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  1. Well I am not that computer savvy. I was service connected right off the bat for asbestosis (calcified pleural plaques bilaterally) . On c/p exam fvc was 40percent with restrictive function.was rated at 0 percent and it stated because I didn't have pleural effusions at a rate that was compensationable. Filed NOD stating pleural effusions are not the diesease I have.Just had my BVA hearing in March after 4 years of fighting. I was a welder in the navy.......ate asbestos all the time ....it was everywhere....I am well schooled on asbestos claims and have read every claim that went before the BVA back to 1994. If I can be of help just holler.
  2. Going before the BVA at the end of March. Was service connected for asbestosis right away but was given 0% compensation . On my C/P exam my FEV was 42% .....any one else out their struggling with these knuckleheads
  3. Atty Robin Hood of Morgan & Morgan......on of the best....he used to work for the VA.....knows the inside of the system
  4. I have been service connected to asbestos exposure. I have calcified pleural plaques in both lungs and in my diaphragm on right side. No the VA tells me my breathing problems are due to previous smoking history and COPD . In my first of many NODs I cited case studies from the American lung assoc. American thoracic society national institute for occupational health and safety that show asbestos in the lungs can cause copd. I also cited 20 case that the VA already ruled on and admitted asbestos in the lungs can cause copd and in those cases cited the same studies I did. Jumped through all the hoops for the VA and my PFT shows lungs are only functioning at 67% my fvc was a 49...and yet still denied benefits
  5. Waiting to hear about my FDC. I was a welder in the navy(HT) straight out of high school.worked on 3 different floating dry docks. No other exposure since then. I have calcified pleural plaques in my right lung on the side and around diaphragm.just had 2nd c&p and had my PFT done. FVC was 43% .......can't wait to see how they deny this
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