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  1. You have to decide which one you going to stick with because going to be pyramiding when your claim both. Because both can be treated with meds or an injection, both cause weight gain, both rates are almost identical. The question is which one causes more damage to your person? To me; the answer would be diabetes. So continue seeking your PCP for diabetes, and your thyroid annually.
  2. You need to find him a Neurologist and start seeing the Neurologist every two months for the first year. A shrink can not help with dementia or other brain/nerve related things.
  3. South Carolina is a state, can you list the largest city you are in?
  4. I have saved this "M21-1, pt. III, subpt. iv, ch. 7, sec. B(3)(a),(b)." so that I can use it with someone I'm helping
  5. I looked over the first 9 pages of ## in the BVA citations page and did not fine one "granted" for anthrax. Which means that it will be denied for many more decades just like agent orange (when that occured in vietnam.) Get a heavy metal urinal test done. Report back with the results.
  6. Yes it is a waste for those that go to Valor 4 Vet and expect good things. You fell for their fluff website and wanted quick results. You got the quick results and lost 150. Now go get find an orthopaedic surgeon that is VET FRIENDLY, by calling each one in your town and report back here. Yes that requires "dirty work" but you will feel great once you find that MD/DO and share it in the IMO section. ---Now I posted in another thread and pasting it here. If you go back to the main forum page and scroll down you will see that there is a section for IMO. Valor4vet has been posted there. One member used them, posted about it, but hasn't responded with the outcome--since appeals take years. She is a physician assistant, who after becoming one, worked for the VA as a C & P Denier to pay off her student loans. Her husband's a marine veteran (likely had her do all his IME/IMOs for free and cheated the system, so what she is married to a marine vet, they're not one of us) and helps in the office reviewing the c-file for her since she does the exams and write poorly written reports. They have a baby. They are located in Tempe down the street from Arizona State University and market to the wet behind the ears veterans that recently left the service while attending college. For me, I wouldn't spend one of my bahrain dinar on her, when the VA it self can get one of their bottom of the barrel medical school flunkies to write a bogus opinion and continue the viscous develop to deny cycle against you. "You get what you pay for." Which is why I went local with seeing a board certified specialist having this real competent private physician know my conditions for over a year and not just a Jiffy Lube McDonald's burger. And physician assistants under law aren't allow to work for themselves, they need to be under medical doctor supervision. But what about CVS and their one minute nurses?, well they got that covered with one doctor in every state to circumvent that law. So shes violating AZ law and the VA can laugh at you after you believe their fluff website and denied you again at the BVA level because you wanted it quick. Rome wasn't built in a day. General Patton said "A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood."
  7. Just looked it up, because the initial cost is a half a billion dollars for that system, and so it belongs to the VA. And a course the c-file is a big pot of half cooked sticky spaghetti ball with super glue as the tomato sauce. And Google Images doesn't have any jpeg images of the internal system. AFGE Rep: VA Paperless Claims System Shuts Down On A Weekly Basis Bob Brewin | Nextgov | February 6, 2014 The Veterans Affairs Department’s $492 million paperless Veterans Benefits Management System routinely shuts down on roughly a weekly basis, according to reports from members of the American Federation of Government Employees who use the system. AFGE members reported “during the last month that VBMS shut down on roughly a weekly basis,” Eric Jenkins, a ratings service representative at the VA’s Winston-Salem, N.C., regional office and a member of the AFGE National VA Council, told a hearing of the House VA subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs. “The shut downs varied from just over an hour to spanning multiple days.”
  8. Yesterday received the SOC in the mail. But spoke with my attorney over the phone, prior to having her file on Feb 19th, so we are going to the Board on all the NODs faster than legacy. Tomorrow I have an IME appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for two of my main disabilities. Following this, as soon as I get the report back in two weeks, I am able to set up another full IME that's (include the records review, and opinion) with another local qualified specialist--a Physiatrist. Spoke with the physiatrist over the phone and looking forward to that IME, that will include the rest of my conditions.
  9. Find a hobby, other wise watching th paint dry or the grass grow or a pot of water to boil....lose your hair
  10. Have NFCU too. The good thing about credit unions is that you can use other unions and not get charged unlike a bank's atm.
  11. So I got a letter saying that 14 months of retro is coming in 7 to 10 days (always assume business days) on Feb 11th. Nothing yet.
  12. Asking the same as broncovet. I want to know too.
  13. Like broncovet said, up to 14 business days. You will likely get it the night before before the BWE shows up in your mailbox unless it has to get three signatures.
  14. I disagree! Either book the flight or don't. It would be highly scrutinized if you paid for Dr. Ellis and it said over the phone exam. None of us had an over the telephone exam when we entered military service. Dr. Ellis does physical exams while other physicians do opinions.
  15. The VA is going to (already determined) to lock you out and stick you in PTSD and max at 100%. Personal disorder, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, personal harm are all going to fall under one, otherwise its pyramiding. Your exam was done by a shrink. VA hasn't giving you P & T yet?
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