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  1. Go see a real oncologist and bring your records. VA medical staff don't have to be insured, bottom of the barrel, and will continue to get away with wrong doing. Finding one doesn't take long, you have dozens at your finger tips, with a simple Google search with your city and oncologist. Don't pick one that has an office walking distance from a hospital.
  2. I think this was asked and answered before, ewsieczka is correct. Also like others have said the trip is across town too for me, so you wouldn't be saving anything, and can buy the same or better quality in town.
  3. Your C-file is not organized, so you have to open up your free spreadsheets in LibreOffice or Google Docs, and start creating a table of contents for it. It can be done, look at phone books all those names and numbers Table of Contents Page 1 Main point Date Page 1 This is your c-file Page 57 Image of katchup Page 58 Blank Page 63 In the year 2000 Page 192 Every page Page 222-223 note the main thing Page 571 and the date Page 850 I would say Page 909 Do 30 pages Page 1234 a day to prevent burnout Page 1492 Rome wasn’t Page 1775 built in a Page 1812 day
  4. From reading your prior post, because you were at smc-m. Now as the Old Spice guy says now back to me... Dr Ellis, Dr. Bash, Dr. Anaise are the most known VA friendly doctors here. Chris Attig, Katrina Eagle, Julie Glover, Alex Graham (Asknod), David Anaise MD, are the lawyers/agent known here. Time to lawyer up and see one of these docs.
  5. PDF is a free format, you don't have to pay Adobe for it. Open Office/LibreOffice does create PDFs. Instead of saving the document as a document or spreadsheet or image file, there is an option that says "save as PDF" And you C-file is like a book. So you have to read it, take note, and then report on it. For instance page 104 - 117 is labs from month day year. So you have to turn that C-file into a book report with a table of content. By doing so you're organizing it, to be a lot faster to get to the heart of the matter, instead of it being a big library cart of returned books. Dr Bash is doing things like scans (x-rays) and other things to make the "book report" more complete and doing this takes time and money. Which is why he charges a lot. If you do the dirty work his fee would be a lot less and on par with other VA friendly doctors charge. I.E. Berta most of all of her "book report" and only needed a couple MDs to "grade it" saving her a lot. I've been doing most of my book report since 2015. In 2017, I paid Dr. Anaise, a transplant surgeon, 1500 to write my IMO for one of my main disabilities. Secondary I paid a local private neuropsychologist $2000 to do the 5 hour test, originally it was 2300 but he refunded me I think 300. And lastly I lawyered up and hired GloverLuck to deal with the VA because "I hadit" with the VA. 2018, I spent 80 bucks for my chiropractor to do a DBQ. 2019, paid a local orthopedic surgeon 2400 to do two IME and opinions because a private doctor I've been seeing for 3 years didn't want to do the DBQs. Lastly I'm about to see a physiatrist for the rest of my conditions and that IME fee is 450 plus 88 for fuel since he's 4 hours away. The last two years I've read miles of medical journals, VA citations, and been here at Hadit to get better/knowledgeable and avoid bothering my attorney with questions like what two plus two is, because I know it is 4 with the help here, while the RO circus will tell you/me it is zero point zero because you are not dead yet? So for my cost of only the IMO/IME/DBQs is 6,518
  6. Correction, It was remanded back to the RO after the BVA saw all circus errors the RO made to deny me and told the RO to fix it. The one or two disabilities will likely go to CAVC since the VA doesn't want to pay for SMC. Which is why I hired Julie/GloverLuck, to outsource my legal battle I didn't want to fight/waste my life with anymore, and to focus on my health. Since day one was to get better, have a normal life after service, and not have more visits than grocery shopping, yet the VA made me worst.
  7. Like Berta said, you have to wait until the "pizza" is out of the oven because you know the VA is going to burn it, but it still in the "oven" so until it is out of the oven, placed in the box and sent out to you. You going to have to wait. At least you have lawyers waiting to decide to take your denial or not.
  8. Yes this site is a beacon. Don't forget to donate.
  9. WHO IS HE and why would you trust this person. Sounds like YOU need to file a complaint and report it to his boss and this would put an end to more lies.
  10. I HEARD the moon was made out of cheese. I HEARD there was a man living up there too. I HEARD many things and if its not in a book it's likely a lie. hear·say /ˈhirˌsā/ information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.
  11. You need to go see a TMJ dentist specialist, NSAIDs wont cure that and if its all documented in your c-file you're set, but a mouth piece like what football player wear will. Not going to be cheap, mine was 6k total for everything that specialist did but 1100 after insurance. Have you lawyered up? Go see a Nephrologist, because you likely have one kidney and not know it. That would can get you to SMC-L. Then after that kidney doctor done all the exams, test, and treatment. Get your thyroid levels checked. Hire Dr. Anaise for an IMO since he is a Transplant Surgeon. I did and that IMO from him made my attorney get all the bogus crap VA claimed I had, thrown out at the BVA, and the result was that it made the scale even, where I now have obtained additional medical evidence to be in my favor at the CVAC. Go private, because we all know the VA's job is to deny, destroy your health, until we're all dead. They know all the problems and how to cure them - yesterday's Vietnam Agent Orange to today's Gulf War Syndrome. I don't want to know the next poison for the military in 20 years that will get them sick--it will happen unfortunately.
  12. That VA bulletin will be added to my complete outlined that I heavily drafted from start to kidney failure and then a stroke. That bulletin shows a strong basis for a Section 1151 claim, indeed it does. Since the average physicians knows for decades about NSAIDs toxicity. Yet in the mid-2000s the VA by pass that with Nurse Practitioners to pass it out like candy. Having NPs give out meds is illegal and only physicians can do so. What I refer to as the Triangle of the kidney, heart and brain. Because these three organs, after reading miles of medical publications in journals, are linked together, and most doctors aren't aware of that. Which is why my case is now going to CAVC.
  13. The BVA made the decision of your claim on April 2, 2019. Letter mailed out on April 11th. And picked it up on the 17th. Denied. In order to establish secondary condition, the evidence must show a disability, which is proximately due to, or the result of a service connected disease or injury (specified in 38 CFR 3.310). We have denied your claim because we connected it to the wrong injury but it was close enough to tell you how to make apple pie cookies or carrot cake cookies if you actually read these things. Laws and Regs applied 38 USC 1110 & 1131 Basic entitlement 38 USC 5107 Claimant responsibility; benefit of doubt 38 CFR 3.1 Definitions 38 CFR 3.6 Duty periods 38 CFR 3.102 Reasonable doubt 38 CFR 3.103 Procedural due process and appellate rights 38 CFR 3.104 Finality of decisions 38 CFR 3.156 New and material evidence 38 CFR 3.159 Dept of VA assistance in developing claim 38 CFR 3.303 Principles relating to service connection 38 CFR 3.304 Direct service connection; wartime and peacetime 38 CFR 3.307 Presumptive service connection for chronic, tropical, or POW related disease, disease associated with exposure to certain herbicide agents, or disease associated with exposure to contaminates in the water supply at Camp Lejeune; wartime and service on or after Jan 1 1947 (Would have been nice to see the Roswell Crash would had better care by those little gray dudes than at the VA, where i tried to get better, to be at Zero %, and they made things worst.) 38 CFR 3.309 Disease subject to presumptive service connection 38 CFR 3.310 Disabilities that are proximately due to, or aggravated by, service connected disease or injury Pub. L. No. 115-55 Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 (Ramp) That said it looks like they made it a tie with my Anaise IMO to a private hospital I went to for an emergency instead of the VA hospital. I'm going to the Court (CAVC)!! So I made an appt last week to talk with Julie this Friday. Already had the local DO specialist to do an IME and waiting for the Heavy Metals Urine Test kit to have him finalize that and submit to her.
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