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  1. Oceanbound

    Giving Up is Success for Me

    Exactly. Here's to drawing the line in the sand.
  2. Congrats!! I'm in the process of the same TBI journey you went through, I lawyer up knowing that I "HADIT" with the VA and not being properly rated at R2/T when I originally filed 16 years ago.
  3. Oceanbound

    Be advisied

    They know whose who. Unfortunately I have yet to met a "Veteran friendly" one within the VA.
  4. As Tbird and Asknod pointed out, come to HADIT and get your answers, since we are not employed or paid by the VA.
  5. Will post my appeal journey in this thread. Here starts the road to victory. Sept 2017 - hired GloverLuck since I HADIT with getting denied by the VA with the injuries I have documented in my file. I was homeless, lost my marriage, and 15 years of my life. April 2018 - Got my Docket #. Hopefully it does not take 5 years, but I expect it for the traditional route, and not RAMP.
  6. Unfortunately you answered your own question. Since you did not get prescribed by a medical professional, you do not have medical evidence, and trying to get a "buddy letter" that will perjury himself will only back fire for the both of you.
  7. Oceanbound

    Valor 4 Vet?

    As Vync and Berta said, we need more information from you, so that we can be a signpost, and direct you where to go. We are here to help but do need more concise details. Check in the IMO Independent Medical Opinion section there haven't been much threads posted by other members about them lately. Lastly local may be better, search for doctors in the area and give their office a call, perhaps you will find a hidden gem, since we are trying to expand the list of MDs in that section.
  8. Oceanbound

    IMO from Dr. Anaise, CKD

    Palma114 can we get an update?
  9. Here is one who has lime in the specialty focus, Allan E Rubenstein MD, at Comprehensive Neurology Services, PC Phone: (212) 974-3009. Let us know the fee and sample.
  10. Oceanbound

    VES exam

    Found who said about when the VA brings up your childhood. It was John999 Anyways that is why I am here. Not playing their game anymore and doing other things to keep my mind off of it. Every claim I file or will file will have IMO/IME backed by it.
  11. Oceanbound

    VES exam

    So a couple weeks ago VA contractor VES called me and told me that I have a few appointments later on this month and will receive phone calls about them. So I already have complated 2 of the 3 and not sure what to think of them, except more denials. 1st was with another PsyD and lasted 30 minutes, only questions, he hawked on my childhood. Which I read in another thread (didn't save it) here that was a bad sign and meant highly likely denial. The second appointment was with an audiologist and told her what my occupation was and then did a hearing test. Seemed the one I did 5 months ago, and was told that I have tinnitus and should get hearing aids, didn't count? (Topgun) The stink of it was, he screwed up. No way. My old man was a great fighter pilot. But who the hell knows it's classified? It's all classified. Any ideas? Tried to look up things on eBennies and it's down for maintenance since it is green beer day
  12. Oceanbound


    So I found out what I got and it was an increase from 10% to 30 for IBS, 10% for Tinnitus. Not the knee, they deferred all real injuries into appeal land. Since that would have met huge payouts and RO love to deny everything even with doing it their way. So good news is better than no news, even if it came out of the Worst RO in America.
  13. Oceanbound


    So I saw something in my credit union account and investigated it since its still pending to go through. Added up the amount to what I am getting and now assuming my Right Knee IME and DBQ went through at the RO, since I sent it to my attorney on Nov 4th. Have not recieved the BBE but from my calculations I'm now at 60% and my knee is rated at 40%.

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