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  1. Correction to my 3/16 post in the 4th paragraph - I lost my job in July, 2013, not July, 2015. Thank you Derrick for the post and I'm certainly glad you were granted IU. How much time did it take VA to grant the award - from the point you submitted all your documentation to the time of the award? I just submitted all the required forms this week, including form 21-4192 from my employer. I'm being told about 3 - 4 weeks from my Texas Veterans Commission representative. Did VA retro your payments from the date you became unemployed or from the date you filed your claim for IU? In my case, I was 80% while still employed, then lost my job back in July, 2013. I would eventually get to 90% effective Aug, 2015, but that's irrelevant to this post. My rep is telling me that VA could possibly retro my payments from the time I lost my job in July, 2013, (the date I became too disabled to work). My statements in my IU claim were pretty detailed in explanations as to why my disabilities impacted my job performance and ability to work. I also submitted 4 VES exams that were performed during a previous claim for increase in existing SC disabilities. These exams dated from May, 2012 to July, 2015 and all examinations stated my disabilities impacted my ability to work, so my case is pretty strong.
  2. Greetings Chief Gaston, Thank you for your service and response. Every little bit helps. I'm unsure when the "inferred IU claim" comes into play with regards to SC%, however, I believe I am clear on the requirements that qualify for a disabled Vet for IU or TDIU, which is 60% for a single disability or when multiple disabilities apply, at least one disability must be rated at 40% with a total combined disability of at least 70%. My SC rating increased from 40% to 80% in Jan, 2013 while still employed and making $89K per year. I would eventually lose my job 7 months later. My total combined SC rating is now 90% with 6 total ratings - all related to my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It took me 4 years to get my back rated, even though there were medical records with chief complaints of back pain while enlisted. This was such a debacle on part of the VES examiner and the VA examiner, stating there was no evidence I was seen for back during dates of service. This issue is an entirely new talk-show topic. As far as Box 18 in form 21-8940, I did answer [Yes]. I am currently working with a very knowledgeable Texas Veterans Commission representative who has been committed to assisting me during the claims process. VA can certainly contact my employer, but I don't think they will since I already received from 21-4192 from my employer and I included with the email sting from my employer where they returned the form back to me. The emails have phone numbers in their email signatures. I also submitted 4 VES exams that took place during my last claims process for increase, and all 4 exams answer "Yes" to, Does Veteran's conditions impact his or her ability to work. I had a cervical anterior fusion of my cervical spine (C3-C7) last year after I received the increased SC ratings. Once I'm approved for TDIU, my representative recommends I submit another claim for increase since my range of motion has significantly decreased and now have a scar. Additionally, I'm still getting pins/needles sensation in my upper extremities even after the sergury, so I'm pretty certain my scheduler rating will hit 100%. Could VA pay me from the time I lost my job in July, 2015, even though I just submitted my claim in Jan, 2016? According to this Texas Veteran Commission representative, she states yes as well as says the claim could be approved in as little as 2 months based on my evidence. Thank you in advance for any additional information you can provide. MK
  3. Many thanks you for the response and thank you for your service to US of A.. Sounds like we have similar conditions. Absolutely imperative to be honest and forthright during the process. I did confirm my answer from a Texas Veterans Commission representative who is extremely knowledgeable and has committed to assisting me through the process. I am becoming an expert it seems in the general claims process and now the TDIU claims process due to much research. I currently have all forms completed to include VA form 21-4192 from my previous employer, which fortunately only took me one week to procure. I will be submitting the remaining forms today and will follow up on the time frame it took from start to finish.
  4. 18. DID YOU LEAVE YOUR LAST JOB/SELF-EMPLOYMENT BECAUSE OF YOUR DISABILITY? Does this question include being terminated from employment? I interpret this question as asking if I quit my job (DID YOU LEAVE...?) I did not leave/quit my job voluntarily - I was terminated due to a decline in performance related to my SC disabilities. Do I answer YES, or NO? Thank you in advance. SC disabilities 1. multi-level cervical disc disease with herniated nucleus pulposus C7 cervical spine, C8 and T1 radiculitis 2. radiculopathy, RIGHT upper extremity (upper radicular group), associated with IVDS of cervical spine 3. radiculopathy, LEFT upper extremity (upper radicular group), associated with IVDS of cervical spine 4. lumbar spine strain, loss of lordosis and degenerative disc disease (L2-L5), (claimed as low back and degenerative disc disease, thoracic spine) 5. Radiculopathy, LEFT lower extremity (sciatic nerve) 6. Radiculopathy, RIGHT lower extremity (sciatic nerve)
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