VA forms online. Then I searched for several of the forms individually and still couldn't find them. Now I'm just flat frustrated. Here's a list of the VA Forms that I'm looking for. Please don't refer me to the VA, GSA, or US forms search page unless you've found one or more of these forms yourself. If you do, please let me know the EXACT way to search for them because I couldn't find them. Topic 1. Overview 2. VA Form 21-0509: Notice of Fiduciary Commission 3. VA Form 21-0520: Certificate of Commissions Approval 4. VA Form 21-555a: Designation of Payee 5. VA Form 21-555: Certificate of Legal Capacity to Receive and Disburse Benefits 6. VA Form 21-592: Request for Appointment of a Fiduciary, Custodian or Guardian 7. VA Form 21-0792: Fiduciary Statement in Support of Appointment 8. VA Form 21-3045: Estate Action Record 9. VA Form 21-3190: Minor Beneficiary Field Examination Request and Report 10. VA Form 21-3537a: Field Examination Request 11. VA Form 21-3537b: Field Examination Report 12. VA Form 21-4703: Fiduciary Agreement 13. VA Form 21-4706: Court Appointed Fiduciary’s Accounting 14. FOUND - VA Form 21-4706b: Federal Fiduciary Account 15. FOUND - VA Form 21-4706c: Court Appointed Fiduciary’s Accounting 16. VA Form 21-4707: Estate Summary 17. FOUND - VA Form 21-4709: Certificate as to Assets 18. VA Form 21-4716a: Adult Beneficiary Field Examination Request and Report 19. VA Form 21-4718: Account Book 20. FOUND - VA Form 21-4718a: Certificate of Balance on Deposit and Authorization to Disclose Financial Records 21. VA Form 21-8473: Withdrawal Agreement 22. VA Pamphlet 21-05-1: Federal Fiduciary Program Pocket Folder Thanks for the help. TS Snave
  11. 83% of soliders and veterans eligible for $500/mo stop loss pay have not applied for it. I know this is a VA claims site but I thought perhaps some vets with VA claims might be in the group who are eligible for this money and/or would be part of other veterans websites and could get the word out. I read the following in a National Guard magazine: RETROACTIVE STOP LOSS SPECIAL PAY (RSLSP) From the Army G1: "Retroactive Stop Loss Speical Pay is dispensing special pay to soliders, veterans, and survivors of soldiers whose service was involuntarily extended between Sept 11, 2001 and Sept. 30, 2008. Service members are eligible to receive $500 for every month or partial month served under stop loss authority. To receive this pay, those who served under stop loss must submit a claim before 21 Oct 2010. The Army has created an online claim process for all components to apply at https://www.stoplosspay.army.mil The Army estimates at least 120,000 soliders and veterans qualify for the special pay. Currently, less than 20,000 have applied." To use Carlie's phrase, I hope this helps a vet. TS Snave
  12. tssnave

    Reps Problem

    Berta, Thanks for the update on all your claims and VSO situation. I admire your tenacity in dealing with the VA and am glad you are now on the downside and receiving the money and benefits that are rightfully yours and your daughter's. While it is small compensation for their lack of appropriate care to Rod, many others have benefited from your trials. Take care, TS
  13. tssnave

    Reps Problem

    Berta, I have been off the board for a while - did you ever get all of your VA claims rated properly and get your retro pay? Have the VSOs who did you wrong been brought to justice? Hoping everything has settled out for you in your favor by now. I know you've been fighting the VA since I was working my claim years ago. Let me know what the status is on all your claims. Take care, TS Snave
  14. Hula Matt, RO means "rule out" as in rule out paranoid schizo which means they think that might be it or might not but they can't currently figure it out and have to look to rule it out as a dx meaning you may have another dx that is more appropriate. I think NOS means not otherwise specified as in your psychosis doesn't fit neatly into any particular dx. You mention multiple episodes of psychosis as well as suicidal ideation - have you ever been diagnosed with bipolar disorder? It is on the continum with schizophrenia and may be a more accurate dx depending on your sx. Look at the DSM-IV and read up on both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and overlay what you read with your mental health history and see what you think. Just something to consider. Good luck, TS Snave
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