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  1. Have you done a Sleep Apnea test? Maps google will help you find an office that does them. Find an office and set up an appointment for the new test and you can ask if they will opinon your test for another fee.
  2. Make a new thread. You brought up an old one and many will think that something was posted for this thread of 2016.
  3. Filed my complaint to my VA's executive office and will call the WH hotline Monday to report my VA.
  4. Just left the VA, continue to try to make it look like I'm normal, and they have no interest in getting me better. I rather have zero injuries but it's to late for that when they're the ones that poisoned me. The exam wasn't even the same as the one I took at the Neurophysiologist. Nothing to report on my claims at the moment. I have a real primary care physician and all other private offices. And don't have to see any of them anymore except the annual--which would be a waste of my time.
  5. So you're allowing fraud to take place. When you don't even have GERD?!
  6. How do you know if you have GERD if you never had a camera down your throat? He should have denied you just for that reason alone and not give you Again he should have never gave you "atleast as likely as not" but a denied--since you don't have proof from a scope down your throat to your stomach. No he was right about your three doctors being wrong. They never properly examined you with again a scope down your throat. That is like saying I bought a box of chocolate cookies, and I ate them, even though they're still in the wrapped box moldy.
  7. Wrong. "you win or you pay nothing" that is from car accident lawyers. Military vet lawyers don't say that.
  8. Type in Sleep doctor into google maps and find a sleep doc that will give you a new sleep test (about $150) and to opinion/dbq the results for another fee for their time. That is your IME, which you needed.
  9. Because it's not guaranteed and would you or anyone wait to get paid for the pizza five years later. No and that is not have the real world operates. "Where there's a will there's a way" is a proverb that means if someone is determined to do something, he will find a way to accomplish it regardless of obstacles. I needed an IMO and it took me a while before finding out to obtain those funds to do so, eventually I got it.
  10. Dr. Ellis is a MD and if you can find a cheap flight to OK than it would be half as much than Dr. Anaise. Valor has been posted before and she is NOT a doctor. You will regret paying for snake oil. ATM I can't find that thread I posted in where we ripped that website/Britney to shreds. edit - with another BS marketing you can sell sand in the desert as sandwiches. And that's what Valor is snake oil. Congratulations on posting here instead of falling for snake oil.
  11. If Berta CUEd CUEs so can you. We expect you to CUE this.
  12. $3500 for an IMEO from a neurosurgeon is my last step, where I have been taking steps to get all my ducks in a row (IMEOs,) proving I should be rated at SMC-T and the neurosurgeon will agree how bad the VA is when you have in front of you several independent (physiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, transplant surgeon, neurologist) doctors saying how FUBAR they are--when they take nurses/nurse practitioners incompetent opinions from 4th tier schools over real doctors.
  13. Wrong. And Asknod can tell you why, if he sees this/has time to respond. But I'm going to get SMC-R2/SMC-T the day I filed my initial claim, VA knew and the RO basically ruined it and I got an IMEO last year that states how bad the VA FUBAR which was 17 years ago. The retro will be huge but you can see that it doesn't matter for what I lost
  14. CUE that CUE. This crap will continue to our sun burns out. CUE that CUE. Because they only did half the work and sent you it so that you accept it because--look we gave you this to shut your mouth and go away, knowing you WONT CUE this CUE.
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