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  1. Thanks Buck I appreciate the insight. I was curious though if I file it though ebenfits is it the same as filling out a VA 21-8940? I am self employed as well and haven't been able to run my business for over a year...do I fill out the the 21-4192 too?
  2. Good Morning ALL, I was writing to get some clarification. Just finished a claim and rated 90%. I did want to apply for TDIU but was unsure if filing it through ebenefits is the same as filing out VA FORM 21-8940? Can I file it on ebenny and fill out the form and upload it along with a 21-4192? Just looking for the best course of action. You have all been an invaluable asset to getting my claims squared away. Thank you.
  3. Berta, There was never a claim for radiation exposure though. Her medical records from her Chemical doc they use states all of her exposure to chemicals. Which is what I don't understand how they deny those claims and consider them something they aren't rating??? Can she file a NOD and add or start a new claim for Exposure...? Yes the "scar," was painful which is what she told them in 2008. My question is for this claim she didn't ask for an increase to that specific sc it was something the VA on their own made the same. So in 2008 they gave her 0% and in 2016 they gave her 10$ for it but added painful...which is the same sc but adding the same words she claimed in 2008. She is 80% SC right now. I am just trying to wrap my head around the effective date for this sc that is a duplicate i mean word for word they just slide the painful part which was what she said in 2008. Thanks for the response.
  4. Hey all good morning, Two questions here not to clog up the forum. #1This is in reference to my wife's claim as we are dual Army Vets. She was denied Asthma and Arnold Chiari Deformity but they said "now claimed as radiation and it says "related to "radiation." She was a secret squirrel chemical instructor and stayed in mopp-4 for over 5 hours a day at our last duty station. It is annotated on her service records and they also have a serrate doctor that only see's chemical instructors as it a classified area. My question is that she didn't claim radiation but rather the chronic symptoms and disease it has given her, so the VA denied her those claims but claimed them secondary to Radiation. Should we just send in a NOD and or claim Radiation exposure which is in her medical records as well with the two others as secondary? #2 She was given a rating of 0% for a post cesarean scar with a excision of a bartholin gland in 2008, but just recently given 10% for the exact same condition but the VA changed the wording and just added the word "painful." It was noted in the C&P for both that it was painful that is why she claimed it in the first place but there are skating around the word and only gave her compensation this last claim she submitted. I was curious what she can do as we sent in a NOD for the simple fact that it should be backdated to the original effective date when she was awarded 0% not the 10% for the same condition. What can we expect. Thank you all its been a huge learning experience.
  5. Thanks, I got the denial on the 12th of July. If I appeal am I asking them to consider IVDS? I guess my question is they are going off ROM which wasn't great but not enough for the increase which is complete bs because my legs are going numb now and they are giving me epidurals and acupuncture to help sooth the nerves. I got a lot going on with claims and Im going in for my GWI registry. I am going to appeal in hopes that they will reevaluate the new information given by my neurologist and ambulatory pain. Ft. Lee had a good commo buddy come out of there.
  6. So should I NOD or request an increase because my c&p exam was really early on and my disability has gotten more severe most recent mri,neurology/pain clinic can all vouch as I got some procedures in the coming days to sooth the nerve in my back. How can I go about the bed rest then? I've seen a case law that described the vet annotating his own bed rest, my main concern is that when I can't move I'm down for the count and the wife needs some form of note to be able to take care of me. I appreciate the response. HOOAH! Where's the 244th btw?
  7. Good evening brothers and sisters, I have been on the journey a while and I have a question on a recent claim for increase to my ddd. It went rather fast I was only increased for a rom problem for a shoulder. My lower back is the one that is completely killing me. I have been rated for neuritis for lower extremities but the va claimed it as radiculopathy. My main question though is because my ROM is what is stopping my increase but my neurologist and pain clinic doctors have me on all types of meds and therapy to sooth that s1. My most recent MRI came back bit worse with more disc herniations, but my main concern is that no doctor has been prescribing my bed rest. I have just been keeping tabs on my bed rest but how can I get my ddd to IVDS..should i NOD or ask for an increase again and at my c&p explain my bed rest and hope that the C&P examiner changes it to IVDS with incapacitating episodes? Thank you all for any and all help.
  8. I guess I'm looking to see if they've already deemed me eligible can they rescind that because i continue to push for training or self employment that would both lead to a managerial position where my so's won't hinder my position.
  9. Green, I appreciate the response. See he asked me if I had a plan B and the fact of the matter is that my Plan B is the Self Employment track. I say that because the reason why I am looking for more training in my occupation is because I own my own business, and the industry is evolving and in order to stay within the industry standard I have to evolve as well. I need the training so that I can stop doing the "unsuitable," part of my job and strictly deal with the back end of my business. I will be able to train and have my employees do what I can't do anymore. So he understands that either way Im going to head in that direction and I wouldn't want a counselor to steer me away from something I have already set my heart on let alone spent a lot of my deployment funds on to get going.
  10. Berta, Thats for the response. It really isn't about the degrees for me. With that being said, when I was accepted I wasn't given a track to pursue. He left it blank, but approved me for benefits. I own my own business. I don't want to go to school per say, I need certifications in my line of work to continue o be competitive in my line of work. This is what the email said; Hello, I hope you are well. I met with my supervisor and went over your request. Before we can explore the possibilities of your request, I need to submit a referral to Occupational Therapy for an extensive evaluation. We will need to look closely at your current job duties, as well as the training you are requesting, and make sure it would be safe for you to complete, since we have already determined your current work is unsuitable. I will have the referral made on Monday, so that the hospital can get you scheduled. I will provide you with updates as I have them. Thank you. I am trying to figure out why they want me to do this if I'm already found entitled.
  11. I have been SC for my back for a while when i first got out I was 10%, I went for a rating increase and was granted an increase of an additional 10% for 20% total for my back in 2012. Now I have constantly gone back to the VA to get pain meds and therapy for my back and was recently given an MRI which the Chiropractor suggested I do. In it shows that I have 3 herniated discs from L3, Annual Tear on L4, and L5 that is herniated that moves from side to side. I've asked for things to help get my back fixed, and I always get denied for any type of surgery, I was given a tens unit which does nothing, a traction unit that gives me some relief but is so big that i can bring it everywhere with me, especially not at work, and lastly was given lidocaine cream which does nothing as this is a disc problem. I was wondering if any have had an increase from 20% as this seems more than what they are saying it is. Thanks
  12. Good morning Ladies and Gentleman. I am new to the forum and have learned a lot through the reading and examination of al these previous posts. I appreciate the help. My question is I recently went to my VOC REHAB Orientation. I was approved right away, I brought all the certifications for my line of work that I'd like to get to keep competitive in my position and also allow for it to move me into more of a managerial position which would suit my SC. I've since left 2 weeks ago and my counselor just keeps giving me a run around about talking to his supervisor about the training, one email was no they won't pay, the next was yes they would explore it but now i need an Occupational Therapy Evaluation to consider it. Do I have to do all of this, are the trying to find a way to Deny me? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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