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    My name is Eric Auld and I live in Havelock NC. I was active Army and served a single tour of duty in iraq before being released for family hardship. Upon my release, I found myself homeless without help or hope from friends and family, only the VA was there. This was years ago to the date and there has been tremendous hardship from then to now and not much has changed. My current situation is that my wife has taken all of my money before setting me up to go to jail over the Christmas holidays in 2015. Since then, she has claimed that I was abusive, neglectful and even went so far as to say I have given her and my children HIV without any cause, evidence or real justification for such accusations. I have been battling her for rights to my children since my release in January 2016. Things are very hard for me and half the time I can't seem to focus on the positive things in life and my children are the ones ultimately affected by this and I feel absolutely powerless in this entire matter and I am ground zero in this mess. I have no family to fall back on in good times or bad and it's all just me. I need help and I'm not sure who actually can, but that's why I'm making this post. There are far too many details to go into over text like this as it is very difficult to function in order for me to type it all down accurately and coherently. I would feel much better talking over the phone with anyone willing to listen or help. My current challenge that I desperately needed to have overcome is transportation. One of the factors that has affected me harshly, is my lack of transportation and I need to have my dog. I am currently trying to have him transported from Massachusetts to North Carolina and need to be transported to and from the airport in Raleigh to retrieve him. I'm not sure if there is anyone in my area willing to work with me n this, but I am willing to compensate at some point to any involved. The matter of compensation would have to be negotiated though, as I am currently engaged in a legal battle with my soon-to-be ex-wife and my legal battle take up most to all of my cash with just enough for bills and cleaning up the mess my soon-to-be ex-wife has created in her dire attempt at drama and attention. If anyone is willing to help, my number is 252-649-8316. Text first before you call and I am available 24/7

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