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  1. THIS statement is so true. And completely reminds of playing Nintendo's Legend of Zelda as a child when it first came out. Japanese really knew the way of life and exactly how the world actually operates. First playing the game, you get the sword from the old man, then he vanishes, and he tell's you "take this sword because the VA is dangerous to go at it alone" and then wonder around until you find Death Mountain to conquer the boss Ganon (VA.) You find Level 9 (Death Mountain aka the RO) only to be told that you are DENIED entrance/VA compensation. For a very good reason--you're not ready, because all you have is a basic sword, boomerang, bombs, and a candle. And you don't know anything about 38 CFR, thinking your congress person would be of help and you cry a river (I avoid dealing them with VA matters) because you don't really understand what their job is, a c-file, disability codes, the levels of the VA (RO>>BVA>>CAVC), Vet attorneys because you were brought up thinking lawyers are bad (not hire them) and they are not, C & P exams done by incompetents who are paid by Ganon/VA to lie to you, raters at the RO primary job is to deny/delay/until you die, IMOs or IMEs, DBQs, Nexus letters, Veteran Friendly independent doctor experts, the two websites that are on the WWW, VSOs, and every blue moon one veteran gets a pass to completely avoid this "game" to look good for publicity for the public on donating to VSOs So then you have to play the Game. Going through all the areas, figuring out things, and beating each mini-boss. Dying countless times as you get to harder and harder enemies and stages of the game. The old man and lady give you very basic things--the sword, a map or letter, and a tip or two. Maybe you save up and buy ((pay to play better)) a better controller, the strategy guide, and talk your friend/classmates that have the game too. Or ask you parents to have permission to the official 1-900 number for tips to your problems (I never called neither did the people I knew because you're paying for it.) This allows you to get a better picture of how the programmers created this game/adventure. The old man in the beginning of the game is you decades later. So you went full circle and tell some young vet like yourself at one time "take this..."
  2. How do I do that? Call the RO, the 1800# or the Blue button? I'm going to do that with my current claim. For the fact that I had a IMO by Dr. Anaise who is a expert-surgeon (like Dr. Bash, where the VA knows these few Wonderful Private Experts, Anaise also lives in my state--which is why I went with him) compared to the bottom of the medical school barrel hack that did my C&P exam, read the IMO, and wrote a bunch of dates saying your blood work was normal and according to the ER physician assistant that never even knew I was military said my secondary injury (current claim) to my spine SC was congenital. So now I'm going to the BVA with attorney because I lawyer-ed up and "had it" and don't want to continue to be "the guy" in the song of Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen. Well this is a double edge sword. Many want to have half the VA fired for gross negligence/incompetence. And Trump is cleaning house--which means more privatization. That is why I am trying to do as many C&P exams by private medical experts to avoid this VA Game of Deny, Delay, and Die already veteran; before we dispense compensation for your military injuries.
  3. They stacked the deck against me. What is the CFR law that says they can't do this but they are doing it intentional, not the 4.3 Resolution of reasonable doubt.? The first C&P exam was a physican assistant that use to work for my MD who resigned the day after hearing Trump won the election. And acourse she denied me saying that it wasn't caused from a SC issue. So then I had to wait until I got funds for the IMO from Dr. Anaise the specialist, and the 2nd C&P examiner basically did a timeline of all the poisons they feed me and said it wasn't from that but agreed with the physician assistant who never read my c-file or even knew I was in the military stated that it was congenital. Really. So the entrance exam MD would have found it. The MD for the overseas duty exam would have found it if I had it since birth. It was only discovered until I bleed out in 2015 and thought I finally meeting up with the Grim Reaper. So now I have to get a second IMO from a specialist who is very much like Dr. Anaise to counter this BS, which made me think of my grandfather's brass weight scale. That said can I put and add 38 CFR laws and rulings in the private DBQ + examined from my private Specialist for two years and his Opinion for the other claim that got denied? I'm going to have twice the pages of that 4 page DBQ has with CFRs so they will SUFFOCATE at the RO level. Twice? No...it SHALL be a minimal of three times -- 12 pages. Currently been working on those dozen pages! Going to have them get hit with a Mike Tyson TKO. And send a certified copy of it to the main office, Office of General Counsel (OGC), that Berta always brings up.
  4. If you work and have private insurance, google your town for a Dermatologist, make a list and visit their office to find the one you want to start having appointments with. So when you get denied, this MD can write you an IME, and lawyer up.
  5. Lawyer up! After reading many BVA citations and then the directory @ NOVA, I went with GloverLuck. And others on this site have mentioned/have Chris Attig, AskNod, David Anaise, Ken Carpenter, Katrina Eagle, and there is the NOVA directory @ https://www.vetadvocates.org/directory Each one have their own specialty. For instance Asknod does terminal Nam vets You can also look to see those few that go to the CAVC or read BVA citations to see the Attorney's named for those Vets that "lawyer-ed up" instead of relaying on VSOs that are paid by the VA. Good luck on finding one and let us know who you got.
  6. Most people think by telling their congressman about a VA complaint is going to help, it won't, as Brokensoldier wrote. The only time I wrote mine, by actually making a physical visit to the office, and explained to the assistant (since the actual congressman doesn't deal with it--they make the laws. Only time they will deal with it if it is to big not to) that I received this letter saying that I'm dead. This was last decade. They send a letter out to the local RO, saying I'm not, and get a response back a week or so later stating that they screwed up, we apologized, and another but older person with a same name is dead and my benefits are reinstated.
  7. Got the letter, DENIED Typical copy and paste The preponderance of the evidence is not evenly balanced that we may resolve reasonable doubt in your favor; therefore, service connection for claim remains denied. (mainly for the fact that this RO, the worst one in the nation, doesn't want to just write you a 6 figure cheque for 15 years of blatant denies We have denied your claim for SC for this issue on a direct basis because (that's what we do, LOL) the evidence (from Dr. Anaise who by the way is a Surgeon doesn't matter because he is not a C&P physician assistant flunky) does not support your current condition is related to injury incurred during active duty (specified under 38 CFR 3.303) In addition we can't believe you spent $$ to get a real IMO from a specialist, denied. Will post the letter as soon as I get it scanned. edit - yes GOING TO THE BVA with hardship.
  8. Peggy - Heather, said that the Letter was sent Friday, 10-12-18. So I'll check box again Wendesday. edit - Also last week enabled text notification if any deposits are made to CU.
  9. Just got back from checking my mailbox, nothing, and where is the decision letter that was "sent."Now it is stating Estimated date: 11/19/2018 - Jan. 5, 2019So it went from PFN to Review of Evidence. I hope it does not take 3 months to get the two additional signatures. And checked the AB8 letter no change indicted for this claim. Currently on the phone with Peggy for an answer.
  10. We are preparing your claim decision packet to be mailed. Oct. 11, 2018 Your claim moved to Preparation for notification Complete Estimated date: Oct. 15, 2018
  11. "feeling guilty to becoming a total trainwreck" Welcome to the trainwreck club! Have you told your PCP that you want to see a shrink, set up an appointment with your PCP at the VA, and at the appointment just request that you want to see the shrink.
  12. That sounds like the new BVA if it took a year? Oct. 9, 2018 - We closed the notice.Complete - Estimated date: Oct. 19 to 31, 2018.
  13. Did you present your self to the best you can? Before calling did you have all your claims nicely laid out similar to a glossary in a book? Or was it gibberish, a backed up toilet, and for them pulling teeth, and or guns blazing, shooting from the hip. Did you expect them to know everything about you instantaneously seconds are dialing the number? Were you hostile? Or were you cool, collective, and calm? Why are you angry about Ken Carpenter not having a website? It's cost a lot to maintain a business website, there is software security updates, backups sent to another out of state server, email, web pages, bad code, broken links, hardware replacements/failures, and a dozen other things maintaining it. Ken Carpenter is old school. You have been on this site for a number of years, so you know where to look for an Advocate, and your first choice may not accept you. Just as you found out that he does only "TBI claims." First impressions matter, cover your 6, loose lips sink ships, among other saying we learned from the military. Lawyers are not there to hold your hand but to represent veterans. Have you consider paying a broke college senior who just graduated to help you organize your "shit" so its completely more saleable to top VA advocates.
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