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  1. Time to file an opinion from your doc for an increase with your private medical file. If they tell you, you need a C&P exam after requesting an increase, file a writ of mandamus the next day and tell them to go pound sand. Literally. Also I wrote it out for you since its more likely than not you're going to need it. Writ.pdf
  2. Also it could be another week or up to 30 days if they have to have the three signatures to sign off on it being over 25k.
  3. Dr. Anaise is a transplant surgeon which means he knows about kidneys and medication toxicity. His IMO cost 1500 but worth it for that they prove how bad the VA is. IMO section link - https://community.hadit.com/forum/74-imo-independent-medical-opinion/
  4. If you ask the question, then yes it is time to get a lawyer and "lawyer up", those that tell you not to get one are part of the problem or have an interest of siding with the enemy. Bottom line dealing with the VA is its like playing Legend of Zelda without a strategy guide/best friend who already beat the game/before the internet existed-- the lawyers are the strategy guide on beating Ganon. I listed a few that were named here in this thread already in a previous post but unable to find my post to copy and paste the few again. Don't mind retyping it. GloverLuck is the law firm that is representing me. The other ones are Katrina Eagle, David Anaise whose also a MD that does IMOs. It's 20% and better than 100% of nothing at the RO circus.
  5. You should get your kidneys mri-ed, do a blood & urine test for your kidney numbers, and have a private nephrologist only see the results. For that the VA will lie about the outcome/darken your scans to be hard to view/and other tricks like stating your kidney damage was congenital not from the fuel truck of NSAIDs. After that report back here with the results!
  6. I requested an informal review and it didn't help at all for me. Like Vetquest said find a hobby and let your lawyer do the lawyering.
  7. I experienced this twice and ended up being favorable. I also hired a lawyer because ... well you can read it here. I knew and got pass the thick fog of lies, deception of the other website forum that said my case was not winnable even after playing it their way (with the medical evidence/negligence) and perception that lawyers are bad. I was with DAV for a number of years, before firing them, to draw the line and lawyered up. Hind sight the fees are not outrageous. Even after the second C&P exam they still low balled me on the percentage to have me go away.
  8. I think I did the difference and it made up the difference of old and new rate for the time that it was appealed, but there was three deposits and totaled 9.7k, and called Peggy to confirm but didn't ask about it being sent through 3 transactions.
  9. I had a three deposits last year and assumed they are changing the ways, from the old of group everything into a spaghetti monster and throw it at you, to throw the noodles, sauce, meatballs/cheese/etc at you separately. That amount is due to retro and the new amount would be at the new month.
  10. No one is telling you to leave this website or have you be ignored. Some of these questions are repeated over and over. And are asked basically since you last visited. So yeah it's frustrating to continually answer them in the same way each time. AND AND AND ... And I'm saying and a lot. I've been there, seating in the chair answering the intake questions and some times I watch to see what they put in. And I tell them politely on the spot; excuse me but if you don't want me to report you for that you shouldn't type false things in my record.
  11. It looks like they only ruled in my favor for this one. A small victory. I will NOD the effective date.
  12. So just found out that the BVA said that the RO-circus screwed up and reversed that decision back in April. Now gotta NOD it for the EED. Attended the second IME from the orthopedic surgeon and is making me go see my specialist so that his question of concern can be answered before completing the opinion. This mile stone is near.
  13. I am currently in the process of that. Brief details the 100% was due to a negligent nurse practitioner on treating my original SC injury in which she later created that 100% because any doctor would have know better. Unfortunately it's past the two year SofL for a FTCA. So after getting the 1151 how would you/VA know that this particular injury is 1151? Does it show up so every time your record is open by medical personal because you made a visit to the VA, so they know not to screw up again (yeah right, its the VA after all) since its been proven that injury is now a 1151?
  14. 2) I have not been keeping up with e benies or vagov but will again but not daily since I'm in the 9th inning stretch after going to the BVA and tying up loose ends after getting the results in April. 3) I just found out that in April I got granted Chornic cystitis after it went to the BVA. Now gotta appeal that for the correct EED.
  15. No, in the real (business) world you only have to send it once, they got it the first time via certified mail and can lie to you about not gettting it or its lost. Then when you're at the BVA you will see that the RO lied and the BVA had what you mailed them. DO NOT send it to multiple addresses or multiple times.
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