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  1. Hi everyone. My BVA appeal for PTSD-MST on Vets.gov was just updated with a curious message as follows: "Current Status The Board made a decision on your appeal The Board of Veterans’ Appeals sent you a decision on your appeal. Here’s an overview: Please see your decision for more details. What happens next? The Veterans Benefits Administration completes the remand instructions They may contact you to request more evidence or medical exams as needed. When they’ve completed the remand instructions, they’ll determine whether or not they can grant your appeal. If not, your appeal will return to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals for a new decision. 16–29 monthsThe Veterans Benefits Administration usually takes between 16 and 29 months to complete remand instructions." One footnote: I have never received a C&P for PTSD-MST. I am surprised the BVA has updated "The Board made a decision on your appeal", and then state the need to "complete(s) the remand instructions" #1) Is this pretty common? #2) When they mail me this decision, I assume I'll be able to read the remand instructions? Thank You
  2. Hey Vync, " Have you checked this out yet?" I did follow the links on the VA.gov URL that you suggested. The closest location from where I live is San Francisco, roughly 5.5 hours away (each direction). I called them anyway, and they said the program is not available in every city, but they were very polite and professional. I could tell that they would much rather have been able to given me better news. Your suggestion of checking at my local VSO is a good one and I will do that today. " It sounds like you are unable to work. It might be worth also exploring TDIU and/or SSDI. " I am not service connected for Menier's disease, so TDIU is out for me. I did not start having symptoms until pretty recently (well after my ETS from the military) , so I think connecting Menier's to military is out of the question? Currently, I am receiving SSDI for PTSD-MST with a case review of (MIE) 3 years with a start date of July 2016. Interesting that my SSDI was approved after only 45 days from the date of submission which included my VA medical file. Since being diagnosed and treated for Menier's disease, I have contemplated updating my SSDI claim information to include that, but I am not sure if I should do that now or see if I get better closer to the expiration of my PTSD-MST SSDI review period? Any suggestions on that point? "Your profile mentions being SC for bilateral hearing loss, so if you suffer from vertigo and cerebellar gait issues more than once a week, you may qualify. " Yes, I am SC 50% bilater hearing loss and 10% tinnitus and it is getting worse every year. Yes, even after TTG ablation treatment for my Menier's, I still have more than one huge episode per week and stagger around like a drunk with a cane the rest of the time. The worse part right now, is uncontrolled head shaking due to the ablation treatment. I'm hoping that this settles down at some point, but its been going on since my first TTG treatment. The TTG treatment has reduced the severity of my Menier's episode which I am grateful for but has unfortunately further damaged my hearing. Sine I have not seen any medical or scientific studies linking NIHL to Menier's, I am not planning on perusing that a SC course of action. The fact is, this disease is such a mystery that no one seems to have a real grasp on what actually causes it. Vync, were you having vertigo attacks while in service, or did this occur later on? Thanks again Vync, Off to the VSO now to see of I can get information regarding a ride(s) to the VA Dr. office :)
  3. Several months ago the VA diagnosed me with severe Menier's disease which required Trans Typanic Gentamicin Ablation. This treatment was performed in San Francisco SFVAMC and have been approved for NON-VA CARE for vestibular rehabilitation therapy for three months twice per week, in the city where I live. I am absolutely unable to drive due to the Menier's and/or the TTGA treatment. The VA ENT has approved and I am now have a parking placard so that I can limit the distance I need to travel with my cane, in order to go to the grocery store and my VA appointments. My wife has had to get a job in order for us to make ends meet, and it is very difficult for me to find someone that can take me, then pick me up at from Vestibular rehab appointments. I contacted to local VAMC travel office and they do not offer a shuttle service for local transportation. I have also contacted to DAV and they also do not have service available where I live. Question: Should I take a bus or maybe an Uber to my VR appointments during the next three months, and submit them to travel? Or am am on my own regarding this matter? Thank You
  4. I am so happy that you have made it thru this process. Many years ago when I was rated for hearing loss, I received a direct deposit notification from my bank and about two weeks later I got the brown envelope explaining the decision. Interestingly, the letter misstated the rating decision percentage and award, so I had to file a CUE with my VSO (clear, unmistakable error) which got corrected about three months later. If you have a premium account on benefits, you make be able to login take a look at the following link to see "possibly updated" current ratings: { https://eauth.va.gov/ebenefits/download-letters } . However, as senior member will certainly advise, the actual printed letter that you will eventually receive is the document that matters. Congratulations,
  5. Just wondering, does the RO's claims specialist opinion / interpretation of evidence, appear in C-File? Thank You
  6. Knap-Sack, Sorry to hear that it has been so long. I thought my NOD was going long at about 1.5 years old. Do you have a VSO? What Regional Office is handling your NOD? I wish you well.
  7. You are absolutely correct MikeR. I thought I was doing the hard core soldier thing by sucking it up and getting my $hit together. 30+ years later (at 57 years old) , it finally caught up to me and I spent nearly 5 months of last year locked up in phyc ward of various VA Mental health care facilities accross the country . The RO denied my claim without a C&P, since I did not tell my commander or ave a police report. However, the denial letter confirmed a medical diagnosis of PTSD pursuant to the criteria in DSM-V The denial was the second worse thing that ever happened to me in my life.
  8. Great advice Buck52, I will certainly keep that in mind going forward.
  9. Smoothc100, Gastone; Thank you for the replies, I really appreciate the feedback. It must be pretty busy at the RO's.
  10. After the denial of my PTSD claim, I received a poorly written canned form letter, hap haphazardly pointing to all the reasons for the denial. Some of the reasons were used several times in the same letter, as if it had but cut and pasted from some master document of denial reasons. The letter contained numerous errors, eg; No sudden request duty assignment change, lay statements from family, service members, deterioration on work performance, behavioral changes, excessive leave, changes in your performance without explanation ...bla bla bla. Well, that's total BS, I provided detailed statements from my wife, father, mother, daughters and the Lt. Colonel of the unit I was assigned to during the assault, all detailing deterioration my work performance, behavioral changes, I provided documentation that I applied had for and was rejected a transfer to another unit, and also applied for and was approved for terminal leave. However, the letter did clearly state, "VA evidence shows a medical diagnosis of of PTSD, pursuant to the criteria in DSM-V." Anyway, I thought it may be helpful to get a hold of my C-File regarding the claim to review what was actually considered rather than what the denial form letter stated. I thought by doing so, this would allow me to better address those points and any other incorrect information in the original decision that could potentially be used in developing my appeal. I submitted the FOIA request about ten months ago, and it remains in the collection evidence stage with a completion estimated date of over a year. Interestingly, Ebenefits lists; "Requested Documents are Past Due". After contacting "Peggy, this is not actually the case and they were not missing anything regarding my FOIA request. Is it normal for this FOIA request process take so long? Thank you
  11. Katnboo2, I think everyone suffering from PTSD or any other illness really, has slightly different symptoms. Anyway, as hard as it may seem to do, try not to get into a funky rut which keeps you from; " become somewhat of a loner, even distancing myself from the family " as I have done. You only have one of those, and they can help you more than you think as long as you have a relationship with them that allows it. Try and find a hobby or something positive to keep you busy so that you are not constantly thinking about your PTSD. If the medications are making you feel worse or not helping, ask you VA doctor to work with you on alternative medications. It has been my experience that they will be eager to help you if you show an interest in the treatment they are providing. And as you have discovered, the fine people on Hadit.com are alway here for you. Good luck and I hope to see you posting soon. BTW, If you don't mind me asking, how where you able to discover that the VA accepted your stressor?
  12. As a soldier which indured MST back in 1984, reading your post literately brought me to tears. I have no expert advice or knowledge f how best to proceed, but you will find it on the Hadit website. All I can offer is my personal support as an MST survivor and my best wishes as you work thru this process with the VA. And probably more importantly, is finding a way to live with this problem as comfortably as possible. Feel free to message me if you just need to chat, or anything really. T-Bird from Hadit.com saved my life by holding her hand out to me, and providing me the immediate guidance I needed early last year. I wish you well and will be following your progress.
  13. TBird an others have given you great advice. Tell the CP and any other doctor for that matter , exactly what happened, how it has effected you and completely answer any questions they have. I am sorry sorry that you are going thru this... you are not alone.
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