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  1. Just check ebennies and the PDA moved Originally 9/10 - 9/27 Now Estimated Completion: 09/06/2018 - 09/18/2018.
  2. Hardship advancement on your BVA Hearing? I do not know. But I do know my attorney knows that my initial claim is a winner and the RO should have never denied it but then again my RO is the worst one in the nation. That is what I am thinking too, for that past retro came just past the mid-month. Well this RAMP is the fast lane and only has one issue, the rest are stated for legacy path. My Docket # is this year-2018 so there is not much to look at but will look for it and post back.
  3. My RAMP has one issue and is in the fast lane, the rest of my claims is in old legacy way. Also know my attorney isn't there to hold my hand therefore I don't bother her unless I have new evidence or IMO/IME because I know what she is doing. I'm not the only one she represents, has to write a brief for, and obtain new clients. If I want to know things Hadit is for that, and her role is win my case.
  4. Top Vet Attorneys know about this site (my lawyer knows but can't say it, even before I told her) and can't mention it for that it goes against their lawyer guidelines.
  5. Both Vets.gov and Ebennies are always updating. Stop hanging out on these two sites hourly. They're not normal internet websites run by big corp but .gov sites
  6. I'm not calling Peggy. Ebenefits says Pending Decision Approval The recommended decision is reviewed, and a final award approval is made. We will process the decision and review it for accuracy, and notify you by mail. If it is determined that more evidence or information is required, the claim will be sent back in the process for more information or evidence. Vets.gov says same step 3 of 5
  7. VA doesn't move like Dominoes. Even Dominoes had to stop marketing "30 minutes or its free" because my neighbor was the one that got ran over back in the day.
  8. I'm barefooted. So as Broncovet and few others have said, find a hobby
  9. So a month ago I went on Vets.gov for the first time and saw that I was placed in the RAMP as of April. Last week received the letter stating that I'm in the RAMP and they are reviewing my claim. April 26 - Claims Received August 27 - Initial review, assigned to a reviewer. Estimated Completion: 09/10/2018 - 09/27/2018 Not 125 days but before 150 days, fingers cross.
  10. Yeah I was going to say the same thing Broncovet said and that maybe he had enough and retired or got very sick or any other reason that won't be shared. But your case is being worked on, I wouldn't worry.
  11. Congrats! I know I'm 100% pending but have to wait for it until I'm in front of a judge to get it, so like everyone have said to what's needed and find a hobby to avoid going insane from the VA. Don't forget to donate!
  12. Great to hear. Donate some of that retro to this site that provide a platform for us. For that without it we would still be in the dark ages!
  13. Great news! This is what we have to do, search and search, to we find that one that wants to help
  14. No you would not notice any difference in between the two. Silver is silver is silver. Now the subjective part is the person that is looking into your mouth.
  15. Oceanbound

    Giving Up is Success for Me ( WE WON!!!! )

    Exactly. Here's to drawing the line in the sand.

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