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  1. Also you can hire an accountant for one hour and bring all this to that professional, afterwards have them sign off a affidavit that says not incompetent. Only 3 are professional "trusted" lawyers, doctors, and accountants. I forgot the correct term for these three.
  2. 2001 is a long time ago and when people were working. 150 thousand have applied, so yes, it will take time 9 months to 5 years.
  3. Like GB said, no one really wants to be broken. Congrats. Don't forget to donate as this site is truly a beacon for us.
  4. I'm aware. But that is why I was asking the question to get a response from him soon.
  5. Yup. You will have to do the dirty work of calling orthopedic doctors and or Physiatrist offices and ask them. When you find one come back and let us know.
  6. I have GloverLuck. You're at 100%, what is your intent?
  7. Good to hear! Don't forget to donate, since this site was a beacon for you--allowing it to be the light for others now.
  8. Letter dated May 15th but only received it a week later, stated that I have 90 days to submit anything to the BVA, for my "evidence docket."
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