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  1. I have been reading comments on this page for a couple days now,really just trying to figure out where to go from here.RRVA are doing the same thing to me now with my medicine's,there was no letter,no nothing.i have been going there for appr 12yrs and never really had a problem,I got a newPCP and that's where it all starts. I seen him 4mos ago and he stated that if I was his father or his brother he would be concerned for me because of my pain medication(morphine, oxycodone ).well I'm not his father nor his brother!!! Anyway I call in 10 days before they are to b picked up and I have recieved them every month until now I was suppose to pick them up on Friday they called me on Wednesday and stated that they have cut my dosage.she ( the nurse) said not drastically,I didn't like the ideal but pretty much didn't have a choice. I picked them up on Friday and find they drastically cut me down I was taking 3 60mg morphine 2 times a day and 2 5mg oxycodone up to 4 times a day now they want me to take1 30mg morphine 3 times a day and the oxycodone is also 2 times a day.i know I should be thankful that I am even getting anything ,but it has already getting to me,I can't hardly get out of my chair because of the pain. I have called the dr's office for 3days now and of course I get no call back! I am not going to just lay down and let them do this to me.i am 64 and have a lot of chronic pain. I was able to get around enough to get some stuff done,now they want to take my quality of life away.

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