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  1. When I received my 70% disability, I immediately put in for unemployablility and received it within a month. GO FOR IT
  2. I am well schooled about CHAMP VA. I know that the VA facility does NOT have to accept one's spouse, however, I had done my homework. The VA in Manchester, New Hampshire does accept CHAMPVA at this time. I knew this when I called. To receive answers like, "I never heard of this program before" and "we don't service spouses here!" It really annoyed me and I took them head on with a very indignant attitude. I called the patient advocate and told her my next call would be to the head of the hospital....it didn't have to go any further...all of a sudden it was okay for my wife to come right over and get her pretty picture taken and given a Primary care physician ... ASAP! Funny how those things work out. "The squeeky wheel gets the oil" HOWEVER, I make it a point to only squeek when really necessary. This was one of those times.
  3. I was looking over my finances and it stood out: I have not spent ONE cent of my comp pay from the VA...Between my SSI and my wife's income, we do fairly well. I have banked the VA money for later. It is a hefty sum right now and I am happy that our retirement won't be a big stressful mess. I have personally witnessed people choosing between eating and buying their meds for the month. That should not happen to any American. It's disgusting. I AND my wife get our meds from the VA (CHAMPUS VA) and will never have to decide to eat or get meds
  4. I take OPANA and OXYCODONE every day of my life for low back pain...I had to go to a PAIN Managment clinic: NOT THE VA....I don't trust them
  5. Had a very interesting afternoon...try the VA telling me that they don't service spouses, only vcts....I educated them of CHAMP VA real fast. I talked with a rep and then her boss and everyone except me said you can be seen at the VA...I was treading water all alone and you know me? I was getting pissed. Time to call a big wig at the VA, which I decided to do. I left a nice long message on his voice mail...He actually returned it before close on Friday; I was impressed. He was not warm and fuzzy at first...."Hello Gary...returning your call...what is it that you want?" I'll give you the reader's digest version...He said lots of folks are ignorant of this program and do not know what to do with it. He, however, was not ignorant of it but wasn't real cool with WITH MY WIFE coming there at first. Now I know why there are not many Champ VA patients at the VA...they simply are not too welcomed....OH WELL. By the end of the conversation, he warmed up to me and even thanked me for my service. He even suggested that my wife MIGHT be able to be seen in Somersworth which is a small annex a few miles from home. AHHHHHHHHHH, I feel so satisfied. :-)
  6. I was called in by the VA for a C and P....I was so nervous...I was receiving 70 percent SC with unemployability at the rate of 100%. I thought for sure they were looking to get me down to 60 percent which would end my unemployability benefits too. When it was all over, they raised me from 70 to 80 and made it permanent and total and said I would now be eligible for CHAMP VA and schooling for my wife. It is unreal great!!!!!! However, I let them call me in; I would have never rocked the boat and tried to raise my percentage ... NOT A GOOD REASON TO DO IT
  7. I used to do the HIRING for a federal agency and we were mandated to hire FIRST: Disabled vets who made 70 to 100 on their tests....then, we hired regular vets who made the same grade...then, we hired non-veterans. If this is how it is through out the federal government, I am not sure, but, in my part of the world, VETERANS came first in the hiring line
  8. It's hard to hear about vets getting treated this way...I am very fortunate...I was given 70% and applied for unemployability and given it within a month...it was fast
  9. I had to fight for many years too....looking in hindsight, I would have blown threw every dollar thirty years ago...NOW, I a mature and appreciate every dollar and really appreciate that the VA is giving me comp during my retirement years...so many people can't afford their meds or their mortgage or everything....MY wife and I are okay for the rest of our lives....I thank GOD for the great blessing
  10. WOW! Are you negative or what? YOU miss understood my entire story. I HELPED A LOT of people get help and my Dad did too. It all started with Steve helping me. IT'S all about us helping one another. Don't you get that? If you don't, I will pray for you because life is too short to be that disgruntled
  11. I was thinking about the movie, "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE." Over the past ten years, I was introduced to the VA system by a co-worker by the name of Steve. Steve was retired from the Veteran's administration and felt all vets should be receiving something. I am not saying that I agree with him, but, that was his philosophy. He explained to me that my injuries that I received while on active duty should be compensated. I was quite ignorant of anything that had to do with the VA. I didn't have a clue about anything. My first visit with the VA, they told me I have nothing wrong with me and even went on to tell me that I DID NOT have a hiatal hernia even though I knew I did. So, my first try was a big fat ZERO. To make a long story short, I kept applying over the next five years and presto: I had a hiatal hernia appear because my military records showed it. To give you the READER'S DIGEST VERSION OF MY STORY: I am now 100 percent Totally disabled and so are ten of my friends who I sent to the VA. My father is 100 percent along with ten of his close friends who he sent to the VA. It started with Steve helping me and me helping others including my Dad and then my Dad helping people that he knew. It's unreal. My father is 92 and a three war veteran and was getting NADA. Now, he makes more money than he ever has in his life. This brings me back to "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE"...These are just the people that my Dad and I have helped. Let me encourage you to help your fellow veteran get what they deserve....The Veteran's Admin is not looking to help anyone. After all, I had no hiatel hernia and then I did.
  12. Hello everyone: first, I am 100 PERCENT Total and PERM. The dentist will NOT give me three implants in which I am in need of. I was told that I don't take care of the teeth I have so "WHY WOULD WE GIVE YOU IMPLANTS"? They are right...I am disabled with MDD and PANIC DISORDER. The actual problems I have are the problem I have taking care of my teeth and even my body. I feel I am being discriminated against for my disabilities. IS THIS POSSIBLE at the VA? I need counsel for sure!
  13. I hear ya! If my TDIU were to ever be cut, our plans for living and retirement would be in the toilet ... and I mean with poo poo
  14. I am so befuddled today over this form. FORM 4140. I JUST learned about it. I have been receiving payment at the 100% rate for eight years. I am actually 80% but receiving unemployability pay. I just learned from reading an article that this form is due once a year or they can reduce or even take my rating away. WHAT THE HECK? Again, I have not even ever heard of this form until about thirty minutes ago. Is it possible that my part of the country (Manchester, NH) doesn't care about Form 4140? Should I begin sending it in even though I have NEVER EVER been asked for one? I am very interested in your thoughts and view on this subject.
  15. EVEN If they drop you to ZERO SC, you are still service connected and they will provide all medicine and treatment for FREE
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