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  1. Do you have a VSO or attorney/agent? edit - Did you submit your own claim or have an attorney/agent? Don't bother with VSOs. You gotta do the dirty work yourself and you can find how here, saves you headaches.
  2. That is because the VA will deny that you ever were in the military. Glucosomine has been proven for decades in horses, so it works, and start taking the glucosamine msm chondroitin supplement which will help keep what little you have remaining and replenish the cartilage still have. I take this after looking at all the bottles on the market. Do you have your C-file, on CD so that you can read the PDF? As well as that way you can e-mail it to IMO doctors. Best bet would be to get an IMO for your Hip from Dr. Anaise, $1500. He's highly recommended and many have used him, myself included.
  3. Call the electric utility and nicely explain to them that they will be paid and not to turn your power off.
  4. Learning a foreign language would be beneficially as you wait.
  5. There also is a Rate my professor site, I didn't bother with it.
  6. Broncovet is right on what he posted. Ask for the current status of your claim. That and everyone is coming out of the wood work and claiming everything under the sun even if they don't have it, part of that is due to the past ten years. The economy does great less people submit claims, when the economy isn't great the flood starts with claims. This creates the back log that we have now. I know it's frustrating, I'm there too right now. My original claim was submitted couple months after discharged in 03. Bruce Sprinsteens catchy song "Born in the USA" isn't so catchy if you read the lyrics. That was released in 1984. Then you have RO that worked at the RO for decades and says the system isn't flawed. No?!, but the RO is flawed. This dude has ______, denied because its presumptive but denied anyways, lets see if her fights back with a Writ of Mandamus/CUE. Dude drank too much of the koolaid and retired after 30 years at the RO. He's whats wrong with the system. Which is why I saw the delays at the VSO and wanted speedy action, so I fired them and lawyer-ed up.
  7. Stick around, donate to not get ads here, and well done.
  8. You are on your way to the board and I would suggest hiring a agent/lawyer right now. I fired my VSO because it was going to be over a decade before I see any resolution. You can read my current status here Known legal help here at Hadit are Katrina Eagle, David Anaise, AskNod, GloverLuck to name the few.
  9. Sensitivity to light may be the result from rabies. Get rabies vaccinations. And you live in the Mid West? Maybe move to the Southwest. Again Illinois is know to have Lyme disease. Get a private blood labs done and get yourself lyme vaccination. This would be pyramiding. As you stated with that you have a claim for PTSD. PTSD is Post traumatic stress disorder. Thyroid causes depression. Pyramiding is the VA term for rating the same disability – or same manifestation (i.e. symptom) of a disability – twice. The term comes from a federal law – “Avoidance of pyramiding” – that prohibits the practice in VA disability claims. People?? Who are these "people." Well they are completely wrong and utterly misinformed. Again this would be pyramiding. Pyramiding is the VA term for rating the same disability – or same manifestation (i.e. symptom) of a disability – twice. The term comes from a federal law – “Avoidance of pyramiding” – that prohibits the practice in VA disability claims. Have you change your diet to that of non GMO, non corn syrup, non HFCS? Which happens to be in over 90% of all processed foods. Do you drink dirty water, no water filter on inlet water line? Have you ever considered taking a food allergy test? There are private centers in every major city, make an appointment to one. As well as a private nutritionist.
  10. It's congress's task to make it happen, since they make the law. Which is where you go to complain.
  11. The few that did get approved for it, likely went out and paid for IMO, otherwise its going to be 30 years before anything done on the VA side. Cue the song of Born in the USA, not the catchy song that everyone knows but the lyrics that aren't read.
  12. Once you get the Big brown envelope, post it here, because you will have to CUE that CUE for EED to 2005. If they take more than 10 business days to settle it. File a Writ of mandamus to the Central Office on the 11th day for the RO taking more than 10 business days to settle it. I Hadit and hired a lawyer, but if I didn't I would have been CUEing CUEs weekly. CUED for that the original exam the doctor said I had GWS and didn't sign it. RO then said I get nothing because it was never in my service record even thought it was PRESUMPTIVE, it was, but I didn't have my c-file. CUED that because it was in my service record. Writ of mandamus for taking more than a week to settle this. CUED the RO and have them deal with the Central Office since my RO was the worst in the country. CUED the Central Office just because they let the RO to get away with this. The other website is so full of it, saying the ROs does not make mistakes, dude drank the koolaid and he is part of the problem. And when its clear of that mistake "it should have never happen because the computer system should have not allowed a guy with no legs with one arm to be denied"
  13. Like shrek said. One picture is worth a 1000 words. In a Timely manner means anything from a month to a year. Are you saying that they have a quota to meet? Quotas are illegal. Unless you paid for the Rolls-Royce for the private exam and or legal service (lawyered up with a lawyer/agent.) Expect the wait with the process taking several years or even a decade, and things don't happen over night or rolls-royce service treatment for you. Welcome to Hadit, check out the pinned threads to learn and educate yourself the reals of the VA.
  14. Question for you, when were you in high school and did that book report and did you read a 403 page book (Prelude to Foundation) and wrote about it in 3 hours? Medical reports take time especially for the mind/neuro. This era of I want it yesterday and Instantaneous is really getting out of hand. Yes we have the Internet but the real world still operates like the real world. "Book/medical reports" are not pizzas, where you can call up the pizzeria and get it within the hour. Every body want its now now now. LOOK at it as if it was similar that to ordering a magazine subscription BECAUSE it is exactly like doing so. You rip out that post card from the magazine at the store - took twenty minutes to go to the store You leave the store - 1 minute Take keys out of your pocket - 4 seconds Open car door - 2 seconds enter car closed door put keys into ignition turn keys engine starts drive safely out of the parking lot or bat out of hell and hit shopping carts Go home without getting pull over by police - twentty minutes Fill it out Put it in your mailbox The next day mailman picks it up - 24 hours ... Four to Six weeks the magazine will be in your mailbox - 4-6 weeks
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