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  1. I'm not worried about the treatment that was listed. I'm trying to find out how or if the notes where able to be changed.
  2. I have a question. My VA doctor wrote in my notes about a type of possible treatment about 6 months ago. I read the notes, and had an appointment the other day with this provider, and I brought up the notes about the treatment. This doctor was absolute about not doing that treatment. Acting like no way. After the appointment I went online and checked myhealthevet notes. The notes were changed taking the treatment out, and was wrote that it is not available. So obvious! I know that standard procedure is a provider will write an addendum on a note. I know a veteran can petition thru the Privacy FOIA Officer to have a doctor change the notes. The privacy officer said that if a doctor signs notes its final and they can't go back in an change notes. It was changed does anyone know, if or how a provider can go in and change the notes? Maybe an Admin edit or their Chief Medical (supervisor) change it?
  3. I see a Neurologist, in the Pain Clinic. I asked to see a Neurosurgeon, because the muscle pain under my shoulder blade. The Neurologist, said that if he referred the Neurosurgeons would laugh at him. Basically, there is scar tissue, and sevre muscle knots, and trigger points, which I get injections for. I take pain meds, but the muscle pain is not getting better. My spine pain is managed with pain meds. I want to get a specialist to gut this muscle, nerve block, or something. I can't keep on like this? The Patient Advocate is no help.
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