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  1. Master Chief Vync, An eligibility letter from the Veterans Affairs office stating: 1) the veteran has a 50% or greater disability and 2) the disability is service connected and 3) the disability is permanent. To obtain the letter call 303-284-6077. Well, I just called and talked to the nice lady at the number above. I assume it is in Colorado Springs, as she specifically asked me if I lived in C. Springs, when I said "no", up in the high country, she said they'd mail me my letter then... She did agree that Colorado was REAL picky issuing their DV plates and agreed that the "permanent" word was crucial to success... She took my full name, SSN, address, phone numbers, etc. So, I'll wait and see if my VA letter, which should be here in a week or so, includes the 3 mandatory items, listed above. I'll let "you all" know, for the benefit of others, if I am eventually successful. Cheers, Randy "C-17A" :)
  2. Master Chiefs Vync & Buck52, Wow... Thanks for the fast replies to my post and your info... I'll get with the Colorado VA reps and help folks at the URL and phone number/info you have provided. MANY THANKS! With your help, maybe I'll get this all figured out.....get some DV plates. God bless you and thank you for your service, past & present. :) V/R, Randy "C-17A" P.S. When I was a commander in the Air Force, at several levels, I had a lot of challenges.........but my senior enlisted members were the best. They always came thru for me and my unit, my Airman. I was always fond of saying, "Thank God for Seniors & Chiefs!". Ha. Seriously, thank you guys.
  3. Greetings everyone, I am a retired AF member with a 90% combined disability rating from the VA. In my VA decision letter from 2012 they articulated each of my service-connected disabilities, gave me an individual rating for each, and then summarized my grand total rating of 90%, using their table/formula. I live in Colorado. I learned recently that Disabled Veterans can get a "DV" license plate for free. I picked up a DV License Plate Checklist from my local DMV office. I thought I had everything in order......Military I.D., CO driver's license, vehicle registration card, proof of insurance, my DD-214 showing an "Honorable" discharge and my VA decision letter showing me with a "50% or more service-connected permanent disability" rating. Well, all was good, but the nice lady at DMV said my VA letter DID show my 90% total rating and that my disabilities were service-connected............BUT...........that nowhere did the VA letter say any/all of them were "permanent". She was adamant that I couldn't get DV plates for my vehicle unless the VA said my disabilities are "service-connected and permanent". Well, after logging on to my eBenefits account at the VA and live chatting with several VA reps I was told to go to "My Letters" and download a Summary of Benefits letter. However, when I printed it off, I saw that the bottom line says, "You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities: "NO". I don't believe the Colorado DMV is looking for me to be totally & permanently disabled..........like 100% and missing limbs/eyes.............just that I have 50% or more disability rating, that they are service-connected and that they are "permanent" disabilities. I don't know what to do WRT the VA on this... I can't find any "letter" to print that says my disabilities are permanent in nature. What can I do, if anything, to get the VA to identify my disabilities as "permanent"? TIA. Randy "C-17A"

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