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  1. So the IMO physician office called numerous times and can not get a hold of this regular doctor. Monday I will be dropping her and to go with the one that he knows/recommended. Such a waste of time since I did the test in July.
  2. You filed a CUE and asking if it is a CUE? You went with the nuke option, instead of just filing a NOD with new medical evidence. No it is off the first time you originally filed. Not sure why so many want to go with a CUE every time? You're basically doing more harm to yourself and having the Red Alert sirens go off at the VA. Why are you so hell bent on pressing that nuke button? You have not exhausted all options according to 38 CFR. In the simplest terms for all laymen to understand is this. Your facet leaks and instead of replacing it with a new one or adding dupont tape to the thread of the sprout, you bulldozed down the entire house, and you still have the leak!!
  3. The VA changed the rule where it takes a IMO to win and that the VA doesnt give them out to you. Most of us are not here to shoot the proverbial shit and go on and on how Galileo was right the Earth is not flat and people are still trying to prove him wrong. Dr Bash stated this and I'm not going to spent time looking for the link of where he mentioned it, prob his website.
  4. Berta, good morning, yes that is true and have posted a reply, maybe you missed my concise response. Like I mentioned in a previous post and posted, I found Dr. Todd who is a board cert Neurologist and a pharmacist via the https://www.imenet.com/ website. He would be best to get the IMO with records review from first. She already did the dirty work of putting it all together. Thus having it cost less from him. Then getting Dr. Bash to state the cause of death from Todd's IMO. This will then have more medical malpractice lawyers from Tenn to represent you. Again how to win this: 1. Hire Dr. Todd to do the initial IMO and records review. 2. Hire Dr. Bash to state the cause of death from Todd's IMO. 3. Hire Tenn medical malpractice lawyer/firm.
  5. The Lawyer/firm has to be from Tennessee which was where it occurred. And it doesn't have to be a VA lawyer, likely a private lawfirm would be best. So the phoenix lawyers that won the vet with where the NP ignored the cancer signs can't help. But for future linking if any one from AZ arizona needs one the link provides who fought and won the case https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/366jtb50p/arizona-district-court/cooper-v-united-states-of-america-et-al/
  6. You have to distinguish the headaches apart. For instance, are you having a normal headache because of front sinus or not drinking water and staying hydrate. Water balance is very important and lack of it is why we have so many sores and aches. Do you have oral/jar issues? edit - typo; jaw not jar
  7. After a post is made in the thread or new thread. Scroll down until you see "answer this question" its usually a inch or two below a post. Then click on that with your mouse and you can start typing your response. A lot of software/websites is now going to "tablet view" instead of staying with "desktop view."
  8. To summarize everything--on how to win this. 1. Hire Dr. Todd as the initial IMO. 2. Hire Dr. Bash to IMO the cause of death from Dr. Todd's IMO. 3. Hire the lawyer that won these Torts. I remember after the phoenix guy won his, on the radio, he was talking..., so if you can find him though the articles, I'm sure he wouldn't mind being contacted via certified mail and asking who his tort lawyer was. No offence to the VA lawyers mentioned here, but you want the winner lawyer that actually won, which would informally tell the VA your going to put them in the ring with mike tyson and win.
  9. If these records you obtained are paper. Go to Fedex Office and use their high speed copiers and have the machine scan them all into a PDF on a dvd. Its easier now a days to send a digital copy to someone than 2 day express. Take that dvd and save it your computer. (I have Google Drive) then you can simply mail them the Google Drive link to that PDF that is stored in the cloud.
  10. Do not talk to the VA anymore or try to find so and so doctors that was there, since you're now in legal land process about this. You can but already have obtained all the records.
  11. They're going to sweep it under the rug until the time lapse to avoid a pay out for the tort claim. They probably/likely did killed him, because when you have medical staff that doesn't have to be insured and hired from the bottom of the barrel to fill the VA needs since the VA is so huge. Many vets die and will continue to from the VA. I could have sued too but my time frame lapse but someone else did and won. The former president even came down to talk to the GROUND ZERO executives how it cost them 2 million dollars on this and failing to cover it up. Your time frame is two years minus ten days. So the end of February is the last day before the VA can get away with this and hopefully you can get represented by then. Stick to the facts, medical facts! Doesn't matter if was signed by a nurse, nurses are not doctors, who also having review his file. But!!...you did do the dirty work, which would and will most definitely really help the doctor that reviews this. Putting it all in order saves time and money. That is why the VA no longer sends us our files in order but from the sticky spaghetti monster factory. By the way, their system that they spent a billion dollars on has everything in order. Unfortunately it would be 30 years before we have congress by law to give us that access. 1300 pages that is a lot, can it be reduce to be more concise and not redundant? For example I spent months on one of my major injuries, reading and reviewing hundreds of medical journal articles, to have it be very concise with almost no leeway, and in the end it came to about 13 articles. After having another specialist reviewed it, he stated, that what I had documented was the aggravation but still not the needle in the hay stack. He ordered me to get a lab done that I never even considered something as basic as heavy metals/uranium, because he had a previous IMEO that was with a female gulf vet and died later on. That orthopedic surgeon knows how bad the VA is with review of her file and mine. Dr. Bash is well known, but at a cost. If you have the funds he can really help. Dr. Anaise is also a VA attorney and was a transplant surgeon for 30 years, and married to a doctor. Maybe he can represent you? My attorney is GloverLuck and can do tort claims/1151s. As far as the medications. I searched and found a doctor-neurologist that was previously a pharmacist. Dr. Todd would be someone I would hire in your case. I spoke to him briefly because he picked up the phone when I called, assumed his assistant was out to lunch. He charges 600 an hour. 1. Call and hire Dr. Todd to review your work that you already made it easy/faster to have any doctor see the picture clearer (no doctor wants to be giving a "phone book--white pages" and say something is wrong but here find it yourself where then he/she has to hire a college graduate and perform what you just did because it takes a lot of time and money) 2. With Dr. Todd's IMO, hire Dr. Bash. 3. Get Dr. Anaise to represent you. (I don't know if he does torts/1151s or not) If not my attorney Julie Glover does. Part of the reason VA tort lawyers aren't going to represent you is because of his age for tort claims payout and time it takes (2-3 years). Keep looking at https://www.vetadvocates.org/ (or find the lawyer that represented the dude from phoenix and see if they would take your case, if these two attorneys don't.
  12. I had a MD that provided his signature on my TBI complaint because I reported my injuries while in the service and I'm currently fighting it and it will be a few more years until I get my SMC-T. As well as wasted many years going to the VA and getting no help for it at all because they swept it under the rug. Likely not because it wasn't documented by a physician or you going to seek treatment after it occurred during service.
  13. Sounds like he didnt pay attention to his mail for this appointment. I put all my medical private and VA appointments into my phone's calendar bc one less thing to remember if it was wednesday or on thursday. Once I was sent a letter saying I was dead and they stopped payment on me, because the RO made a typo. I went straight to my congressman's office and said this is a typo, I'm alive heres a copy of my ID. Likely not because he didn't kept on the VA (random or scheduled) checks to see if he's better or not to drop him.
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