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  1. Going before the BVA at the end of March. Was service connected for asbestosis right away but was given 0% compensation . On my C/P exam my FEV was 42% .....any one else out their struggling with these knuckleheads
  2. Atty Robin Hood of Morgan & Morgan......on of the best....he used to work for the VA.....knows the inside of the system
  3. I have been service connected to asbestos exposure. I have calcified pleural plaques in both lungs and in my diaphragm on right side. No the VA tells me my breathing problems are due to previous smoking history and COPD . In my first of many NODs I cited case studies from the American lung assoc. American thoracic society national institute for occupational health and safety that show asbestos in the lungs can cause copd. I also cited 20 case that the VA already ruled on and admitted asbestos in the lungs can cause copd and in those cases cited the same studies I did. Jumped through all the hoops for the VA and my PFT shows lungs are only functioning at 67% my fvc was a 49...and yet still denied benefits
  4. Waiting to hear about my FDC. I was a welder in the navy(HT) straight out of high school.worked on 3 different floating dry docks. No other exposure since then. I have calcified pleural plaques in my right lung on the side and around diaphragm.just had 2nd c&p and had my PFT done. FVC was 43% .......can't wait to see how they deny this
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