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  1. About time you realized to lawyer up, knowing you can't "cue" the word "it," and hire a lawyer. 100% of nothing is still nothing on trying to get 100%, while lawyering up means a win.
  2. I am with Glover Luck. Another one that this forum knows is Dr Anaise JD
  3. Those that do get it the recovery is 99.4% https://sentinelksmo.org/covid-survival-rate-up-to-98-9-in-kansas/
  4. No...that was YOUR career. You are now retired from 21 years of AD. Now enjoy it. I know I can't wait until next year and take a vacation, once the covid vaccine is released in Dec, Jan2021.
  5. You have to let your lawyer worry about that, since you lawyer-ed up. On average 5 years. You don't want to hear that, many of us were in the same shoe, and it's good you have a hobby. I'm in the 2017 lawyered up club after 15 years of VA BS
  6. Valor for Vet is not a doctor! Seems you found snake oil and falling for the over whelming BS from their website. You SHOULD check out the real thread IMO in the forums. A whole section on IMOs
  7. I searched and only show up claims. Can you not have posted that link?
  8. I filed a clinical appeal to get treatment as well as caled the White House Hotline. Got the letter back from the local VA saying that they had an "expect" look at my medical file and agreed with the VA doctor that Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn't necessary for me because they don't want to pay for it. Have yet to hear back from the White House hotline. Will be filing complaints to my senators and congressman this weekend about VA denying me this treatment and pressing this issue further to I get it.
  9. I think you're wrong Buck. If someone is 90% why is the VA billing the insurance at all. What is the point of VA (poor) care then when you'er getting billed for poor service and still not treated.
  10. O am getting the same errors too. I reload the page and it has the error below [[Template forums/front/forums/questionRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  11. Exactly, HLRs are nothing but more wasted time on avoiding to see a judge at the BVA. I went to the HLR and it was a scam. Time to lawyer up!
  12. This lady you had the DBQs done for, she isn't in Phoenix is she? That sounds like Brittany something where her husband was a former marine. She is snake oil and the bad news is you get what you paid for/rushing to poor judgement. Well at the moment I can't find that thread because this website is having errors. But she is not legit and not a doctor. There are real doctors out there IF you look at the IMO section--I posted a few.
  13. I'm on the same beaten path. Congrats
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