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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I was fortunate enough to retire with a pension and good insurance but my pay is only about half. Your symptoms are much like mine. Don't get discouraged, a doctor's backing helps but is not totally necessary. A majority of these cases are won at the hearing level and your attorney will know what he has to prove. Unfortunately because of your age it will be harder. I am just the opposite. I never pursued any VA avenues after I got out in '92 because I felt healthy. In the last two years I have fallen apart physically. Herniated disk, arthritis in hips, hypothyroid
  2. Thanks. I just sent off for my Military Personell file and medical records. They say the defect was more than likely from birth but there was no mention of a heart murmur when I enlisted. I am searching through the forums now.
  3. Having a condition does not matter with SSDI. What matters is how the conditions affect your ability to work. Those must be documented by a qualified medical person in your medical record. Additionally, if SSA determines you can do ANY work, you will be denied. Because you are under 50, as long as you can do sedentary work and make $1130 a month, you will be denied. That is why most cases like yours go to an ALJ hearing. I have found this out the hard way by being denied SSDI. You are lucky you were denied twice in 3 months. Mine took 6 months to be denied once. I am waiting on reconsideration
  4. Hello, served in Marine Corp from 1981 through 1992. Was pretty healthy during my time in. During Desert Storm my back went out I was taken to a field hospital overnight, given meds, and returned to my unit. After returning home I had two TIA mini strokes. Sent to naval hospital for test where it was determined I had a bi cuspid aortic valve. Basically a heart defect. After discharge I hired on with a government agency. Spent twenty years with them and retired due to medical issues. During this time I developed hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, fatigue, join
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