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  1. I get 20% for cervical spine degenerative joint disease, with 50% cervical headaches secondary to this, and upper left extremity radiculopathy at 20% secondary. I am getting ready to claim the upper right extremity radiculopathy, with MRI results and epidural injections in support of this claim. The MRI shows Intervertebral disc syndrome, which has caused the radiculopathy, which is a rated symptom per the CFR. My question is should I claim that also, or would that be considered the same as cervical spine degenerative disease which seems to be what has caused all of this? Not really clear in the CFR.
  2. I retired 1 June 16, 1st VA claim submitted 2 June 16. I put a Intent to File on 14 June 16 for some issues that didn't make it to my retirement claim. Got my first claim done in Aug 16, I waited till April 17 to File again. My claim was complete last week, got a increase and received the letter today. Received some back pay, but the letter says my effective date is April 17. I was under the impression that it would go back to my intent to File date at least, but also thought since I filed within 1 year of retirement it would go back to that date? I called the VA yesterday, and she told me it was because that was the first I was diagnosed with it, which is true, I never thought of going to the doc for crapping all the time while on active duty. Am I wrong
  3. I have been gathering my evidence and records to get ready to file for Gulf War Illness, trying to get it done before my year from retiring. Im trying to do a FDCI think Im pretty covered. My question is, should I file for Gulf War Illness and put the other conditions as secondary, such as IBS, etc...or should I file each diagnoses separately and hit the box that says it was caused by a Gulf War hazard?
  4. I checked Ebenefits on Thursday and had received my rating of 70% with 3 conditions being deferred for now. I retired from active duty 1 June, so I know I got some retro pay coming. Will I get paid a normal payment 1 Sept and the retro sometime in the future, or how does this work? I am out of town now, but guessing the letter will be in my mail when I get back this weekend. Thanks for any help
  5. Got my account upgraded and can read my C&P notes. No where for any of my conditions does it ask is it likely or not for service connection...think that is because I am still active? Every claim was noted as abnormal, with reduced range of motion, except my wrists claim. Also my fatigue and sleeping issue was noted to have been taken care of under my mental health questionarre...Im guessing those are not going to be separate claims, just rolled into the one?
  6. I just tried to go to myhealthevet via Ebenefits, following directions to connect both accounts, and I always get a blank page for healthyvet. Is this because I am not upgraded you think?
  7. Thanks. I just found the paperwork online that I need to send in to the Information office at the VA to upgrade my account. Will get it in the mail tonight.
  8. Thanks Talon. I believe I will wait until my BDD is complete and then do the claim and maybe any others I may have.
  9. Yes...my C&P's were done at the VA hospital in March.
  10. Thanks FLores...I wish I had got a copy of the notes saying that was going on. I checked myhealthyvet, but can't find nothing. I have a basic account, maybe that is why.
  11. I officially retire 1 June after 20 years active AF. I started this VA process back in Feb, and had my C&P's done in March at the Columbia MO VA and I thought they were great. My claims included lower back, wrists, shoulder, neck, anxiety, ED, acid reflux, fatigue, knees, hearing loss, ringing in ears, breathing, eye issue and I am sure that I am forgetting some. Anyway during my eye exam, my claim was for my left eye, I have lost pretty much all straight ahead vision in it throughout my career. After that exam they called me back, saying they found something in my right eye and I need to come back. What they found was lesions in my eye. Would I need to file another claim for this, or will it be noted during the claim that is already going on? Guess what I am asking is if something is found during a C&P that is not being claimed, do they throw that in the pile? I will be taking my DD214 to my VSO on 1 June, and then the process will be rolling is how I take it. The C&P examiner said my active records showed that I had been seen for all my claims, and she was just confirming and everything looked like my records and claims should. I really don't know what I should expect, but hoping for the best. A lot of good info on here and I have been lurking for months. Thanks for all you do and thanks for your service.
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