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  1. No, they said that I was appropriately dressed, passed the cognitive tests with spelling things backwards, and counting back by 7's and all of that. Stated that I was able to handle my own finances and do what I needed, just that my productivity was being effected negatively by the chronic ptsd and the general depression. The specific verbiage used is the same as the verbiage in the 50% percent rating statement. I don't if that matters or not.
  2. Yes. There is verbiage that states that ptsd was directly related to combat intelligence operations. Thanks for the info.
  3. Hello all, I am new here so first off...Hi My c & P results state that based off of the exam and a review of my files that I do have PTSD Chronic and Depressive disorder, unspecified. It goes on to state that the effect of the PTSD, occupationally and socially has caused reduced reliability and productivity with flashbacks once to twice a week, constant anxiety, occasional panic attacks and exaggerated startle reflex. There is plenty more but I wanted to know if any of this verbiage was significant for determining a possible rating. I know anything is just a guess so no pressure and thanks. J.Bond
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