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  1. Schnoodlesam

    100% Claim Approved

    I would like to thank everyone on the PTSD and TDIU forums for helping me reach my 100% rating. My story began in 1975 when I was in AIT. I was the only female in my unit and my DI thought he could take advantage of that fact. I was sexually assaulted and tortured by this man for 8 weeks. I told no-one. The reason for mentioning these facts is to let other veterans suffering from MST know that there is hope no matter how many years have passed. I received my 100% award 41 years and 15 days after my assault began. I suffered with nightmares and flashbacks for all of those years. I worked and provided a decent living for myself until March of this year when I was finally forced to take a medical retirement. I am 63 and just had 2 more years to make it to retirement. In 2014 I joined a PTSD Support Group. For the first time I was able to tell my story. My peers encouraged me to file a claim and I finally did. My symptoms became much worse the more I opened up and I ended up losing my job. The reality is I would have lost my life if I had not have met these amazing women. My life is finally turning around and I am learning to control my anger and feel as though I deserve to live. I never believed that anyone would believe my story after all of those years. The person that investigated my claim uncovered some conversatIons that I had with a Chaplin. He had noted in my file that he thought I had been sexually assaulted even though I never said those words. I was amazed at how thorough this investigation was. Please forgive my rambling, I just want others to know that there are claims personnel that really work hard to give us the benefits we deserve. I spent hours reading the Had It forums to keep my self encouraged during the waiting time. Thank you all so much for the support!
  2. Schnoodlesam


    On E-Benefits my claim states that information requested by others is past due. It also states that I can submit the requested information if I have it. I have called the 800 number but cannot get anyone to tell me what the requested information is. Any suggestions on how to obtain this information so that I can assist in getting it submitted?
  3. Yes my total VA rating according to VA math is 80%. I have 70 for PTSD, 30 for Left Knee and 10 for my back. I don't think I would be able to get to 100% scheduler rating. I would like to thank everyone on this site for sharing their knowledge. I would never have been able to file my MST claim without this site. Your posts give courage that is needed by so many of us.
  4. Thank you Chuck, My new evidence is the form your last employer fills out stating that you were no longer able to perform your duties at work. I was let go the week after I filed the NOD. I am 63 so maybe I should submit that form with a request for TDIU. My Dr. doesn't think I should try to work again, but to concentrate on being able to control my panic attacks and PTSD. My disability is due to MST and I was very surprised and grateful to receive a rating at all.
  5. This is my first post so I'm not sure if I am in the right place. I received a letter today titled Statement of Case in response to a NOD claim I filed for an increase in my PTSD rating. One section of the letter reads "Your NOD with the evaluation was received on Feb 11, 2016. Rating decision dated March 7, 2016 awarded an increased evaluation of 70% for your service connected PTSD, effective February 24,2014. Your notification of this increased evaluation will be received under separate cover. My question is this: Will I get back pay for the difference in 50 and 70% starting February 24, 2014 through March 7,2016? Also I had requested an increase to 100% because I can no longer work. I have additional information from my last employer to submit but I don't meet with my VSO until next week. Is it too late now to submit the information without filing another appeal? Thank you for any insight anyone can give me, I truly appreciate it.

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