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    No I didn't file in 1991, actually back then we didn't what PTSD was really..just knew I wasn't right..I actually profiled out on an injury of leg, ankle, hip.. they sent me home with roughly $3,000 and I thought that was it...I Did have to pay that back off the top of the 50% award Not employed at this time... It's my understanding 50% will not get TDIU so I'll have to get my rating raised I guess..maybe apply for both at once? I'm learning that I need to get my Tinnitus on this rating because my ears have been ringing since I left the battlefield...But again, We didn't even know that was a thing back in my day..sorry I seem so ignorant but I'm just learning about these benefits I might eligible for..I really need them at this stage in my life because I've had a really rough go since I left the service
  2. Zerowe


    Hello, Brief Bio of me..ETS'd with disability pay for injury in 1991...Lost in the system of untruths that I was not eligible for VA benefits until 2011, Was awarded 50% for ptsd-anxiety-panic disorder..Went 5 years w/o hearing from VA for follow up, So I initiated a call and got reassessed just last week and the provider put me on anti anxiety meds..Been having a really hard time keeping a job and getting along with people..Can I apply for a rate increase and TDIU at the same time?..Is it too soon after the reassessment?..and Should I use my VSO or do it myself??...I've seen some post that VSO's don't really help...I am an absolute Newby here and have just been reading posts for about 2 weeks..I am 51 yrs of age have been on my rating for 5 yrs..I really need the increase but scared to stir up a hornets nest, all advice is greatly appreciated
  3. Hello, I'm Brand new here and don't know where to start.. After reading this thread, I'd like to follow it because it seems relevant to me..I have an appt for Reassessment 29 march..after 5 years! I initiated the call because I was having issues and wanted to speak with DR....She said "wow, we haven't seen you in 5 years" I said Yes...she said we were supposed to reassess you every 2 yrs..SO, that's where I'm at...kind of nervous, scared, don't want to lose what I have...actually would like to increase my rating..I called my VSO 1st..he asked on what basis (nicely) I told him I still have issues..He suggested maybe I should see the DR first..then come back to him..That is how this Whole ball got rolling again..Thanks

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