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  1. Retro!

    So I found out what I got and it was an increase from 10% to 30 for IBS, 10% for Tinnitus. Not the knee, they deferred all real injuries into appeal land. Since that would have met huge payouts and RO love to deny everything even with doing it their way. So good news is better than no news, even if it came out of the Worst RO in America.
  2. Retro!

    So I saw something in my credit union account and investigated it since its still pending to go through. Added up the amount to what I am getting and now assuming my Right Knee IME and DBQ went through at the RO, since I sent it to my attorney on Nov 4th. Have not recieved the BBE but from my calculations I'm now at 60% and my knee is rated at 40%.
  3. I have done and will continue to do highly extensive searches on making connections via medical literature/publications, categorized each discovery under the particular disability, so that the Nexus doctor with this fine-tuned information can further destroy the VA's opinion. I saw by looking in publications Hashimoto's thyroiditis can lead to stroke and mental health issues. Have already research doctors who specialize in areas that can make the nexus for each particular disability. Already obtain one IMO and two IMEs. Have a handful more IME/IMOs that are on hold until I can get more funds. Dr. Anaise nexus my kidney to my spine injury and a course the VA denied it, currently on appeal. Hypoglossal Nerve Neuritis was found after I searched for "tongue nerve" and submitted it is secondary to the stroke.
  4. So I made the Stroke, that occured in April, claim for Convalescence on 9/28/2017. So it's almost two months! Berta, I am fully aware of your battle with the VA. In fact, I think for me and others in the future you have set precedent, that will help others now and later on. You are a beacon of hope! No I do not have any heart issues, yet these idiots at the VA are all screaming that it's my heart. My private cardiologist ruled that out. This doctor I found is a specialtiy in Board Certified Neurologist and Sub-Specialty Boarded in Brain Injury Medicine. The amount is that I saw one MD, in California that is my neighboring state, expert that charges 3500 for a complete IME according to his website. There is one MD in my town that I wlll make a visit and ask what he charges and can do for me. And will follow up later this week. Never been to Nam, to young and under 40, and my SC 0% Brain Syndrome is Secondary SC from Anthrax/Time spent in the Gulf. The VA bunch a few of my disabilites into 1 and rated it as "Brain Syndrome." SC DX conditions - Hashimoto's thyroiditis 0%, IBS 10%, chronic thoracic sprain 10%, cervical spine disc space narrowing 20%, this totals 35% and I'm getting 40% now. Current conditions NOT SC yet but are DX - Fibromyalgia, R Knee, Chronic Kidney Disease, TMJ, Lumbar, TBI, PTSD, UTI, and Hemorrhoids and in the process of getting them DX - Peripheral Neuropathy, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome and Hypoglossal Nerve Neuritis.
  5. Will see what my lawyer has to say about it since I asked her last month, to give her the chance to investigate and see if it is 1151 or not, so I will follow up with her this week. My direct service connection is rated 0% for brain syndrome. And I never appealed that low ball percentage orginally. So would that be the connection? VA is still in the process for determining this claim and likely be another 4 to 6 months before I hear back from them with approved or denied. When I filed for the stroke I submitted other disabilites secondary to the stroke for instance moderate Hypoglossal Nerve Neuritis, Peripheral neuropathy, and I requested everything else to be increased. So the VA has to go through about 15 new and old disabilities. I found the neurologist who would do the IMO but don't have the 2,200 to 3,500 that it would cost.
  6. So I filed for it early last month, so it has been a solid month and nothing yet as far as getting 100% temp comp for the stroke. After reading others who filed for this the time frame is around 5-6 weeks. I feel the incompetent doctors that are treating me are strictly refusing to do so after having my stroke. I can not work or do normal daily life things. Yet the only thing these idiot botton of the barrel VA doctors stated and put in my file is DO NOT DRIVE. My power has been turned off since I am still recovering. Do I file another complaint with the neurology and cardio department and MDs. Should I email the VA SEC about this negligence, so that I get it. Help is very much needed!!
  7. I am a complete mess due to the VA. The VA ruined my life. I should not have to send nasty grams because you lie in my medical records instead of treating me, so now I am not complaining to the patient advocate but to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin after each doctor visit and hope you (the nurses who make up things or not actually put the things I'm being seen for in my record) lose your medical license. Since that is a federal crime! This website helped me a lot, by being a platform, to get my game plan going with direction, because it seemed that I should be at 100% 15 years ago but I'm not. Originally thought 100% should be granted for all my contentions sought right off the bat, only 10%, currently rated at 40%, and now I lawyer up. Going to get my 100%, huge 6 figures retro, and then go after SMC-T. After reading countless threads here to become better aware, posted a few times, and every now and then someone mention a lawyer, and I took note/look up. Checked them out, as well as NOVA from my state, but kept going back to GloverLuck. Thanks in part from Broncovet. Who I felt best could draw the line in the sand with me in ending this madness. Last week I Fired the DAV. Got represented by Julie Glover herself at GloverLuck and was the only firm I contacted last week that I requested to represent me. I am only one starfish being thrown back into the ocean.
  8. 2nd C & P Exam two years later

    Notification Letter dated August 24, 2017, Intent to file received August 23, 2017 VA 21-526EZ, Fully Developed Claim received on July 17, 2017 VA Clinical Documents 9/18/2003 to 8/28/2017 DBQ GU Kidney (nephrology) conducted on August 14, 2017 received August 14, 2017 DBQ Medical Opinion conducted August 14, 2017, received August 14, 2017 I am going to be filing a CUE next month on this for that my IMO and military medical records was never listed. This is why the denials continue "we have all the records" except having your military medical records.
  9. 2nd C & P Exam two years later

    The real truth from the VA We want you to give up We want you to die We know we are screwing up your life very badly Repeat with step 1 We just shut down the Communication Office because to many veterans were calling it and getting real answers We are going to continue to lie for decades more We don't want you to write to the Sec VA about how you're at ground zero - Phx VA which is the worst hospital in the country. While down the street is the best neurology center ( Barrow Neurological Institute) in the nation, and a cross town is Mayo Clinic the best hospital in the country (that Senator McCain prised but didn't mention phx VA, imagine that) in your medical file is numerous CUES and malpractice from the Phx VA
  10. 2nd C & P Exam two years later

    That piece of garbage is not likely a real doctor and only possibly a bottom of the barrel/pond scum PA. Just recieved my Big White Envelope and I was DENIED with the IMO from Dr. Anaise, only a month after getting a VA C&P exam. I knew I should have gone private, "pay to play" for the DBQ because the dirt bag didn't ask all the questions and a quarter of the time he was asking other things like the weather and stupid garbage. This is why the VA created the rule that we veterans are forbidden to record the session. Yesterday I was at the DAV and they didn't mention the denial to me, I found out that they have two c-files on me, first being around 47 pages and the other 58 pages, while my c-file is 850 pages two years ago. Likely the evidence I submitted to them and the military one. Today I FIRED the DAV and lawyering up (have decided two year ago which attorney to go with.) I HAD IT with the VA, they DID NOT even claimed that I had the independent medical opinion even though that piece of garbage PA said he sees it in my file, and I know I shall win at the Court where they can read. So below is the denial letter. Dear Oceanbound We made a decision regarding your entitlement to VA benefits. This letter tells you what we decided. Your current benefit payment will continue unchanged. What we decided. We made the following decisions: Issue/Contention right kidney failure (due to medication prescribed for back condition) Explanation The claim for service connection for right kidney failure (due to medication prescribed for back condition) is considered reopened. However, the evidence continues to show this condition was not incurred in or aggravated by military service. The evidence does not support a change in our prior decision. Therefore, we are confirming the previous denial of this claim. The evidence does not show that your condition resulted from, or was aggravated by, a service-connected disability. The VA medical opinion found no link between your diagnosed medical condition and military service. Evidence Considered Notification Letter dated August 24, 2017, Intent to file received August 23, 2017 VA 21-526EZ, Fully Developed Claim received on July 17, 2017 VA Clinical Documents 9/18/2003 to 8/28/2017 DBQ GU Kidney (nephrology) conducted on August 14, 2017 received August 14, 2017 DBQ Medical Opinion conducted August 14, 2017, received August 14, 2017 If you do not agreed you can file a NOD 21-0958 enclosed VA Form 4107
  11. Paul Colrain, I'm assuming you missed the post by AskNod somewhere on this site, but filing for hardship will not happen unless you have kids. VA doesn't care unless you have kids. I remember in basic some non-miltary person when we were doing our direct deposits called out "if there are any one with kids come to the front of the line right now."
  12. Before I had a stroke, I went to the VA cardiology to get a loop recorder and the main cardiologist said that it wasn't needed and denied it mainly since it cost 30K. Luckily I had private insurance, and the following day I schedule an appointment with a private cardiologist to have it done, because "I HAD IT!!" Fast forward two months and I had a stroke. The device that is the size of your pinky recorded the event. Now the question is does this qualified for medical negligence/malpractice on the VA?
  13. The VA will group PTSD with TBI always because they can. I'm in the same boat, my TBI came first, and the VA will say other wise with their own C&P examiners. Seems that you should hire Dr. Bash to get this separated since he is a Radiologist. Also, I have been reading some of your threads, as I am not mocking you in anyway, but I think you should consider paying a freshly graduated business student from the university in your area to completely assist you with organizing your complete medical file. This graduate will not only help you out but will even help organize your thoughts into an outstanding well written concise APA format essay that will help significantly reduce the cost and time that Dr. Bash will have to do by reviewing this claim. I speak of Berta's two IMOs having done her "homework" turning it into a well thought out, organized, and written file then submitting it off to Dr. Bash. Furthermore this is the same process that many top MBA/JD/MD prospects (myself included for my MBA) go through before sending off their application and getting accepted to their top school.